Latex Babes

Ah latex. The essence of fetish and the very first thing you would expect from any movie or scene, with ‘Fetish’ in it’s description or title.

Latex is one of the most popular forms of fetish wear, as it oozes taboo from it’s lustful and sexy appearance. It pretty much highlights major sexual parts of a women’s body and can tightly hug it, enhancing a women’s figure.

The beauty about latex, is it can go with almost any other sexy item of lingerie or clothing. This makes experimenting with your partner, really exciting, as well as make fetish movies very sexy, giving directors plenty of room to experiment with performers. Latex can be added with stockings through the link of latex garters/suspenders or enhanced with latex or rubber lingerie, such as bras, shorts or thongs. Latex can even adpat out to new fetishes, such as costumes or uniform, turning a basic working uniform into some seriously sexy latex bedroom wear.

We’ll bring you more on costume and uniform latex soon, but for now, here is an example of how simply adding stockings with latex garters can really enhance the sexual appearance:

Latex garters and stockings - see what we mean?

Latex garters and stockings - see what we mean?

As we said before, latex, rubber or leather can also enhance traditional lingerie, such as the bra and panty. Here is an example of how adding latex to the mix, can really turn the heat up:

A bit of latex, a bra and panty and Simone Style is showing us

Simone Style shows us just why this combination is so hot

We’ll bring you more on the sexy magic that is latex, very soon.

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