Free Fetish TV?

There are many adult TV channels out there today, but most of these will share one thing in common, a one off or monthly/annual bill. These stations are usually set up through a satellite or cable service and will give the viewer access to original adult content, as well as premium adult movies.

Although there are many TV channels out there, it can be hard to choose such a channel if you’re looking for a particular fetish. For example, a latex fetish. You wouldn’t be sure that such a movie or scene, would be broadcast that night/week/month so you would need lady luck on your side to catch such a fetish performance. With channels charging up to £100 per year, or a one off £5-6 fee, it can be quite a waste of money if the TV listings aren’t in your favour.

If only there were free channels out there to satisfy such tastes. If only they offered regular fetish performances and didn’t require the use of a credit card, or an embarrassing telephone call. Well, what if we told you that type of channel existed?

It all started with a UK games channel. This offered innocent game previews/reviews and news, on the latest video games around the world. The producers then had a new idea…when the clock struck 10pm and the kids had gone off to bed, why not create an adult themed dating channel, where various women could chat to viewers who called in? They could not only display a phone number on screen for viewers, but also a texting number, so anyone else (or people who didn’t really want to call) could text in and leave messages for the gorgeous women? It was a great idea and was a huge success. Three babes suddenly appeared on the screen and soon, the phones were constantly ringing and the texts were flooding in.

It wasn’t until some of these girls (who were always fully clothed and under strict rules to behave) started to get a bit carried away. Callers and viewers who text in, suddenly demanded these girls get naked, or at least flash a boob. This went on night after nigh, until one night the girls gave in. Those girls may have had a polite telling off that night, but a new idea had fallen upon the producers…what if the show could offer the viewers horny and semi naked females? What if the show could get very sexy, but stay within channel regulations? It was now that the Free Late Night Adult Call-In Channel, was born.

Party Girls

Once a pure gaming channel, now a part time (soft) adult fantasy channel

This new kind of late nigh channel would give viewers a new option for late nigh adult entertainment. Babes would dress up in naughty costumes from latex nurses, to naughty school girls and would start off with sexy poses, to then build up to more dirty antics as the night progressed. Viewers could still call the girls on screen for live (and very dirty) conversations, or txt messages in for the horny babes to read.

Party Girls 2

The girls dressed up in many fantasy costumes/uniforms and kinky wear

Fetish costumes/uniforms were a perfect way for the babes to get sexy, at such an early time in the evening. Secretaries (pictured above), school girls, nurses, maids and latex dominatrix outfits were used, then to be slowly stripped off once the 11th hour approached. Thigh high boots and skimpy club wear, were also a amongst the favorite items of sexy wear which the girls used to tease viewers. When the channels gained more an more popularity, well known pornstars were hired to really turn the heat up. The channels were a huge success and caller and txt message requests, such as light spanking and light lesbian acts (kissing, breast licking etc.) were carried out. The producers had a superb free adult channel, which gave the viewers exactly what they wanted. Better still, it had costume/uniform, boot, skimpy clubwear or latex fetishes. These channels could offer everything viewers wanted…and it was all free of charge!

The girls read their viewers naughty requests

The girls read their viewers naughty requests

The girls give a naughty lesbian performance

The girls give the viewers a naughty lesbian performance

A naughty spank keeps the viewers happy

A naughty spank keeps the viewers happy

A whole host of female performers, gave the lucky viewers exactly what they wanted. All ‘dressing up’ fetishes were carried out and light hearted role play and lesbian play, kept viewers coming back for more. Websites for these channels emerged, where you could then sign up to access x-rated movies and images of these gorgeous women.

But in August 2008 one of these free adult channels had crossed the line. Every channel offering this free service, had to continuously maintain channel regulations, but according to a newspaper report, one such channel had shown intercourse, oral sex, masturbation and the use of dildos. One report even suggested that a performer was gagged with her own knickers.

Late night channel regulations make it clear, that all such channels should abide buy strict broadcasting rules. The performance of any hardcore act is forbidden for any free TV channel and that these rules are there to protect minors, due to credit cards and ID being required to access such late night channels (like The Adult Channel etc.).

Not long after that report was published, many of these free TV channels, had their broadcasting suspended. Even the popular party girls (which kept to the strict channel regulations) now also seems to have had the plug pulled. It seems that the careless act of one channel, may of cost the broadcasting of many.

With such a great and free service for adults, these channels proved to be very much in demand. Lets hope that the majority of these channels, (ones which played by the rules), can remain unaffected and those channels that have already suffered for the acts of others, can be re-broadcast.

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