Jenna Jameson in Latex and Leather

There are some superb adult performers out there, all satisfying us with the sexiest and hottest fetish performances on TV and DVD. One major pornstar that we should all know, is the queen of porn herself, Jenna Jameson. She has appeared in many high budget adult movies over the years, but the Fetish Sex Blog has always wondered exactly what type of fetish shoots and movies, Jenna Jameson has been a part of? Has she done much latex, boot or even costume work, or has Jenna Jameson simply used those gorgeous curves and looks that she’s been so blessed with?

The Fetish Sex Blog took on this little mission as this really was a question that had been bugging us for quite some time. Want to know what we found? Then scroll down:

Jenna Jameson in Latex and Leather

It’s a fact, Jenna Jameson has a perfect body for the camera and screen, but we want to see those gorgeous curves in latex and leather. How about a sexy latex cincher:

Jenna Jameson in a latex corset...and she makes it work so well. - Copyright Club Jenna

Jenna Jameson in a latex cincher...and she makes it work so well

We almost want there to be some hot stockings on the end of those sexy garters, but Jenna Jameson in a latex cincher is enough for us!


Jenna teasing us with a little more of her bust

Jenna Jameson looks stunning in a latex cincher, as it really brings out those beautiful curves of hers. Lets she what a touch of dominatrix does to Jenna Jameson’s look:

Jenna + latex + chains + Boots = WOW!

Jenna + latex + chains + Boots = WOW!

Well, we feel that allot of men’s prayers have been answered with this Jenna Jameson dominatrix section…OK we’ll admit it…ours have been too.

Just when you though it couldn't get any better... -

Just when you though it couldn't get any better...

If you’ve got a fetish for Jenna Jameson as a latex dominatrix, then check out the adult movie from which this image was taken from – Burn

Well, lets keep those kinky chains, but add some hot latex garters. We’re sure you’ll agree, Jenna is simply hot in kinky latex:

Jenna's but and those latex pants and garters...a match made in heaven -

Jenna's butt and those latex pants and garters...a match made in heaven

Is it us or were there never enough movies made of Jenna Jameson in latex? They’re kind of like gold dust…first it was anal, then is was DP scenes, now it’s fetishwear. Come back to porn Jenna!


We know this is allot of 'Jenna in latex' to take with your pants zipped-up, but hang on, we're almost at the end of the article!

Wanna see this fetish image of Jenna in motion? Then check out the adult film in which this image was taken from – Jenna Loves Rocco

Well, that was Jenna Jameson in latex (and that was hot!), but we have two more hot images of Jenna Jameson in sexy leather:

A sexy leather studded, cowgirl Jenna Jameson -

Jenna Jameson, as a sexy leather studded cowgirl

Jenna looks hot in leather too and the studded cowgirl look with high heels, is just stunning!

OK so we’ve seen Jenna in some seriously sexy latex and leather wear, but lets make it simple, lets just take a basic leather suit and see what the queen of porn can give us:

You just give Jenna a basic leather suit and Jenna delivers!

You just give Jenna a basic leather suit and Jenna delivers! There's a reason why she's the queen of porn

Jenna looks amazing in just a leather suit (well, pants actually, she doesn’t even need the top). In just those leather pants and high heels, Jenna Jameson can take your breath away and that’s just why she was perfect in Devil In Miss Jones (which this image was taken from).

There you have it, the queen of porn. She looks stunning in everything and for those of us who love our fetish sex, Jenna Jameson just raises the bar for fetish photoshoots and movies. Look out for more articles on Jenna Jameson, as we look into more fetishes with the queen of porn, very soon.

Have you seen more awesome Jenna Jameson latex, leather or rubber movies or photoshoots? Don’t keep them to yourself, (or though it is tempting) let us know about them by posting your comments below!

5 Responses to “Jenna Jameson in Latex and Leather”

  1. romin says:

    Wish Jenna Jameson was still in the biz. She rocks latex n’ leather!

  2. harold says:

    Jenna Jameson is too fine to put her feet up! Get her back in latex n’ leather!

  3. stugood says:

    I AGREE! Jenna Jameson should come back to shooting and make more latex and leather movies!

  4. Sexbyro26 says:

    Jenna looks amazing in every one of those. I just wish Jenna Jameson had shot more latex fetish movies!

  5. rosella says:

    Damn, Jenna knows how to work a latex corset!

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