Knee High Boot Sex – Scene Review

Fetish Sex has many tastes, but one that is getting more and more popular over the years, is Boot Sex. We’ve introduced our great blog to you, described just what we’re all about, but now it’s time to review some top fetish sex scenes. Our very first review is that of a sexy babe in knee high boots. Our very first boot sex scene review:

Fetish Sex: Boots Sex     Review Type: Scene     Movie: Bang My Tasty Twat (Scene 4)

Tiffany Taylor stars in this hot boot sex scene, but a with a difference. The scene opens with Tiffany in a garden, wearing her sexy knee high boots, but also wearing a bride’s veil. This is quite unique and adds a sexy difference to this fetish sex scene.

Tiffany Taylor now plays with herself, giving you great close shots of her sexy knee high boots. It’s always important for directors to show the fetish first and that’s dealt with great here. You now know just what you’re going to get, a red hot boot sex scene, with a hot babe who will really work the fetish…and that’s just what Tiffany does.


With a gorgeous body and a hot look in knee high boots, you can see why Tiffany Taylor was selected for this boot fetish sex scene.

Most adult movies will start off with the woman giving a blowjob. Many directors have their own personal favorite angles or scenarios, but we love directors who select a position or scenario, that best suits the scenes fetish. Tiffany Taylor is wearing some hot knee high boots, so we want to see those boots in action during such hot scenes and that’s exactly what the director Martin Del Toro delivers.

Taylor looks hot in those boots and Martin Del Toro knows that

Taylor looks hot in those boots and Martin Del Toro knows that

Tiffany Taylor may work those gorgeous boots well, but there are another two things that really bring this boot fetish scene alive and that’s her gorgeous breasts. Tiffany Taylor has a perfect pair for the camera, not too big, but not too small. Natural and more importantly, jumping at the camera. When Tiffany rides nice and hard, or receives it laying on her side, you can’t take your eyes of her breasts. They wobble about just like a gorgeous pair should and just make the scene so much more erotic.

If only these pics could put accross how perfect those breasts are for the camera

If only these pics could put across how perfect those breasts are for the camera. Sorry about the mild 'Motion Blurr' here, but Tiffany's enjoying herself!

Sometime breasts can be shot so perfectly, they can be more erotic to watch, than standard hardcore penetration shots. This scene is a perfect example of this and you’ll be rewinding to watch those gorgeous boobs bounce, just one more time.

Combine those two beauties with hot boot fetish sex and you have one hell of a sexy scene!

Combine those two bouncing beauties, with hot boot fetish sex and you have one hell of a sexy scene! Nice tattoo by the way

The director Martin Del Toro really knows how to work the fetish. The scene pictured above, is a perfect example of that as it’s taking both the boot fetish and Tiffany’s body aspects and giving you one hot position. The camera is always in a great place to show off how gorgeous she looks in those boots. Take it from us, boot sex never looked so good.

Another incredible boot fetsih shoot. Awesome!

Tiffany, bouncing up and down with legs wrapped around her prey, make yet another incredible boot fetish shot

A classic, but red hot ‘from behind’ position, helps to fuel the sexual excitement of this boot fetish scene:

Perfect ass, breasts, knee high boots and a director that knows how to shoot them. What more do you want?

There are plenty of scenes that really show off how hot Tiffany looks in those boots. Naughty deserve a spank

The cumshot…yes you guessed it, that’s just what that kinky bridal veil was for. Tiffany Taylor places it back on, over her head and braces herself for the cumshot.

Martin Del Toro has treated us to a superb boot sex scene. Tiffany Taylor’s is fantastic on camera, with a gorgeous body and breasts that really steal the show. This, combined with a director that knows just how to pick out the perfect boot fetish shots, gives us one great fetish sex scene. If you love to see women in boots, then this is one scene you’ll be watching again and again.

5 out of 5

This scene was taken from Martin Del Toro’s Bang My Tasty Twat. To purchase the full DVD click here To see more DVD’s from the same publisher, head over to

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