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Anyone who has searched for adult content on the net, will have a stereotypical view of the term ‘Fetish’. Many will instantly associate it with domination, ball gags or spanking. Although there is nothing wrong with these fetishes (as long as they are preformed via professional actors/directors with the female/males full consent) what if you had a stocking fetish, boot fetish or costume fetish? What would you type into a search engine in order to find such a taste?

The truth is that it would be difficult. Why? Because so many people associate the word ‘Fetish’ with a much more dominant and aggressive form of sexual pleasure. If you prefer women who wear stockings while having sex, that is technically a ‘Fetish’. If you prefer a woman having sex in a latex nurses costume, that technically is a ‘Fetish’. If you prefer a woman to come to climax whilst enjoying a DP, that to, is technically a ‘Fetish’. We could go on, but we think you get the point now.

There are a few sites out there with great ‘New Age Fetish’ content. But because of the stereotypical view of fetish sex, they are quite hard to find. Such sites will offer you scene after scene, and/or DVD after DVD of the following fetishes:

Fetishes that require the female to dress up in certain items of clothing:

Boot Sex – A sex scene with the female wearing boots, or nothing but boots. These can be knee high, thigh high or ankle length boots and can have high heels or flat soles.

Stocking Sex – Again, with the female taking part in a sex scene, but wearing stockings or garters/suspenders, or nothing but these. Stockings (like boots) can be mixed with other fetishes, such as a latex dress, corset or costume/uniform, for a very sexy effect.

Latex/Leather Sex – This can have the female wearing anything that’s made from latex/PVC or leather. This can be a latex corset, a rubber costume or uniform, latex crotchless panties or rubber and latex mini dresses, the list goes on.

Costume Sex – This will be a sex scene with a woman dressed in a fantasy costume, such as a sexy pirate, french maid or schoolgirl costume. These are usually costumes that you would never wear out of the house and will consist of very erotic enhancements, such as a very short skirt, fishnet stockings or a very exposing cleavage.

Uniform Sex – The same as costume sex, but with the woman dressed in an ‘over the top’ work/uniform outfit, such as a nurse, air hostess/flight attendant, military wear or cop. These could be the actual uniforms worn for work purposes, or with added fantasy elements, such as boots, stockings, short skirts etc.

Fetishes that do not require clothing, but depend on specific sexual acts:

Blowjobs – Well we don’t really need to explain this, but many people prefer this act in many variations. For example, you could prefer a fully clothed blowjob (spontaneous blowjobs) or blowjobs which would be carried out with the female smoking or wearing lipstick (or both). You could even blend this in with the above fetishes,¬† such as a woman giving a blowjob while wearing boots, latex clothing or costumes/uniforms. There are many variations to be had with the blowjob and pron directors have been and will always be, experimenting with this sexual act, for years to come.

DP (Double Penetration) this will usually mean one women having intercourse with 2 men. The first man will lay flat across the floor (for a traditional DP) while the woman will let him penetrate her Virgina by riding him. She will then lean forward, so that she is almost face to face with the man, while a second man squats over her and penetrates her anus (Double Penetration). There are quite¬† a few variations of this, with one specific position now dominating new adult video (we’ll get to that in another article), but DP’s can also be blended in with other fetishes, depending on what the women is wearing, whilst being double penetrated.

dp fanatics review

Fetishes that depend on the way in which the movie/scene is filmed

POV Sex – This is where the camera will position itself, so that you (the viewer) will feel like your having sex with the woman. The viewer will feel as if he/she is giving oral sex, penetrating from various positions and then cumming over or inside the partner. This type of movie is also best, not just for the personal perspective, but for the new and erotic angles, that you would never usually get with regular filming.

So you now know your ‘New Age Fetishes’, but where can you download such movies/scenes from?

Well, we’ve been busy investigating the net and have brought you 2 of the very best ‘New Age Fetish’ sites

Fetish Sex

All of the fetishes listed above, are here and ready to download!

All of the fetishes listed above, are here and ready to download!

Fetish Sex offers every single ‘New Age Fetish’ that we’ve covered above. Latex, boots, stockings, costumes, uniforms, DP’s, blowjobs & cumshots, POV sex and even hentai sex, are all available to download to your hard drive. Fetish scenes as well as full DVD’s are available. Movies can be downloaded for viewing on your PC, burnt for DVD player viewing and are even available to download for your PS3, Xbox 360, PSP and ipod/iphone. 100% Hardcore! Head straight to Fetish Sex

Fetish Angels

A great selection of latex and stocking fetish movies, with a full fetish DVD section!

A great selection of latex and stocking fetish movies, with a full fetish DVD section!

This site is packed with ‘New Age Fetish’ scenes and full fetish DVD’s. You have a superb selection of latex and rubber and nylons and stocking fetish scenes, with a full fetish DVD category as well. A regular hardcore section is also available and all movies/full DVD’s can be downloaded for viewing on your PC or burnt to play on your DVD player. 100% Hardcore! Head straight to Fetish Angels

Check the above sites out, you won’t be disappointed! Of course, we see nothing wrong with the more traditional ‘Fetish’ sexual acts and will be reviewing such scenes and movies in other articles. But why not check out ‘New Age Fetish’ and see just what you’re missing!

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