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As you all may know, The Fetish Sex Blog is all about Fetish Sex and Fetisizm, we bring you all the info, reviews, previews you need and always offer discussions on such topics. Our blog gives in depth views of each popular fetish and fetisizm, but now we want to be even more helpful to our readers, so you (and your partner) can get the best out of that sexy fetish.

We’re going to start posting away with great sex positions for every fetish. Keep an eye on this blog because we’ll bring you great fetish sex position tips, to make the most of every boot, stocking, latex, costume and uniform fetish!

Our first post on this, is for the Boot Fetish. Here, we’re going to give you a classic boot sex fetish position, that will blow you away. If you’ve tried it already then do it some more (that’s the beauty of sex), if you haven’t, then read on and get ready to seriously heat up your sex sessions!

Boot Sex Fetish – Exposing those curves and heels

OK, so she’s in some seriously hot knee high boots and looking stunning. You want to see those beautiful curves of hers, but still enjoy your boot sex fetish. It’s time to take advantage of those knee high boots (thigh highs my be uncomfortable for her, for this position) and find a seat, couch or even a bar stool (bar stools are fantastic and not used enough in adult vidz as far as we’re concerned, but more on them in future posts).

She bends over in her boots, ready for you

As you can see, this small cushioned seat is perfect for this. It’s really all about finding the perfect height for penetration. You want to find something that will comfortably allow you to penetrate her, without having to squat right down, or get up high on tip toes.

Once you’ve found something like this (a small cushioned seat, couch or chair), let you partner kneel on it, facing away from you. This will allow you to enjoy her gorgeous curves, while allowing you to take in how hot she looks in boots. Some people think ‘from behind’ sex is only aimed at the man, but they are so wrong! The woman can have her g-spot massaged by the penis more, while the man can also caress her breasts, ass and even her clitoris while penetrating. There is also a great sexual and exciting feeling, when your partner turns her head around and looks at you with a sexy stare (lip licking, lip biting, aggressive looks etc.). It’s an amazing position and enjoyed by both the man and woman. It’s also fantastic for boot sex and that’s why it’s here!

When your partner is in the position and ready for you, gently ease yourself inside and always begin nice and slow, to ease into the position. If you’ve already enjoyed other positions before this one, your partner will be able to enjoy you immediately (she will be wet enough to comfortably enjoy it), but if you want to get straight to thisĀ  ‘from behind position’ you will both find it much easier, if the female is given oral sex first. Oral sex will allow your partner to be wet and lubricated enough to allow you to penetrate her more easily (and enter without causing discomfort to her), so remember that guys.

Now it’s time to enjoy this hot and boot fetish friendly position and what a hot position it is:

A great boot sex position from behind

Now this lucky guy has gone straight for anal sex, but regular sex is still perfect for this position and may even be much better according to what height you are from your partner. Cushioned surfaces will always be better for the female and allow her to enjoy you for longer. The ability to play with your partners ass, legs and of course, those hot boots, make this position a must!

If you’re feeling like going all out with anal sex:

An incredible anal boot sex position too

Ahhh, anal sex. Some men are blessed to have tried this and it matters on how you introduce anal sex to your partner. If you have respect for her, as well as patience, you could soon be enjoying anal sex. The Fetish Sex Blog will be bringing our readers a full anal sex guide, on how to introduce anal sex to your female partner. So if you can’t wait to try this, it would be best to wait for that post. It WILL be worth it!

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3 Responses to “Boot Fetisizm Sex – Boot Fetish Sex Positions”

  1. anon says:

    Sweet, can’t wait for more positions!

  2. admin says:


    We’re glad you like it, more great fetish positions soon!

    We’re working on the anal sex guide (how to introduce it to your female partner) and it will be LIVE very soon.


    The Fetish Sex Blog

  3. Anon says:

    Cool position, can’t wait to try that, thanks!

    Looking forward to the anal sex guide too :o)

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