Navy Girls Love Semen – Full DVD Review

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Movie: Navy Girls Love Semen

Please Note: The adult movie reviewed below, is fully explicit and hardcore. Although we do not show hardcore screenshots of the film being reviewed (for the consideration of some readers) you should be advised, that the movie below, is 100% hardcore adult material.

DVD Review:

Uniforms are a beautiful thing, they can be used to intensify a sexual scene in a simple softcore movie, or even an early evening TV show (see our Fetish TV article for more info). Whatever way you like your babes in uniform, everyone loves a quality hardcore adult flick with hot babes in daring and skimpy uniforms. We took a much closer look at a uniform sex themed DVD and would like to share with you our verdict on the full DVD Navy Girls Love Semen:

Navy Girls Love Semen DVD Review

Navy Girls Love Semen DVD Review

Navy Girls Love Semen is a simple, but yet genius way of bringing hot babes together and wrapping them up in sexy Navy uniforms. Each babe is interviewed before hand and tells the viewers why she thinks the Navy is suitable for her (with some serious dirty talk). Sharon Wild steals the show with her interviews, telling you that you can suck and fuck as much as you want, in her sexy Czech accent. After these brief interviews are carried out, the babes are left with two horny men, who put their hard training to good use. Every one of the Navy Girls Love Seamen scenes, consists of one cute babe in a Navy Girl uniform, getting drilled hard by two guys! Good stuff!

Scene 1 – Lucy Lee is a dominant Navy Girl

Lucy Lee in her Navy Girl Uniform

Lucy Lee in her Navy Girl Uniform

Lucy Lee is a cute little Asian babe, all dressed up in her Navy Uniform…that’s until one of her horny guys makes a lunge for her pussy (while she is still fully clothed in her uniform and cap). She responds by pushing the guy back in his seat, throwing her hat off in a rage of lust and whipping his jeans down fast, to reward him with a nice and deep blowjob.

This Navy Girl uses force to get her after shift suck

This Navy Girl uses force to get her after shift fun

While this dominant display of lust takes place, the second guy needs no invitation and undresses himself to get in on the uniform action. Lucy Lee doesn’t even have time to orally satisfy this guy, before the second guy lunges his tool at her. But this Navy Girl is off duty and begging to be taken rough. She doesn’t care who or how many provide it, as long as she gets it!

Lucy Lee has no problems with the extra man on deck

Lucy Lee has no problems with the extra man on deck

The pure lust given off by both the male performers and Lucy Lee, overwhelms this scene. Lucy is set upon in a scene of pure ‘I want you now’ lust, but that’s how she wants it, so that’s exactly how she gets it. Her dominant actions at the beginning of this scene, just fuel an incredibly hot threesome from start to finish. These two guys also work well together, aiding each other in some superb oral and penetration positions, such as lifting Lucy Lee up and letting the other guy give her face (below). This is great, intense sex and is really hot to watch.

The teamwork on Lucy Lee is seriously hot to watch

The teamwork on Lucy Lee is seriously hot to watch

They make great use of the couch too!

They make great use of the couch too!

The scene is intense all the way through, with Lucy Lee being pounded hard in classic and inventive positions. We were a bit disappointed to see the uniform come off right after the double blowjob, but the powerful sexual desire with these three performers, makes up for that. Lucy Lee is amazing to watch for the final cumshot, as she really does look like she is sucking the guys dry. Spitting their cum right back out into a wine glass, Lucy Lee then drinks the cum once again…well, Navy Girls Love Semen right?

Scene 2Tyla Wynn, A Navy Girl In Need Of Giving Good Double Oral Pleasure

Tyla Wynn looks amazing in her white Navy Sea Girl Uniform. She has a sexy white cap and gloves and the high and tight uniform finish, brings her legs and ass out perfectly. After her interview she comes across two guys on a couch. She takes a seat and before you know it, this hot Navy Girl Tyla is stroking their cocks, ready to blow.

Tyla Wynn in a Navy Girl Uniform

Tyla Wynn in a Navy Girl Uniform

Tyler Wynn warms the two guys up

Tyla Wynn is a Navy Girl in search of semen

The scene begins with a great double blowjob on the couch. Tyla strokes the guys first to get them hard and gives gorgeous, deep oral treatment to them both, leaning from one side to the next, making sure to pleasure both guys equally. The guys then return the favour and give her equal pleasure, with some great positions including a red hot spit roast. This classic position is performed and shot to perfection, as Tyla Wynn rocks back fourth in just her high heels, with both ends full. Easily the highlight of the scene.


Spit roast sex with her high heels on - Hot!

These guys use the couch perfectly, rocking Tyla Wynn back and fourth, making her ride with her mouth full, as well as take pleasure while flat out. The classic 2 on 1 positions are superb in this scene and some nice close up penetrations add to the overall erotic excitement.

A deep penetration on the couch

The couch is a host for some seriously hot positions

Again, the uniform comes right off after the double blowjob (and what a hot double BJ it was). But this looks to be the thing with Navy Girls Love Semen, but it’s made up by great classic positions, that are superbly shoot and performed. Close up couch shots are fantastic and are what you’d want in every hardcore scene. Tyla also has a hot cumshot finish, with the guys shooting on a glass table, for Navy Girl Tyla to then suck it all up through a straw!

Scene 3Sharon Wild Blows Us Away!  (STAR SCENE!)

What’s next is easily the best scene of the entire DVD. A scene which has the babe, uniform and type of sex you want to watch again and again. Sharon Wild dresses up in a Navy Girl Uniform to blow you away!

Sharon Wild in a Navy Girl uniform. Prepare to be blown away!

Sharon Wild in a Navy Girl Uniform. Prepare to be blown away!

From the moment you listen to Sharon Wild, telling you that the highlight of being in the Navy, is that you can suck and fuck as much as you want, you immediately get the feeling that this scene will be something special. Sharon Wild looks stunning in her blue Navy Girl uniform, cap and white gloves. Her lipstick and sexy smile, just add to how hot she looks and you can’t wait for her to get the scene started.

This hot scene begins with Navy Girl Sharon Wild, getting groped and rubbed up on a couch. She has the look of sheer pleasure as the guys caress her breasts and pussy, preparing her for some explosive action. Sharon Wild then gets up from the couch with the two guys and lowers herself to her knees. What follows is probably one of the best double blowjob scenes, to ever hit DVD.

Sharon Wild blows two guys in her sexy white Navy Girl gloves

These guys can't wait for Sharon Wild to unleash some oral pleasure, with her sexy white Navy Girl gloves

Sharon Wild oozes sex as she kneels down and blows the two guys with her hot white gloves. She sucks incredibly well, with deep throats and licking these guys to ecstasy. She looks amazing on her knees blowing and even more so, in her sexy Navy Girl Uniform with matching white gloves. The director Martin Del Toro then lowers the camera, to give you a view up through a clear glass table. The shot is superb, as you continue to see Sharon sucking and licking, but this time with cum dripping down, all over the glass tables surface. This shot is fantastic and adds so much more, to an already perfect blowjob scene.

This amazing blowjob scene goes on for just over 9 mins! This is one scene you simply can’t afford to miss!


Sharon Wild prepares for an award winning oral sex scene. It really is that hot!

The scene at this point, is already incredibly hot to take (you may not make it any further). Stripped of her Navy Girl Uniform and with a chin dripping with cum, Sharon Wild is walked over to the couch, where she bends over and is taken from behind, while blowing incredibly, yet again.


The guys help Sharon Wild get into something more...well...naked

Sharon takes it good, while just wearing gorgeous black high heels

Sexy high heels, help to heat up the amazing couch sex scenes

A five star 9 minute double blowjob would please most directors, but Martin Del Toro has Sharon amaze viewers even more, with red hot position, after red hot hot position. The guys pound her on the couch, have Sharon bent over in her high heels, as well as making her ride nice and hard on the couch. Even classic positions that stood out in earlier scenes, are also in this one and look even better with Sharon Wild performing them.

Remember that spit roast position we liked earlier? Sharon performs it supebly for you as well!

Just when you thought this award winning scene was over...POW! Sharon Wild hits you with more stunning sex positions. Just get the freakin DVD!

You can see why this is our star scene of the DVD. Sharon Wild could easily get an oral sex award and 2 on 1 sex scene award, all for the same scene! It’s a shame that no DP was present and Sharon would of delivered that perfectly too. Perhaps Martin Del Toro is just saving such a scene for another DVD. You couldn’t blame him, Sharon’s scene is an incredible one as it is.

After the perfect display of oral and hard couch sex, Sharon opens wide for a gorgeous cumshot facial. As it splashes over her face and onto a table below, she bends over to lick the table clean of cum. This is one Navy Girl we’d all sign up for.

After the fun is over, Sharon reminds us the fun of being a Navy Girl...while dripping with cum

Sharon Wild reminds viewers of how fun, being a horny Navy Girl is...while covered in her semen. Superb scene!

Scene 4Sativa Rose enjoys two semen in the sun

Sativa Rose has stunning looks and perfect body to match, offering a nice round butt and gorgeous breasts. In this scene the Navy Girl Sativa Rose, is wearing the same tight and white uniform, that Tyla Wynn stripped off in scene 2.

Sativa Rose looking hot in a Navy Girl uniform. We think every man is thinking the same thing about those nice full lips...

Sativa Rose looking hot in a Navy Girl uniform. We reckon every man is thinking the same thing, about Sativa's nice full lips...

The gorgeous Navy Girl Sativa Rose, introduces herself too two studs outside in the sun, as they sit there admiring her busty curves, in a tight Navy Girl uniform, complete with white cap and gloves. Sativa Rose sits in between the two guys, but before she can really say anything, the guys are making great use of her nice round breasts, as they pop them out and start licking them and sucking them. It’s then time for Sativa’s cap to come off and the cocks to come out.

Ahh...exactly what we were all thinking. Sativa Rose giving an awesome blowjob

Sativa Rose, displays how well a sailor babe uniform, goes with those gorgeous curves of hers

Sativa Rose is one Navy Girl who can seriously blow! Her sexy full lips are just perfect for it and you can almost feel every suck, as her lips wrap around her semen. It’s such a shame that Sativa couldn’t of blown as long as Sharon Wild, but the two guys don’t let Sativa Rose off lightly, as they spread her legs nice and wide.

The hot Navy Giril Sativa Rose, giving and receiving

Don't mind me guys, I was just out here enjoying the sun and the view, but help yourselves...guys?...oh what's the use...

Sativa Rose loses the Navy Girl Uniform early in the scene, but it’s her performance that always keeps Sativa Rose fans hooked to the screen. Those sexy eyes and glances of hers, are amazing and there is nothing better than watching those gorgeous tits of hers, bounce around while being drilled from both ends. Excellent positions such as the spit roast, riding on the couch while giving her awesome blowjobs, laying down sideways across the couch and taking it from both sides, all add to this stunning performance.

Stavita Rose stretches out and shows us her perfect curves

The hot Navy Girl Sativa Rose, giving and receiving

Stavita Rose enjoys some hard sex in the open air

So, as we can see here with closer inspection...Sativa Rose has a fine body

You can see just why Stavita is such a hot and popular performer

You would think the extreme heat would stop them, but the couch once again, produces some raunchy heat of it's own

When all the hard riding and tit bouncing has finished, Sativa lays over the edge of the couch, to receive two messy facials. This is one scene that Sativa Rose carries with her sexy performance, but we still wish the uniform had been designed to stay on throughout (or at least through a penetration stage).

Scene 5Marie Luv, The only Babe That Blows In Full Uniform  (Runner up Scene)

Now for our second favourite scene in this film (the runner up to Sharon Wild scene). Marie Luv looks stunning in her Navy Girl uniform. The dark blue colours, white gloves and cap, seem to really have great sex appeal on her. The scene starts as many have, with Marie Luv taking to a couch with two horny guys. But when these guys have finished toying with Marie and getting her ready for hard action, you notice something that is different from all the other scenes…Marie gives you a stunning double blowjob with her sexy Navy Uniform AND cap still on! Now for costume and uniform lovers, that’s a great thing and something that we’ve been patiently waiting for right throughout this DVD.


Marie Luv is a sexy Navy Girl in her stunning uniform, complete with cap and gloves. Wanna know the best thing about it? The gloves and uniform stay on!

At last, the first sex scene which makes use of those sexy uniforms

Marie Luv is a hot curvy Navy Girl, who needs YOOOOOOUUUUUU!

Marie Luv performs perfectly in her sexy Navy Girl Uniform and gives uniform lovers something to smile about. Martin Del Toro knows how good Marie Luv is at entertaining in uniform and soon finds other great ways, in which to showcase her oral expertise.

This Navy Girl is trained to go deep

Marie Luv is the only babe in uniform, to give oral with her full Navy Girl suit on! The uniform, gloves, heels and hat, really offer an incredibly sexy scene!

This scene also uses the camera technique, of shooting up through the glass table. While it may not have the edge that Sharon Wilds scene had, it still looks hot and makes a great oral scenario. Marie Luv is also fantastic at deep throats and displays this talent in many positions across the couch. Look out for some hot penetrations, while she’s displaying her oral skills too.

Marie Luv offers the perfect body for this scene. One aspect of it that jumps out at you, is her perfect butt. When it’s time for the hard stuff across that couch, Marie Luv delivers the goods well, with perfect ass. The Navy Girl Uniform, white gloves and red hot high heels, all complement her perfect curves. Martin Del Toro knows exactly how to shoot them too, with some fantastic couch sex shooting.

Marie Luv has an ass perfect for the camera

Martin Del Toro is about to capture a superb penetration and we love how Marie Luv's uniform isn't taken off, but just lustfully pulled to one side!

The Navy Girl Uniform just looks stunning on a curvy Marie Luv

The Navy Girl uniform just looks stunning on a curvy Marie Luv. Her gloves look amazing and her red high heels, just complement her gorgeous figure

Marie Luv really stands out in this scene. Her perfect ass is gorgeous to look at, while she’s getting penetrated from behind and giving great oral at the same time. Her talents in performing oral sex and keeping her figure hot, make this scene our runner up. Marie Luv is also the only babe to blow with her Navy Girl cap on, as well as actually keep her main uniform on throughout. Uniform lovers will be more than happy with this scene and Marie Luv fans will simply love how stunning she looks and performs.

To finish this hot uniform scene, Marie Luv kneels down with both her red high heels in hand and uses those sexy heels to stretch her cheeks nice and wide, ready to capture two loads of semen!

The Fetish Sex Blog on Navy Girls Love Semen:

Martin Del Toro has shot a DVD offering a good uniform fetish theme, with some stunning performances. Sharon Wild appears in one of the hottest scenes we’ve seen in a long time and Maria Luv just looks amazing in her Navy Uniform. These two scenes alone, should give their pornstar fans (and uniform sex fans), a great reason to own this movie.

Navy Girls Love Semen, promised a fully themed uniform DVD. One look at the cover and it had you rubbing your hands together, expecting hard and fetish themed sex with uniformed women throughout…and this is one of the movies minor flaws. If we were to pick up a DVD with such a cover, we would expect exactly that. We would want the women to be in uniform from start to finish and we would also expect the stylists/costume designers to adapt the creativity to suit these fetish needs. The problem we have here, is that every babe in Navy Girls Love Semen (with the exception of Marie Luv) takes their entire uniform off at a very early scene stage. This is an issue which needs to be addressed with current directors. If your movie description and DVD cover is that of a particular fetish…be faithful to that fetish and see it through to the end.

Don’t let that put you off Navy Girls Love Semen though, as you would be out of your mind to pass up on the incredible Sharon Wild scene. A scene which is so well performed and shot, it could easily be extended and made into a DVD itself. Navy Girls Love Semen, may not totally satisfy the uniform lover, but it just about offers enough of the fetish, to satisfy fans.

Navy Girls Love Semen is a DVD we highly recommend. Usually if a movie doesn’t stand up to it’s fetish, we would mark it down heavily, but it’s because of the incredible scene from Sharon Wild and hot uniform scene from Marie Luv, that encourages us to highly recommend Navy Girls Love Semen.

The Fetish Sex Blog gives Navy Girls Love Semen:


BUY IT FOR: Sharon Wilds scene is one of the best you’ll ever see Marie Luv delivers a superb all round uniform sex scene – Sativa Rose performs and blows as perfect as ever – Tyla Wynn shows you how a uniformed babe delivers a double blowjob to die for!

CONSIDER: Only one babe (Marie Luv) keeps her uniform on throughout – Perfect opportunities for hot DP’s arise (being a 2 on 1 film), but not one actually takes place.

For more information on purchasing the DVD of Navy Girls Love Semen head over to the official  Colossal Entertainment website

Or download the full DVD of Navy Girls Love Semen from Fetish Sex

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yea lve sharon wild, she totally takes cum like a trooper , she must really enjoy the taste :-)

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for your comments on how we review. We really enjoy giving readers an in-depth idea of adult movies. There are a lot out there and many don’t offer what they say they will (and contain scenes very different from what the covers put across), so we go out of our way to make sure you know what you’re buying.

    We’re also introducing a new scene review system soon, so stay updated :o)

  3. admin says:

    Yup, Sharon Wild is amazing in this movie and sets the standard for 2 on 1 sex scenes. We hope to bring you more on her soon.


    The Fetish Sex Blog

  4. Anon says:

    I love the way you review your movies. Can’t wait for more! Thanks!

  5. Anon says:

    Great review and an awesome DVD! Sharon Wild is amazing! More of her in uniforms please!

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