Introducing Anal Sex to your Female Partner – Part 1

Congratulations on taking the time to read our 3-part guide on introducing anal sex to your partner. This guide is best suited to those partners who have never tried anal sex (and may not yet welcome the idea of it).

introducing her to anal sex

Want a little something extra from this position? Read our guide

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STEP 1 – Talk about introducing anal sex to your lovemaking

Before you do anything, it’s crucial you both set some time aside to talk about the possibilities of anal sex. First, you want your partner to feel comfortable about the idea. Let her know that anal sex is an amazing part of the female orgasm and that once discovered, she’ll be able to climax 10x faster than she already is!

A more important part of the conversation, is assuring that you won’t rush-ahead. Don’t jump straight to the ‘balls deep’ fantasy! Put that testosterone to one side and let her know you’ll take things slow and build-up to it. This is VERY important and will introduce you to the most crucial part of enjoying anal sex with your partner. Patience.

STEP 2 – The first sex session with anal stimulation

Once you’re both well-in to your next lovemaking session, let her ride you and make sure you’re doing what she loves best (this could be anything like smoothing her legs, gently tickling her sides, licking her nipples or even pulling her hair).

rub her anus anal sex

While in this very position, use your finger to gently rub around her anus. This is a perfect way to introduce her to anal stimulation. No toys or cock, just yet.

Image taken from Harmony’s Young Harlots: School Report

While smoothing her ass cheeks, slowly move a finger toward her anus. Gently rub around it while she’s bouncing on your cock (but do not insert it). Do this for just a bit, then move your hand away from her ass and continue as normal. Now and then, move your hand back to smooth her anus (without inserting your finger).

If you can still get her to cum while doing this (or if she’s only been able to cum while you were doing this), this is a major step in the right direction!

Check back soon for the other 2 parts of this must-read anal sex guide.

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    This is a cool guide, better and more detailed than any other I’ve read.


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