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Daryl Morgan is not only a professional model, but she’s currently presenting a late night (or early hours) adult chat show on Freeview. Possessing stunning looks, a figure to die for and a perfect bust, it’s no wonder that late night adult chat channels, have been queuing up to sign the beauty.

Daryl Morgan looking stunning in thigh high boots

Daryl Morgan, looking stunning in thigh high boots!

Daryl Morgan’s looks and physique, aren’t the only things that have helped her career. Daryl’s fun and warming presence on screen, have helped her to become a much loved adult chat presenter, allowing viewers to feel comfortable with sharing flirty and intimate calls with her.

Fetish Sex Blog wanted to know a little more about this stunning beauties past, work life and plans for the future:

An Interview with Daryl Morgan:

FSBlog: For those who have never seen Partyland, could you explain to them what it’s all about and what you do?

Daryl Morgan: Partland is an adult phone in chat line, live on Sky 910 or freeview 50, you can text and get involved, its very flirty and fun

FSBlog: Partyland airs through to the early hours. How do you deal with such a lifestyle and how do you manage to spend time with friends and family?

Daryl Morgan: I only work a few days a week. I commute from Manchester to London, so the days I don’t work, I dedicate to family and mates. I like to keep work and home separate.

FSBlog: If your fans were viewing Partyland and only wanted to speak to you (we don’t blame them), how would they go about doing this?

Daryl Morgan: Just call, it’s as simple as that

FSBlog: What would you say to any men or women out there, that are a little shy on calling you on Partyland?

Daryl Morgan: We get a lot of first time callers who are also shy, not to worry as its only a phone call, not a life changing decision. I never push anyone into talking about things they don’t want to. Also, just call and press the hash (#) key so you can listen in first, then decide if its for you. If you’re still a bit shy, just text.


FSBlog: There are quite a few presenters on Partyland. Do you get on well with the other presenters and do you all go out clubbing, or to parties together?

Daryl Morgan: Yeah, we all get on well together, I stay with Alex adams when im down, we’re best mates, been known to be the Ant and Dec of the adult world!

FSBlog: Any funny stories you could share with us, from going out with the Partyland cast?

Daryl Morgan: That would be telling… its always a laugh, we all support each other so if someones down, we cheer em’ up

FSBlog: Are you OK with Partyland viewers requesting any sexy costumes/uniforms, or other sexy lingerie for you to wear on Partyland?

Daryl Morgan: Yeah, if I have it, then its cool

FSBlog: Would you ever wear a costume/uniform or other item of sexy clothing, which was sent in by a Partyland viewer?

Daryl Morgan: Yeah, I get a lot of shoes sent in, so I wear them

FSBlog: I hope you don’t mind us asking, but have you ever tried role play sex? If so, have you ever experienced it with an extremely lucky person?

Daryl Morgan: That would be yes (lol). A police officer, it was after a hen party I went on.


FSBlog: We think you’re a superb presenter with a gorgeous figure to match that glowing and welcoming personality of yours. You’re also a 100% natural beauty, with a beautiful pair of natural boobs (that would make The Sun’s Page 3 models, shake at the knees), but tell us…what part of your body are you most proud of and why?

Daryl Morgan: Well, my boobs as they’re fake and make everyone think they’re real!

FSBlog: WOW! We can’t believe they’re fake, they look amazing! Did you have the op because of your career, or for yourself?

Daryl Morgan: I had them done for myself, whether modeling or not, it was a personal choice

FSBlog: Talking of Page 3, have you ever tried out for that? (we think you’d win any Page 3 idol)

Daryl Morgan: I won a News Of The World competition, to be in their 2007 calendar

FSBlog: We’re not sure if you’re familiar with E3, it’s a big event where new games are released to the press. To promote their games better, some game companies use models to dress up as female heroines (like Nell Mcandrew did with Lara Croft). If the opportunity was ever there, would you dress up as a gaming beauty and use your gorgeous curves to promote such a game?

Daryl Morgan: Yeah, I would love to be Lara Croft or even one of the Rumble Roses babes at an E3 event.

FSBlog: What do you look for in a man?

Daryl Morgan: Ohhhh too much (lol)… humour is one and I prefer dark hair

FSBlog: Is size important to you?

Daryl Morgan: Size of what (lol).. that would be no if referring to the nether regions (lol)

FSBlog: So you’re a stunning model and talented late night adult presenter, but is this as far as you would like to go in the adult industry?

Daryl Morgan: Well due to me not knowing what I’m going to be doing when this ends, then for now yes.. I want to work with minors preferably, so any other kinda adult work might jeopardise that..

FSBlog: Where can your fans go if they wish to see more of you, Daryl?

Daryl Morgan: Facebook or the Sexstation site, my official site hasn’t worked for 4yrs, kinda needs sorting (lol)

FSBlog: What are your plans for the future, are you still on a journey for your dream job, or have you already found it?

Daryl Morgan: I would love to be a full time presenter, actress or stunt woman. I would also love to host a show like Top Gear or 5th Gear, dunno yet to be honest, but its a tough industry.

Tune-in to those naughty late-night channels, to see more of the busty Daryl Morgan.

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  1. T says:

    She’s so hot!

  2. colin says:

    I’d love her gorgeous legs wrapped around my waist while I am pumping her tight sweet pussy with my 10″ prick or around my neck while I am licking her lovely clit .

  3. dave says:

    Who’s tits are better daryl’s or katie price ?? Is this the most stupid question ever asked. ??? I think daryl’s wins by a country mile .

  4. tim says:

    Can’t believe her tits are plastic , but she’s got a tight little gorgeous pussy .

  5. biggern says:

    I’d love to see her do E3…she would look amazing!

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