Latex Cops – DVD Review

Fetish DVD Review: Latex Cops  Release: 2004

There are many latex fetish adult DVD’s out there today. Some work hard to capture their adult fetish, while others simply use it to sell a DVD cover. Latex Cops IS faithful to its fetish, a quality which is very rare in modern adult movies.

Latex Cops on the cover MEANS latex cops throughout the movie!

Latex Cops on the cover MEANS latex-dressed cop babes throughout. A movie loyal to its fetish

The Latex Cops are hot female police officers using their badge of authority to force men into performing their ideal sexual acts. These female officers are getting out of hand and need to be stopped before the media get involved and rip the police department apart.

Latex Cops opens and immediately hits you with what the movie is all about…gorgeous babes in tight latex cop uniforms! The latex outfits are masterfully designed so they can jaw-drop AND stay on during intense sex sessions! Something that needs to be done a lot more in adult fetish movies.

venus latex cops dvd review

Venus introduces you to the stunning fetish wardrobe of Latex Cops

Latex cop Venus, dressed in a tight black PVC bra top, garter belt, stockings and gloves (a favourite for the Latex Cops) walks over to the cell and demands the crook back up for her to enter. If the sexy latex wear hasn’t slung your jaw open by now, her hot police cap and high heels should!

Stiv Gators (movie director) now brings out the female dominatrix attitude of the Latex Cops. Instead of making this crook do time for his crime, Latex Cop Venus simply uses her badge to force him into performing some hot sexual acts! Latex Cop Venus suggests he “works it off” by grabbing him and thrusting his face into her bulging latex tits! She demands her tits are sucked, so being a polite and obeying civilian…he does just that! The viewer is now introduced to the dominant and lustful world of the Latex Cop. It’s a world you’ll want to sit back with and enjoy…

venus latex cops fuck

Latex Cop Venus shows us the stunning and kinky wardrobe of Latex Cops!

After giving a face-full of latex tits, Latex Cop Venus works his cock! Deep throating and gagging are all here and her cap gets knocked-off from her intense head thrusting, only to be placed back on her head to complete the ultimate fetish BJ! Latex Cop Venus’ tits are beautifully captured bouncing up and down uncontrollably within that tight latex bra, but that’s before she’s bent over and given some rough balls-deep anal that only a Latex Cop can handle!

A stunning cap BJ and Venus’ natural tits make this latex scene. Anal fans will also be pleasantly surprised with up-close shots of some balls-deep latex anal!

Let us now make a quick statement….we love Alexis Malone! She’s not only a talented performer, but she loves to dress-up in fetish gear for her fans. Alexis shows us why she’s so comfortable in fetish gear as she opens the scene in a police officer shirt and pants (as her deceiving disguise). Stiv Gator wants Alexis to offer the fantasy of real police officer babes, but with the added fetish of latex!

After pulling an underage drinker over at the roadside, Latex Cop Alexis Malone confronts him with her sexy latex gloves showing through her formal police uniform. “why don’t you show me how you lick pussy” she demands, as she rubs her pussy through her pants with her latex covered hands!

This is easily one of the best sex scene build-ups of the movie (you have to see Delilah Stone’s and Kimberly Kane’s build-up too), as we love how this is shot outside to begin with, using realistic police cars, making the scene much more believable and therefore enhancing its fetish fantasy. After showing Latex Cop Alexis how he licks pussy, Latex Cop Alexis Malone asks him to follow her…

alexis malone latex cops pussy lick

Latex Cop Alexis Malone, invites the young offender her pussy can have a nice, long chat with his tongue!

After taking the young guy back to her hideout, she jumps on him and rides his young, fresh face on her car bonnet! His hands slap and squeeze her ass cheeks as she frantically surfs his tongue! Stiv Gators sets-up a superb shot from the guys chest as Alexis Malone’s pussy and ass are in full view while being licked and spanked! Latex Cop Alexis Malone then makes her way down the bonnet where his cock gets one hell of a fetish blowjob!

alexis malone latex cops cock suck

Latex Cop Alexis Malone enjoys the taste of a nice hard cock while on the beat! She loves catching them young!

Letting the woman’s body and fetish take centre stage, is the key to the perfect blowjob scene. Stiv Gator captures one superb blow, as the camera zooms in to focus on her cap and PVC gloves. Just when you think it can’t get any better, the camera moves out to show this stunning Latex Cop bent-over and displaying her hot latex garters and PVC stockings. There’s just something about a woman bending over and working her ass in tight latex, that makes every deep throat, lick and cheek bulge, that more lustful!

Other hot latex highlights for this scene include Latex Cop Alexis Malone, riding the guy on the police car bonnet! A hot close-up is used to really put-across the feel of a deep and lustful, spontaneous bonnet fuck! Alexis Malone’s beautiful ass is also exposed yet again, for a hot doggy fuck which gives great focus to her stunning latex stockings, as one rests provocatively over the cars bonnet!

A hot cum-load over her glasses, puts a great end to a stunning car bonnet fetish sex scene!

“Where did you get it and who did you buy it from!” shouts Kimberly Kane, at a new suspect being held in an interview room.”We have ways of making you talk” she threatens, as she then begins to unbutton her shirt. As the buttons unfasten on her standard issue police shirt, they begin to reveal a black latex bra…Kimberly Kane is the third Latex Cop!

What makes this scene hot from the opening frames, is how hot Kimberly Kane sounds as a dominant police officer. Her sexy tone of voice and those dominant eyes, make her perfect for the role! Kimberly Kane fans will simply love her character in Latex Cops!

kimberly kane latex cops bj

Latex Cop Kimberly Kane shows us what the interview room is really for!

After taking hot face on the interview room table, Latex Cop Kimberly Kane gets on her knees and performs an incredible deep throating, cheek-bulging, cock-slapping, hair-tugging blowjob! It’s sloppy, long, deep and something you’ll be skipping back to again and again!

A hot and kinky bounce on the table now follows and Kimberly Kane just looks stunning in those latex stockings, PVC gloves and all the rest! But it’s the doggy-style fuck that director Stiv Gators, had our jaws open to. Latex Cop Kimberly Kane gets on all-fours on the interview table, gets her hair pulled and her pussy fucked for one amazing doggy-style latex fuck! Watching Kimberly Kane grab her own ass in delight with her hot latex gloves, is pure latex fetish heaven!

kimberly kane latex cops doggy fuck

Latex Cop Kimberly Kane loves a good tug n' pump!

Delilah Stone’s dominating performance really makes this next scene. Latex Cop Delilah Stone is one tall blond bombshell and as she looks down upon a corrupt businessmen on his knees, she threatens “The city can’t touch you, but I can!”. Latex Cop Delilah Stone then grabs his head and shoves it between her legs, forcing the corrupt businessman backwards onto a nearby bed stool!

Ever wanted to get dominantly face fucked? Well, watch this scene!

delilah stone latex cops pussy lick

After aggressively introducing her pussy to the businessman's face, Latex Cop Delilah Stone allows him to have a little fun with it...

Delilah Stone looks absolutely amazing in her latex cop uniform! Her long latex stocking-legs and round ass, are enough to make any red-blooded male pop!

After riding the businessman’s face like sea biscuit, Latex Cop Delilah Stone gets on her knees, licks her lips and gives an incredible lipstick blowjob! Her latex gloves jerk the guy off as his head is sucked buy Delilah Stone’s painted blow cushions! Deep throating and gagging follow to make this oral scene unmissable!

delilah stone latex cops lipstick bj

Latex Cop Delilah Stone always gets her cock!

Other highlights of this scene are Delilah Stone bumping and grinding on the bed as her long legs and deep pussy are no match for that cock! But our major highlight would be Delilah Stone spread across the bed with her latex stocking-legs spread nice and wide! Seeing Delilah’s pussy pumped with her PVC pins high n’ wide, really offers a hot end to an incredibly intense and dominant scene intro.

The leader of the Latex Cops, Audrey Hollander, finally gets her latex hands on the Internal Affairs Officer! After luring him to an abandoned warehouse, she finally has him where she needs him…flat over a table with his pants unzipped! She begins to blow him softly and deeply, but it’s Stiv Gators’ creativity with the in-shot overhead bar, that really makes this scene.

After smearing her lips over the Internal Affairs Officer’s cock, Latex Cop Audrey Hollander hops on it while lustfully holding onto the overhead bar with latex-gloved arms. Audrey now uses that bar superbly, to thrust and grind herself back and fourth on the officers hard cock!

audrey hollander latex cops cowgirl

Latex Cop Audrey Hollander demonstrates why she's the leader of the Latex Cops! You've gotta love those Latex Cop costumes!

Audrey Hollander’s groans and her hair falling down over her face, just help add the heat to this scene. She grips that bar even tighter, as her tits begin to pop-out of her gorgeous latex bra! But now the leader of the Latex Cops, wants a nice big dick up her ass!

audrey hollander latex copsanal

Latex Cop Audrey Hollander gets what she craves...a nice big dick in her ass!

Make no mistake, this is possibly one of the most incredible anal latex scenes you’ll see! Latex Cop Audrey Hollander gets on all-fours while she lets the officer slam his cock balls-deep into her ass! Stiv Gators provides a stunning angle that brings the ball-bouncing anal, PVC stockings and high heels all beautifully into one shot!

We need to get us one of those poles!

Make the leader squeal! We need to get us one of those poles...

Now it’s the officers turn to use that bar! He grabs it with two hands an uses it to get harder, deeper pumps into Audrey Hollander’s ass! But just when you think the intense anal is over, Latex Cop Audrey Hollander is bouncing up and down cowgirl again…with the officer buried in her ass! A truly incredible latex anal scene and one you’ll want to watch again and again!

The Fetish Sex Blog on Latex Cops:

We’ve been waiting for a film like Latex Cops, for a long time. Many directors simply don’t care about staying faithful to a fetish anymore, but Stiv Gator understood his market well. Everything from scene props to costumes, were well thought-out and whoever designed these latex uniforms, deserves a good drink! The costumes are perfect for a latex fetish film, designed superbly around a police uniform and more importantly…they had the practicality to be used throughout intercourse, something that all directors need to think about for their fetish-themed movies.

The performances from the girls were great! Every one of them convincingly played a dominant cop and the sex positions and angles of the scenes, just increased the kinkiness of the fetish. Cop cars, prison cells, offices and interrogation settings all helped to create a believable setting. Something fundamental in creating the perfect fetish fantasy.

Our only minor pick at the movie is a particular position that would have required two guys. Yes, it’s the good old fashioned DP. It didn’t need to be in every scene…not even two, but one good scene with a Latex Cop getting it from two cocks, would have been superb! There are many DP movies out there, but few deliver on the fetish level. Latex Cops would have easily hit that mark, but it’s just a shame it was never considered.

Overall though, we can easily say that Latex Cops is one of THE best latex fetish AND uniform fetish movies to hit DVD. We’re actually surprised that Stiv Gator’s name wasn’t even on the box! We had to hunt around to find the identity of the creator. Modesty is a good thing Stiv, but you deserve the exposure for creating this fetish masterpiece!

The Fetish Sex Blog gives Latex Cops:

9.3 out of 10

BUY IT FOR: Gorgeous babes in some of the hottest latex uniforms on film! – Latex uniforms that stay on during the action – The hottest female dominance in latex – Believable and well designed sets – Audrey Hollander treats you to one of the hottest latex anal sex scenes, EVER!

CONSIDER: None of those Latex Cop beauties take a hot double penetration (the movie was crying-out for one!)

Do you think Stiv Gator should return to the world of the shiny, latex-clad cops for Latex Cops 2? If so, what babes would you like to see in a sequel? Hit the comments below and let us know!

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  1. IZZI says:

    Still love this film! Best latex sex movie, EVER! Shiny latex and cop uniforms…what else do you need! LOL

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  3. ero says:

    I so wanna buy me those latex cop costumes!

  4. Zeester says:

    One of the best latex fetish films, but there would have loved to see a latex cop DP!

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    I love this movie very hot

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