Partyland not Partying on Virgin Media

As you all may know, freeview have some awesome adult channels to watch after midnight. One of which is Partyland, offering the viewer beautiful women, who pose in sexy costumes/uniforms, boots and many other sexy clothing, while you simply watch or call in and speak to the lovely lady on screen. The best thing about channels such as Partyland, is that it’s absolutely FREE (unless you call one of the women on screen of course). All you need is plenty of caffeine to stay up past 1am and a freeview box…well…unless your provider is Virgin Media.

Yes…we can’t believe it either. Partyland (or any other channel of this kind) is NOT available on Virgin Media. We’re not exactly sure why though, as Virgin broadcasts many adult stations, such as Movies 24 (which turns into an erotica channel in the late evening) and Bravo (home to the Laid Bare series and the superb Porn Week series).

Even the gorgeous Daryl Morgan would be upset that she's not on Virgin Media. Well

Even the gorgeous Daryl Morgan would be upset that she's not on Virgin Media. least the call of complaint to Virgin Media, would be free on a Virgin lan line eh? We do hope we see Daryl on Virgin soon.

A quick search around the interweb and we’d stumbled across quite a few forum complaints, from unhappy Virgin Media viewers. We even read posts from people who seemed to work for Partyland, saying that a contract was due to be signed, meaning that Partyland and Babestation would soon be coming to Virgin Media. Well…we’re waiting (that post was around a couple of months ago BTW).

Virgin Media provide and excellent service to customers, with a great selection of channels, a free ‘On Demand’ service and a great Music On Demand service too. However, it’s still strange to see that no Partyland or even Babestation, is currently being broadcast right now.

We hope Virgin Media get these channels very soon. Hey, what about an ‘On Demand’ Partyland eh!? OK…so that maybe asking too much. Let’s just focus on crossing our fingers, for Virgin Media Partyland for now.

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