Killzone Babe Sophie Howard

To celebrate the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) we thought we’d spoil you all, with a red hot promotional shoot for Killzone. The game may be an older release, building up some dust in your collection (as many of you are still gasping at the engine of it’s sequel), but we think you’re gonna let us off with this, as natural stunner Sophie Howard, poses in a tight latex catsuit!

Click the image below, to download the full desktop size version of Sophie Howard in Hi-Rez!

Bless you Sophie Howard...this should have been Killzone's box art!

Bless you Sophie Howard...this should have been Killzone's box art! Copyright - Sony (SCEE)

Sophie Howard looks amazing in the Killzone promotional shoot, so good, that she should seriously consider writing E3 and TGS dates in her diary…because we want her promoting at every one them!

Just before we finish, here is another pic of Sophie Howard looking simply stunning in latex. This shoot was for Bizarre magazine. It may not be a game show, but we just wanted to show you how hot Sophie is in latex…enjoy!

Latex was made for models like Sophie Howard!

Latex was made for models like Sophie Howard...and did we mention that she's 100% natural too? Yup! 34G's of natural bliss...WOW! Copyright - Bizarre Magazine

Like your babes in Latex? Read the New review!

We hope you enjoyed our little salute to the Tokyo Game Show. Stay tuned though , as we’ll continue our TGS celebration, with a top 10 chart of well known ‘mature rated’ games, that should be brought back and made even sexier!

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