Our Top 10 ‘Mature Rated Games’ that should be brought back and made EVEN SEXIER!

We brought you the gorgeous Sophie Howard in our last post, but now it’s time for a sexy top 10 countdown, of our best ‘Mature Rated Games’ that we think developers should not only bring back…but make even sexier! Yup, to celebrate TGS once more, we’re going to run through some naughty gaming goodness and urge developers to be more generous with those sexy boobs and butts…after all…most of these games a pretty violent and gory anyway…so a little increase in raunchiness,  won’t hurt eh?

At Number 10 – Bullet Witch

Bullet Witch

Bullet Witch

You may all be wondering why a witch would depend, or even use a gun with all her awesome magical knowledge, but this isn’t just a normal gun wielding babe…this is a hot witch with a huge baddass machine gun, dressed in tight leather. Paying attention now? We thought you might be…

The sexy Bullet Witch

Alicia - The sexy leather loving Bullet Witch

Bullet Witch had the makings of another ‘badass babe’ action game. It had the hot female who craved attention in fetish-like leather, it had huge guns and intense violence, but the the AI and story were enough to get the game poorly reviewed by critics. It’s a shame, because the Bullet Witch herself had some pretty cool offensive moves, including rapid machine gun, shotgun and sniper fire.

Sexy babe + sexy leather + big ass gun = Good Times

Sexy babe + sexy leather + big ass gun = Potential

As well as her huge broomstick/AK47/Shotgun looking gun, this Bullet Witch had some pretty awesome magical spells, bringing the power of natural disasters to her enemies, with great storm and lightning attacks. She can also thrust cars and other objects at enemies, making you as a player, feel pretty bad ass and destructive at times.

Bullet Witch needs to be brought back, but with some TLC. The heroin herself was sexy and looked like she could handle her own, but she fell victim to a weak story, poor enemy AI and not enough well written and scripted set-pieces (with too much of the same shooting going on) making this incredibly sexy Bullet Witch, pretty average right now. But…as we said, some TLC with those issues in mind, and a follow-up would be superb. We hope AQ Interactive can release a Bullet Witch 2 with the following:

– A much better and plausible story, with set pieces that can really draw the player in (this could also make use of our multiple costume idea – see below)

– Better enemy AI, that challenges the player, rather than becoming simple walking targets

– Make sure levels do not contain any obstacles, the could potentially cause needless and unavoidable deaths


Bullet Witch does actually offer alternative costumes, but focusing on her leather fetish for the sequel, would be great.

AC Interactive are not just teasing here, you can play Alicia in a school Girl Costume too

AQ Interactive are not just teasing here, you can play Alicia in a school Girl Costume too!

and here is the proof...more of them next time please!

and here is the proof...more of them next time please, but you don't have to shy away from the leather...keep her dark style

Wherever there is a heroin in an action game, the laws of one simple costume should be thrown out. Why not have other leather costumes that the heroin changes into throughout? Leather pants, leather mini skirts, leather corsets, the choices are endless. These leather ideas would add a lot of flexibility to the sexy look of the main character, but without completely changing her style.

The player could then simply select what costumes they prefer on the second play through, giving superb re-play value to the game. Well, we hope these things could be implemented for a sequel, as Bullet Witch would be one hot game, in terms of gameplay and sex appeal.

At Number 9 – Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat…the game that actually made beat em ups violent, that made you save your change and call your friends down to the arcade, the game that also made every parent panic…and we all loved it!

Mortal Kombat shocked the planet, with it’s brutal fighting style and fatalities. While the fatalities made the game, even a normal punch to the face, would send blood flying a mile high…it was like nothing you had ever seen before and many games tried to copy it’s violent and graphical style.

Kung Lao's fatality, was one of the most grusome in the original games - Copyright Midway

Kung Lao's fatality, was one of the most gruesome in the original games - Copyright Midway

The women of MK are as hard as nails

The women of MK are as hard as nails - Copyright Midway

Mortal Kombat is almost behind Street Fighter for remakes (well…almost) with sequel after sequel being released and even 3D remakes, doing away with the video captured characters (which were good on original release, but soon got old…quick).

3D Mortal Kombat introduced new babes. Midway started to make use of more feminine outfits, as well as some slight female 'phsiics'...

3D Mortal Kombat, introduced new babes. Midway started to make use of more feminine outfits, as well as some slight female 'physics'...but we want more. Copyright Midway

The recent Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe game, introduced the likes of Catwoman.

The recent Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe, introduced the likes of Catwoman. This is just a taste of what Midway can do with the MK babes - Copyright Midway

Mortal Kombat is on our list, because we think it’s just silly not to increase the sex appeal. It has everything that can possibly make a game mature. Blood, gore and decapitation, so why stop there? Female characters should be given a sexy makeover and instead of looking like steroid popping gym freaks, should look much more feminine, with some seriously raunchy costumes (like catwoman).


If such a move would be far too daring, then at least make such costumes unlock-able. One thing Midway needed to think about, was the games lasting appeal on a solo career. If it never delivered variety and incentives, players would get tired…fast. Midway implemented much more fatalities to counter this problem, giving players a perfect excuse to play through with every character and see their devilish finishing moves. Add some sexual incentives to this though and you’ve got one hell of a re playable game on your hands, with or without fellow gamers around.

Dead or Alive had the right idea with costumes. Take some seriously sexy game babes and players will go out of their way to unlock incredibly sexy costumes. Rumble Roses even offered costumes on marketplace, for players who couldn’t be bothered to play through and unlock them. They even charged for the marketplace content (when unlocking the costumes in-game were FREE) an guess what…they still came flooding and they still paid out for that naughty costume goodness.

If changing all MK babe default costumes would be far too risky, Midway should at least create multiple raunchy costumes for every female character. You could even have certain raunchy fatalities, that are only executable once you’ve unlocked a costume and are playing with an MK babe…in that very costume. A costume related fatality, which would be exclusive to the MK babes. There are a lot of possibilities with this and Mortal Kombat can easily get away with these added additions, due to it’s renowned mature content. Make it happen Midway!

Keep checking back to the Fetish Sex Blog, as we’ll be continuing our countdown, throughout this week.

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