Costume or Latex Fetish? Have some fun this Valentines!

Costume/uniform fetishes and latex fetishes, are a huge thing in the UK and US now. It can be an incredibly hot experience having role play sex with your partner, or you can simply dress up to add variety and spice. Sexy outfits can bring out and emphasise a women’s curves, as well as bring to life a much desired fantasy.

This Valentines Day, take your loved one out to dinner, spoil them rotten, kiss and cuddle…but at bed time…why not indulge in something different and sexy? Why not enjoy:

Role Play Sex

This is where your partner (or you) will dress up in a sexy costume or uniform (lets say a nurse, for example) and the person wearing the costume, will not only dress up like a nurse, they’ll also act like a nurse and carry out a fantasy scenario. This nurse could pretend that her lover is a patient who’s been trapped in a bed for months and isĀ  in desperate need of relief…so being the caring nurse she is, she gives him (or her) a hot sex session, while the other nurses and managers are away!

That’s just one fantasy, but there are so many more, with so many other costume/uniform variations. You could even mix and match parts of costumes, to create your ideal sexual fantasy (which is a sexy and fun thing to do, in itself).

The naughty bedroom nurse, is one of the most popular and hottest uniforms for role play sex!

The naughty bedroom nurse, is one of the most popular and hottest uniforms for role play sex!

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Costume or Uniform Sex

Simple…you have sex, but one of you (or both of you) are dressed in a costume or uniform. No need for fantasy role play scenes or scenarios, just the two of you screwing each others brains out, while dressed to impress. You’ll probably find this even makes your love making session much longer and hotter and you’ll be begging each other to experiment with new positions and techniques…it really has that much of an erotic effect!

The French Miad is a hot choice for role play or costume sex. Comine latex and you have a hot costume!

The French Maid is a hot choice for role play or costume sex. Combine latex and you have a seriously hot costume!

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Costume sex and role play sex, are getting increasingly popular, but above all else…it’s just great and sexy fun! If you’ve experienced it, then enjoy our links to costume and uniform sites (above), but if you’ve never experienced this type of sex…then let your hair down, buy whatever costume or uniform turns you on the most (for you or your partner…or you both) and enjoy some of the hottest sex you’ll ever have! ENJOY!

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2 Responses to “Costume or Latex Fetish? Have some fun this Valentines!”

  1. says:

    In reply to ‘PORNMAKESMEHAPPY’ (us too BTW), that model looks like Jane Darling to us, too. It’s actually someone else, who models for Sharone Sloane.

    Hey, we’d love to watch a scene with Jane Darling, in that maid costume! But while you’re imagining that, check out ‘Pirate Fetish Machine: House of the She Wolves’ (from PRIVATE), for an incredible scene of Jane Darling, getting double teamed in a sexy maids outfit! It’s one of our all time fav scenes and we’ll have to write about it soon. Enjoy!


    Is that Jane Darling in that maid costume?

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