The Fleshlight…because men need toys too

Raise your hand if you’ve bought your partner a sex toy? Did you frown when they asked? Did you run a mile and then lock yourself in a cupboard somewhere…no…you didn’t. You welcomed the idea, because you know it’s going to make your sex life exciting and different.

So…what do you think your partner would think or say, if you asked for a sex toy? Hmmm…we bet you’re thinking something completely different now, right? Well have you ever thought about it this way:

Women have been using sex toys for many years and lets face it…sex toys are made to give the look and feel of a cock…lets be honest? So a male sex toy is simply doing that very same thing, but in a males perspective.

What we’re getting at is this little baby:

Tera Patrick's Fleshlight Twista - Moulded the gorgeous star herself

Tera Patrick's Fleshlight Twista - Moulded from the gorgeous star herself. Tera Patrick looks amazing in those bra and panties!

Ever heard of Fleshlight? Well if you haven’t, it’s a superb bit of kit, that’s designed to feel just like a pussy. Not only does it offer the realistic sensation, but it’s also designed to be completely discreet as well.

Women have their toys, so why can’t men? But this genius piece of kit, doesn’t only grant you much needed relief, when your partners not in the mood, or you simply can’t have sex at that  precise moment…it also offers great things for a relationship.

Foreplay is a great way to spice up sex, but what about letting your partner use the Fleshlight on you? What about you using your partners sex toys to pleasure them, while they use the fleshlight to please you?

Not only is the fleshlight great for seriously heating up foreplay, but it’s amazing at teaching you how to delay ejaculation. This sex toy feels that real, that you can relax with it and build yourself up to ‘biting point’. Once you’re pretty much there…practice holding it. You’ll be amazed at how easy it can be to experiment and find the best way for you. There’s no pressure…it’s just you…so you can practice as much as you want and with as many different techniques as you like.

We tried the Fleshlight Twista and we loved it! If you want something that feels freakin good and can also help your sex life…check this baby out…it’s also moulded from Tera Patrick’s pussy, with a hot pic of her on the back of the tin, in some hot lingerie (she looks really hot in that bra and panty set!).

We’ve found a great way to get hold of this baby with FREE SHIPPING to the UK and even US!

Check out Tera Patrick’s Fleshlight Twista

3 Responses to “The Fleshlight…because men need toys too”

  1. Fleshlights Are Awesome says:

    I am not ashamed of my Fleshlights. They are seriously awesome. You can not reach these same levels of pleasure when you use your hand or even a real vagina *gasp*. Combining regular sex with a Fleshlight is a lot of fun. My girlfriend love to use Fleshlights on me

  2. edwards depp says:

    this toy has really taken my masturbation to a new level..

  3. ? says:

    WELL SAID! Why can’t we enjoy toys too!

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