PRIVATE Blockbusters – DownWard Spiral – DVD Review

Adult performer Sandy, is a very beautiful woman with looks and legs to die for. When we found out she appeared in a relatively new release from PRIVATE, we were delighted to check it out and give our readers a review.

DownWard Spiral seems to be a costume themed adult movie from the box cover, but there are so many more fetishes going on here. If you love Glory Holes, DP and Latex Sex, you’re going to love this review! DownWard Spiral delivers some of the hottest DP, Latex and Glory Holes scenes, we’ve seen in a while.

Fetish Sex: Latex Sex/Glory Holes/DP/Gangbang/2 0n 1/ Group Lesbian Sex

Review Type: Full DVD         Movie: DownWard Spiral

Please Note: The adult movie reviewed below, is fully explicit and hardcore. Although we do not show hardcore screenshots of the film being reviewed (for the consideration of some readers) you should be advised, that the movie below is 100% hardcore adult material.

DownWard Spiral DVD Review

DownWard Spiral DVD Review

DownWard Spiral begins at an apartment of a beautiful flight attendant (Sandy). While she sits down to breakfast, her husband makes his feelings clear about her job, whisking her away from country to country. Unknown to him (or even Sandy), this trip will be far from work related and allow Sandy to see and even experience, sexual fantasies that she didn’t even know existed.

Before we begin our journey with Sandy, we discover that her depressed husband is in fact…a lying and cheating scumbag!

The intense sex starts with a 2 0n 1 scene, with Cayenne Klein dressed in white fishnet stockings and Kyra Black, wearing a sexy red fishnet bodystocking! Not only do these babes look stunning, a superbly shot double blowjob  (where the pair are running their mouths up and down each side of the cock) is just superbly shot and executed.

Directors Frank Major and Andrew Youngman, know exactly what to focus on and bring out in a 2 on 1 scene, as Kyra Black is taken from behind, while Cayenne Klein lays under Kyra, licking her and sucking the guy off. A fantastic close up of Kyra taking it from behind, also follows. Seeing how Cayenne licks at the same time as Kyra gets pumped, is fantastic.  A double facial cumshot, gives DownWard Spiral a welcoming opening.

From the apartment of this cheating scumbag, we now follow Sandy on her journey to work, but due to a turn of events, our flight attendant is now stranded out on the streets…and it’s here where her sexual drive and desires, will be given a serious tune up!

Now in shock and trying to make sense of what’s just happened, Sandy spots a line of prostitutes, queuing up at a door. The glory hole scene that follows, will have fans across the country, racing out to buy DownWard Spiral…it’s that hot and unique!

As our sexy flight attendant ask for help, a prostitute emerges from the door...with a face covered in what looks like cum!

As our sexy flight attendant asks for help, a prostitute emerges from the door...with her face covered in what looks like cum...what's in that room?

Sandy is lead into a room where two cocks are hanging out from two holes in the wall. As Sandy looks on, a beautiful babe dressed in a latex corset, stockings and boots, starts to touch herself all over, to then squat down and devour one of the cocks. You have to see this incredible glory holes scene, it’s unlike anything else you’ve seen before…the scenario is hot, the women are hot and the way Nikki Rider sucks these glory hole tools, is just fantastic.

Niki Rider dances and touches herself do sudectively. She's about to blow this guy (and us) away!

Dressed in stunning latex, Nikki Rider dances and touches herself, so seductively. She's about to blow this guy (and us) away!

Niki Rider is just amazing to watch in this scene. Her fantastic and sloppy blowjobs, leave cum oozing from her mouth, while still attached to the cock. We love the way she wraps both hands around one of them, linking her fingers together, enjoying every mouth full. We also love the way in which the girls press their chewing gum up against the wall, directly above the glory hole, before getting to work. It’s just a shame we couldn’t see a few more girls hard at work in this room, as Niki Rider alone, was just amazing.

Our innocent air hostess decides not to take part and creeps away around the corner, to where another erotic fantasy is taking place. Our film now starts to take shape, as Sandy will continue to creep around this unknown part of town, to witness some incredibly hot fetish fantasies.  These include Simony Diamond, who seductively dances in front of 10 horny men, dressed in a red latex bra and black thigh high boots.

Simony Diamond looks stunning in latex and thigh high boots

Simony Diamond looks stunning in latex and thigh high boots

There is nothing quite like a horny babe, seductively dancing in high heels. They actually look like thigh high boots (we thought so at first), but they’re actually PVC thigh high leggings, that give an amazing look when combined with black high heels. I suppose she’ll need the flexibility, with what’s about to happen to her in few minutes…

Someone should tell Simony, that you son't dance like that near 10 guys...unless you wnt to get serisuly STUFFED!

Someone should tell Simony, that you don't dance like that near 10 guys...unless you want to get seriously STUFFED!

Sandy now witnesses Simony Diamond, get pounced on by 10 men. Her cheeks crawl with man tools, as one after the other, they thrust themselves deep into her cheeks. The camera keeps an excellent distance, so you can see her latex top and her sexy thigh high boots. We really like directors who know how to work a fetish.

Directors Frank Major and Andrew Youngman, capture Simony Diamond on her side, as one cock is thrust deep into her mouth, while the other is buried nice and deeply inside of her! We love how the cock bulges out of her cheek here, as she’s slammed deep from the other side. We love a great DP scene and Directors Frank Major and Andrew Youngman, don’t let us down.

A classic reverse DP is executed. Simony looks amazing, enjoying two cocks while her PVC leggings, wrap around the guy on top.

Simony Diamond, enjoying a classic DP. Those PVC leggings of hers, are serisuly hot!

Simony Diamond, enjoys the classic DP immediately after this, to then receive some hot and messy facials from her admirers! - A great gangbang scene!

Our curious flight attendant, continues to peek around every corner and soon finds herself in a shower room, surrounded by horny lesbians, that include Aneete Dawn, Clara G and Zafira.

Frank Major and Andrew Youngman, tease us with a fantastic shot of all these steamy ladies, lined up alongside one another, taking a shower. Each of these beauties have bodies to die for (a perfect match for our sexy flight attendant then) and we’re even treated to a rolling close up shot of their cute butts, right before our Sandy is spotted.

A fantastic line up, for a hot group lesbian scene!

A fantastic line up, for a hot group lesbian scene!

Sandy is now sexual prey, to a hungry pack of lions, as they immediately surround our flight attendant, undressing her and rubbing up and down. It’s time she got even with that love rat of hers and what better way to do it, than to let a group of beauties have ther wicked way with you, all over a steamy shower room…and we mean all over it!

We’re now treated to these gorgeous women, licking, sucking and penetrating each other, in an amazing variety of imaginative and lustful positions. One of which is an amazing circle of pleasure, which has the babes lay on their sides, forming a perfect circle, so they can then lick, rub and finger each other to ecstasy!

If you love lesbian group sex, you MUST see this in action!

If you love lesbian group sex, you MUST see this in action!

The circle of pleasure was hot, but we still can’t get out of our heads, how lustful and intense it was, when every girl lunges at Sandy on the ground. Our gorgeous flight attendant has mouths all over her breasts, tongues buried in her pussy…and suddenly she realises no amount of orgasms are going to stop these women! They simply can’t fulfill their sexual desire and will go on and on and on…

Sandy tires to leave, but the tongues licking and sucking her every pleasure point, just won’t let go. In the end, she has to pull herself free and make a run for the shower room door. As she hurries toward it, the women crawl toward her like sex starved zombies. This really is the best group lesbian scene, we’ve seen in a very long time.

As Sandy makes a quick escape, we focus our attention on Leanna Sweet, pleasuring a homeless man in a wheelchair. Leanna looks cute and sexy with pig tails, and her short tartan skirt lets us know we’re in for a real treat. She bends over and gives the guy a great blow, but we love how Directors Frank Major and Andrew Youngman, have her turn around and bounce up and down on his cock, while the guy still sits in his wheelchair! Imaginative and HOT!

Riding him in his wheelchair and using the chair for some great ‘from behind’ positions, follow. Leanna Sweet then finishes this hot scene, with a cumshot in the mouth…a good ‘quckie’ sex scene that will leave you remembering that hot wheelchair bounce!

The Fetish Sex Blogs STAR SCENE:

Our next scene is probably one of the hottest 2 guys on 1 girl scene, we’ve ever seen on film. We refereed to it as a ‘2 guys on 1 girl’ because the DP is hot, but is actually outperformed by the other positions (which is rare). Our STAR SCENE has Kathia Nobili in some stunning clubwear!

Sandy now finds herself in a warehouse, where two guys pull in and get out their car. They start yelling at each other, but focus their attention on a prostitute that’s hanging up from the celling, by some form of mobile crane device. Kathia Nobili is our prostitute and her outfit will make any man or women, with a clubwear outfit fetish, smile with delight!

Kathia Nobili looks stunning and is responisble for Spiral DownWard containg one of the hottest 2 Guys on 1 girl

OUR STAR SCENE! - Kathia Nobili looks stunning and is responsible for Spiral DownWard, containing one of the hottest '2 Guys on 1 girl' scenes, ever filmed!

Kathina looks amazing in her fishnet top and thigh high boots, but what will really send the blood pumping south, is the super hot gold micro mini skirt she’s wearing, that is riding up to the bottom of  her fine ass cheeks!

Seeing a hot babe bend over to blow in thigh high boots, is one hot thing…but seeing Kathia Nobili bend over to blow AND take it from behind, is just amazing! The female figure looks fantastic when bent over from a standing positions, but what Kathia is wearing, just makes it that much more of a joy to watch!

Kathia is now taken via the same position, but now while knelled over some crates. Directors Frank Major and Andrew Youngman, give us some amazing angles and really capture Kathina’s ass getting nailed, perfectly. Her tight garters make ass close up shots, fantastic to watch and her groans while her mouth is pleasuring the other guys cock, is so erotic to the ear.

A modern DP takes place on the stacked up crates now, but while this may be short…it’s sooo hot to watch while it lasts. Great close ups and ass spanking, help make a superb DP scene, but it’s when Kathia Nobili bounces her ass up and down herself, to pleasure the cock in her pussy and cock in her ass, that you realise this 2 guys on 1 girl scene…is a masterpiece of adult film making.

We wish that hot 'DP bounce' of Kathia's would have lasted longer (and the DP), but it sure will stay with you...HOT!

We wish that hot 'DP bounce' of Kathia's, would have lasted longer (and the DP), but it sure will stay in our minds for a while to come...HOT!

Kathia is now placed on her side, as she’s taken from behind with gorgeous close up shoots, of that fantastic ass of hers. Her clubwear top just makes her beautiful breasts all the more sexy, as they hang over and bounce around as she blows and receives. Kathia then kneels to get two great facials and that’s the end to probably one of the best DP scenes and easily THE best ‘2 guy 1 girl’ scenes, we’ve scene (and we’ve seen a lot).

Our flight attendant has witnessed so much sinful pleasures, but the final scene gets her in on the action, once more. We get a sexy shot through the hot legs of Sandy, as a police car drives up toward her. Before our flight attendant can report what’s happened to her, she’s spread over the front of the police car and is now a hot sex toy for a male and female officer (Bambi).

The price Sandy pays for attempting to get help, is another intense orgasm

The price Sandy pays for attempting to get help, is another intense orgasm

Watching Sandy get pinned over the front of the police car, is incredibly hot! Our flight attendant now helps out, while our lucky male officer satisfies Bambi. While these two sexually frustrated cops get it on, Sandy uses her tongue and hands, to help bring them both to climax. We must admit, that we would have loved to see Sandy actually blow and have full on sex with this guy. She has a body to die for and the thought of her not being taken over that car, is just an absolute shame. We do think that Sandy masturbating the male officer to climax, while his cock is still in Bambi’s mouth, was a fantastic addition to the scene, however.

The Fetish Sex Blog on DownWard Spiral:

DownWard Spiral is a great piece of adult film making, offering several much loved sexual fantasies and fetishes. While Sandy never actually got down and dirty in her flight attendant uniform (as displayed on the DVD’s front cover), the sheer amount of imaginative sexual scenarios, more than make up for this.

There is an awful lot of the same old porn out there, which will consist of a hot babe getting it on a sofa, or two guys pleasuring a babe on a sofa. So when a movie like DownWard Spiral comes along, it’s a breath of fresh air. The locations are superb and work terrifically with the fetishes. The outfits the babes wear, are also refreshing and add much needed kink, to the already incredibly erotic scenarios.

If you love DP, Gangbang and Glory Hole scenes…you will absolutely love DownWard Spiral. It’s imaginative, daring and contains some of the best sex scenes we’ve seen in a while.

The Fetish Sex Blog gives DownWard Spiral:

9.2 out of 10

BUY IT FOR: A truly amazing and imaginative glory hole scene – Simony Diamond taking on 10 men in latex and thigh highs – An incredibly hot group lesbian shower scene – THE hottest ‘2 guy on 1 girl’ scene you’ll ever see! (Kathia Nobili in clubwear).

CONSIDER: Sandy doesn’t get down and dirty in her flight attendant uniform (as seen on the DVD cover)

Purchasing DownWard Spiral:

Head to PRIVATE now and browse their online store, to purchase and download DownWard Spiral!

Check back soon, as we’ll be reviewing more of the latest adult DVD’s, very soon.

Have you seen DownWard Spiral? If so, share your comments on this great movie!

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  1. wolvie says:

    The gloryhole scene for me is the winner. Especially when nikki lets the cum drool out of her mouth. That is so freaking hot.

  2. porna says:

    Sandy has such a fine body!

  3. ? says:

    Nice! Well worth getting the DVD!

  4. anon says:

    Kathia is hot in that scene! MORE DP REVIEWS PLEASE!

  5. PRIVATE-LOVER says:

    Sweet review! Sandy is amazin and the glory hole scene is ace!

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