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As you may know, we recently poured our fragile little hearts out, with a list suggesting what main stream games, we think should be re-made with added spunk. Yes, we’re pretty passionate about adult content in the games industry. After all, games are created for us adults now, so there really isn’t any harm in creating worlds, for a fantasy adult-themed, escapism.

One game that promises just this, is BoneTown. Blending sandbox freedom and hardcore gameplay (in a sexual sense, too) BoneTown is offering players the feel of their much loved GTA series, but with all the adult themed goodness, you only dreamed would be included in GTA 4. The developer of BoneTown (d-dub) have kindly presented us with a copy, so we can enjoy the delights of a game, that would make even Rockstar blush.

BoneTown Uncensored Review

Our totally uncensored review of BoneTown, will be available to read, very soon.

D-dub, the game developer with just as much balls as awesome talent, have let us loose amongst Missionary Island. We’ve been screwing, punching an inhaling throughout BoneTown for a little while now, and we’re really enjoying ourselves. It’s still hard to believe that such a game exists…we cried a little when we began playing…we were so happy.

Our full, hardcore and ‘No holds barred’ review of BoneTown, will be posted up here very soon.

[UPDATE] The Uncensored BoneTown review is now LIVE on the Fetish Sex Blog!


Click here to go to the official BoneTown website

2 Responses to “Adult Games – BoneTown”

  1. lovingw says:

    I just love the positions in Bonetown! Squatting over some hot bitch in thigh high boots. LOVE IT!

  2. Someone says:

    NICE! I’m campin outside, waiting for it!

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