Can You Create A Great Adult Game?

As you may know, adult games are growing on both the Internet and mobile phones. Games such as ‘Final Fellatio Deep Throat’ have proved that simple adult games, can seriously get the players blood pumping. We’ve played quite a few online and stand-alone adult games (we’ll be bringing you more info on them soon), but we’re really interested, in any exclusive adult games, our readers may have.

The recent ban of adult games on the iPhone¬† has depressed us slightly, but we’re going to cheer ourselves up (along with all our readers) with an adult gaming submission. If you have an adult creation up your sleeve, we want to play it! Simply get in touch with us via email and send us the files/details in order for us to play your game. You’ll bag yourself a full review, as well as links to any websites you may have.

Your adult game can offer any form of gameplay, as long as it's totally uncensored...and HOT!

To begin with, lets go over 3 main rules for entry:

1) Your game must be an ‘adult game’, with NO censorship

2) It must be playable on a PC

3) It must be exclusive (not already being sold/streamed/downloaded on any other adult site).

To submit your adult games to us, simply notify us first by emailing:

We look forward to playing and promoting your adult games!

3 Responses to “Can You Create A Great Adult Game?”

  1. Adult GTA Game says:

    I just wish there was an adult game like GTA where you could date babes (wine, dine etc.) and then if you’re lucky…some uncensored action back at your safe house. It would be great!

  2. says:

    Hi Mj,

    This post is asking all talented adult game developers, to submit their adult games. PC games would be best, but we’ll allow mobile ones too, as long as they’re unique.

    Thanks for reading

  3. mj says:

    Hi, is this article asking us to submit games we like, or games we’ve made?

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