iCelibate – iPhone Bans Adult Games…WTF!

As we all know, mobiles are becoming more and more powerful as the months fly by. The more powerful and graphically equipped they become, the more game developers, jump onto these new platforms, not only to sell us other versions of their next-gen console games, but to occasionally come up with some unique ideas, too.

One genre, will always produce some humorous and unique gameplay. That genre is one that’s close to our hearts (well…dirty minds, really) and that’s the adult genre. Amongst all the tetris rip-off shit and puzzle rubbish, lies the occasional half-decent game. OK, so there have never REALLY been any ‘must buys’, but with new technology like the iPhone, we should certainly be able to expect some unique and sexy ideas, right?

iCelibacy - The future of hand held gaming. Your loss, Apple...

Sorry everyone, but we’ll have to hit you with a bombshell…iPhone have banned all forms of adult games, on iTunes! Apple representatives have confirmed, that any game that contains any form of sexual content  or even partial nudity, would be banned from Apples downloadable servers. We even heard that a fully clothed female, wearing innocent stockings or tights, would still be deemed inappropriate!!!

What the hell are Apple playing at! Do they have any idea how much adult games make? We understand that some form of security system, would be needed for an adult section of Apple services, but Apple have the resources AND the money, to easily make that possible.

We feel sorry for the independent mobile game developers, who have busted a gut developing adult games for the iPhone, to now be told that they can’t make a single penny back, for all their hard work.

We really feel that Apple should reconsider this ban. Yes, it will take resources to develop a reliable age restriction system, but the money they’d make back from it, would be well worth the effort.

One Response to “iCelibate – iPhone Bans Adult Games…WTF!”

  1. Someone says:

    That sucks…the iphone is awesome, but they gotta change this ban! ADULTS OWN AN IPHONE TOO!!!!

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