Anna Span and Uniform Behaviour – DVD Review

This uniform fetish DVD review is going to be one with a difference. Why? Because Uniform Behaviour was directed by the UK’s first female director – Anna Span. Having developed years of experience editing softcore movies for the UK’s Television X – The Fantasy Channel, Anna Span was already prepared to take the adult ‘hardcore porn’ industry by storm!

Anna Span

The gorgeous Anna Span

Anna Span has released 14 hardcore adult movies to date, all aimed at the female viewer. Not only has Anna managed to become the UK’s first female adult movie director but Anna has even managed to pass scenes of female ejaculation through UK adult movie censorship!

Review: Anna Span’s Uniform Behaviour

Uniform Behaviour DVD

Uniform Behaviour begins in a medical examination room, where Teoni has donated her lovely assets for the sake of science. She enters the classroom, changes into a medical overall and lays flat across the bed, ready for ts practical lesson to begin.

Teoni Uniform Behaviour Medical Bed

Teoni is flat on the bed, ready to offer a pleasurable demonstration for the students

The opening scene cleverly blends a female fantasy with a light educational touch. The lecturer will teach his students (as well as you) basic and advanced oral sex techniques to perform on a woman, using your fingers, tongue and sex toys (including anal play). You’ll even get a demonstration on how to place and use a female condom – all good advice to take upstairs with your partner.

Teoni medical sex Uniform Behaviour

Things start to heat-up as the examination progresses. The lecturer always gets the first turn, of course.

Once the basics are sorted, our lecturer gets a bit greedy and starts to pleasure Teoni with his own tool! You may think they’d all jump on her like some kind of gangbang scene, but this is a females take on hardcore porn. Teoni simply relaxes and lets the boys take turns in doing all the work. BUT…don’t think that all scenes avoid such graphic sexual scenarios. Anna Span will still surprise you a few scenes in…trust us.

Usually it’s builders ogling female passers-by. In this scene however, it’s two young women that do all the ogling, calling out the fire department for a bit of fun! One thing you will notice about Anna Span’s films, is the acting. It seems very ‘fly on the wall’ and even improvised at times. This is actually a refreshing take on the “adult film”, because so many films try to force professional scripts, on inexperienced actors. Anna Span’s method really helps to create believable female fantasy scenes.

As a reward for their swift appearance and fearless rescue, these lucky firefighters receive some nice oral pleasure. Now it’s time to put the fire truck to the ultimate test. Can you or can’t you get your leg over in a fire engine?

Fire Engine Sex Uniform Behaviour

We honestly thought there wasn't enough room to screw in a fire engine. We were obviously wrong...

At least a fire engine’s suspension can take that amount of action! This horny bunch keep at it, with the babes riding them on the back seats, taking it over the front seats and then helping them reach climax. BUT…this isn’t what you’d expect in a regular adult film. Our babes let the guys shoot naturally. One lets the guy softly shoot over his own cock, for her to then begin licking it off. The other, lets the guy shoot all over his stomach, where she then leans forward to clean up with her tongue!

What makes this refreshingly unique and incredibly erotic, is that our babes take full control of the climax. They take it in the mouth, on their tongues, on their asses because THEY want to. Not because it’s forced upon them. Anna Span will continue to use this refreshing style throughout and it’s something other directors should go out of their way to do.

There’s so much you can do with a scenes climax and Anna Span proves this in stunning style.

Now it’s time for a cop 2-on-1 fantasy (with an amazing DP!). Female viewers will love some of the oral positions the officers give the horny blond, (after calling the police to her recently burgled house) as positions include an officer laying on the ground beneath her as she still gives head to the officer on the chair, followed by her sitting on the chair and giving head, while another officer kneels and returns the favour. A refreshing and welcomed change, rather than the beauty simply sucking them both off.

2 cops 1 girl uniform behaviour

The hot blond seductively greets the officers. She actually looks as if she's about to break-out into a lap-dance routine!

The suggestion is made that they should now find somewhere more comfortable, so the three head to the bedroom, where some seriously hot, double action takes place! To warm up, the blond rides an officer on the bed, while the other officer stands directly in front of the young woman’s head, in order to receive a gorgeous, groaning BJ. Anna Span has selected positions which are more comfortable for a woman to enjoy a threesome, rather than her squatting on a cock, reverse cowgirl style, to then try and suck from the side. It’s all about the female in Uniform Behaviour and it’s thought about and executed, superbly.

“well, I’ve got the front covered, so why don’t you take the back” the officer receiving a hot ride, suggests. Our horny blond, simply makes a sizzling reply of “OH YEAAHHHHH!”. Once this horny blond has both her doors ‘fully covered’ and penetrated, you realise that this DP scene offers something that many other double penetration scenes now lack.

cop dp uniform behaviour

Pumping her while she pushes against the wall with her hands and all while talking dirty to each other. A great DP!

A hot babe getting double penetrated is super hot in our books, but it’s not only the DP positions and imaginative camera angles that make the DP…it’s the filthy imagination of the performers. “Ahhh yeah, getting fucked by two cops, one in the front and one in the back” this plays on the fantasy of the female character (and female viewers), but at the same time, creates a super erotic and lustful scenario for male viewers, as the blond loves every minute of the fantasy being not only performed, but described to her. It makes a truly memorable DP scene that shouldn’t be missed!

Anna now gives a lesson in how nurse fetish films should be filmed! Although Uniform Behaviour is a film created and aimed at the female viewer, we actually think that us males have been missing out! Pick up any adult ‘Nurse Fetish’ DVD today and you’ll get the same old dipsy nurse, pulling down her patients trousers, to then let the male patient (who is meant to be hurt and helpless) take full control of the sexual scenario. Anna Span’s version truly brings the nurse fantasy to life! Her nurses are not only hot, big breasted and good at their line delivery, but they play the “dominant role” in this ‘nurse and patient’ fantasy…and it’s about freakin’ time!

You’ll notice immediately, that this isn’t your average ‘guy and hot nurse’ scene. This guy wants nothing to do with whats going on. He’s married, has seriously bad pains (where no man should ever have them) so the last thing on his mind is two lustful nurses. They on the other hand, couldn’t give a shit and even use their huge tits to scrub his face and cock…at the same time!

big tit nurse uniform behaviour

Oh, what must be going through this poor mans mind while he's getting utterly abused...lucky bastard!

One nurse scrubs his face with her huge rack, while the other scrubs up and down his cock. Very professional these nurses, eh?

cock and face nurses uniform behaviour

These nurses know how to punish a patient. WHERE THE HELL IS THIS HOSPITAL???

We absolutely love this medical fetish scene! It’s great to see a scene that stays faithful to its ‘nurse and patient’ scenario, while superbly expanding on its erotic fantasy. The nurses will not only force this guy into every sexual position, but they’ll talk amongst themselves about going out that weekend and about other doctors in the ward, while giving their patient a hot blow or while bouncing on his cock. It really is a unique, well filmed and performed fetish scene.

The final scene sees Alicia Rhodes enjoying a sexy tit suck with her horny friend, as soldiers suddenly storm the building. Surprisingly upset with the situation, the commanding officer reports the situation and orders the soldiers to escort them from the training site.

When the girls lead the soldiers into their hide-out, things start to get warmed-up. Close attention is also paid to how the soldiers do this as Anna Span focuses on the advanced foreplay techniques carried out by the soldiers. You’ll see them using their fingers to penetrate their pussies and ass holes (at the same time) with a little tongue-on-clit action, to really drive the girls wild! We also admire how the tables have turned during this scene. Instead of the guy getting his cock sucked and barking out sexy and dominating dirty talk, you have the women doing this to the guys instead. A sexy twist by Anna Span.

pussy fingering uniform behaviour

Guys and girls will find the close-up foreplay shots highly arousing!

Oral may be an outstanding part of this scene but the sex positions ain’t bad either. Alicia’s friend bounces on her soldier perfectly, giving the lucky guy the ride of his life. Alicia also loves getting her boobs sucked and fondled while she takes it from behind. But instead of major focus on doggy penetration, we have sizzling focus on Alicia’s tits getting sucked while they bounce uncontrollably from the other soldiers thrusts!

alicia rhodes fuck uniform behaviour

Anna Span cleverly captures a spit-roast in the style female viewers would love to watch and experience

The Fetish Sex Blog on Anna Span’s Uniform Behaviour Review

Anna Span has produced an excellent example of a movie that can cater for both the hardcore loving male and female viewer. The scenes are well thought out from opening to climax and Anna’s take on some popular porno positions, actually outdo male targeted hardcore adult movies (DP in scene 3 and Medical/Nurse Fetish in scene 4).

Anna Span has not only achieved what she initially set-out to create, but has also produced an adult product that can be fully enjoyed by both sexes.

The Fetish Sex Blog gives Anna Span’s Uniform Behaviour:

8.8 out of 10

BUY IT FOR: A refreshing take on what hardcore porn should offer from a females perspective – An incredible and unique DP sex scene – One of the hottest medical/nurse fetish scenes we’ve seen in a long time – Creative cumshots that are both highly erotic and better suited to the female viewer – Great effort in securing realistic scene settings to help aid the female fantasies

CONSIDER: Costumes are replicas of their related profession, not OTT fetish designs that many would expect from porn films – First scene didn’t really capture a ‘uniform fantasy’.

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