New Head & Shoulders Nurse Ad

If you’ve been watching TV lately, you’ll have noticed a certain advert with a sexy surprise. Actually, the main surprise to us, was the fact that this came from a daytime shampoo advert! No, it’s nothing that will get taken off air, via a swarm of email and snail mail complaints, but it will get a fair amount of collars hot with beautiful young ladies, dressed in classic sexy nurse costumes…it’s about time!

Our guess is that the bosses at Head and Shoulders, were thinking along the lines of ‘nursing’ your damaged or dandruff hair, back to a clean, shiny and dandruff-free condition. We think it’s the best idea these guys have ever put to the camera crew, so scroll down and check out the screens of one of the best ads on TV:

Head & Shoulders Nurse Ad

If Head & Shoulders makes these super fine ladies, appear outside our showers, we're getting in touch with a wholesaler!

This new Head & Shoulders Commercial, is very tastefully designed and shot, too. It very cleverly plays on a ‘nurse thrill’ while not actually revealing anything, that could cause offense. A sexy and cleaver shampoo ad, eh?

Head & Shoulders Nurse Ad

We love the 'classic nurse' costume design. Add this, to some sexy lipstick and stunning red high heels and you have to loosen that collar of yours.

These stunning nurses surround this lucky guy and aid his quest for dandruff-free hair. As the steam from the shower, surrounds our nurses (nice touch with the ‘steamy’ element, there) our fine young ladies dance and strike some sexy poses, while running their hands through his glossy and clean coat.

Head & Shoulders Nurse Commercial_3

Our Head and Shoulders Nurses, make sure this guys hair is squeaky clean

After they’ve given this guy the best shower of his life, our nurses dance and move their sexy curves, around some Head & Shoulders shampoo bottles. As we said before…tastefully done, but oh so very sexy!

Head Shoulders Nurse Commercial

Hey, with these lovely ladies, Dandruff isn't anything to worry, really...

You may have also noticed the music that plays throughout the ad? Sound familiar to you? It should to all Christina Aguilera fans, as the music is taken from her single ‘Candyman’. Actually it should sound familiar to many of us, because the video (and especially her LIVE tour dance acts) are smokin’ hot and not to be missed!

We can’t just talk about Christina Aguilera’s red hot dance act, without showing you a few screens, so here’s a couple, taken from one of her live tours:

Christina Aguilera Candyman Live

Christina looks absolutely amazing in uniform, as she gives us a sexy salute

One moment we (and about 3 million other viewers) will never forget, is the sexy Candyman dance that Christina and her dancers, perform for us at the very end of the song. It includes one moment that almost left nothing to the imagination…you’ve gotta love her!

Christina Aguilera Candyman Live Ass

Christina not only possesses an incredible voice, but she also has one amazing booty! Dressed like that...Christina could kill

Keep your eyes out for the amazing Head & Shoulders ad, soon to pop them right out of their sockets! As for the beautiful Christina Aguilera, she’ll be launching her new album ‘Bi-On-Ic’ and first feature movie ‘Burlesque’ (sounds awesome already), very soon. We’ll also have some saucy pics of Christina’s promotional shots, so you better check back!

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