The Red Latex ‘Grouchy Young Men’ Stripper

While changing channels on TV, we noticed an advert for a relatively new comedy programme. This new show interviews ‘twenty something’ celebs (well known daytime TV stars, editors and comedians) and asks them their opinion on everything from queuing up in your local store, to strippers at stag nights. The results, are surprisingly far from a stereotypical view of today’s younger generation…but every opinion, is hilarious!

So…lets get back to the ‘stag night stripper’ bit. It was when we were watching the very first aired episode, that we saw something quite hot…fine…and freakin’ sexy!.

We only know her as the ‘The Grouchy Young Men – Red Latex Stripper’

She certainly made our night…and we were lucky the Mrs was out of the room, too! While this mystery babe teased us with her super sexy and seductive looks, with cock rocking stripper techniques, we were amazed to tell ourselves that this was one of the hottest little scenarios we’ve seen, in quite a while! This didn’t make sense…it was only meant to be a comedy show…and now you can’t stop thinking of where to get that latex dress, for your other half…as well as a quick trip to ‘relief-ville’!

Here she is...seductively biting the lace, from her hot red latex dress. Yes...damn you hot babe...and your super hot, sexy ways!

We have no idea who this gorgeous babe is, but she can definitely work it!. She only started off with a sexy lace bite and some tongue action, but we’re hooked already!

Oh yes! This is what it would be like, if she was riding you!'s her fault...we can't stop thinking about it!

Even though you only see brief clips of this gorgeous babe (in-between interviews of the celebs) they just get hotter and hotter! If you don’t like your babes in latex, then we can understand if you had no problem with this…but if you do…then this is the hottest thing, since the Internets first downloadable ‘hardcore’ clip!

There they are! Bursting to get out of a hot latex dress. Gorgeous woman + super hot latex dress + stripper = bathroom, quick!

Our incredibly hot dancer, is one hell of a looker, too:

A beautiful face, body and a 'thing' for latex...the package doesn't come any more 'complete' than that, really...

She just won’t give in! She keeps flaunting what she’s got and it’s as if she knows it’s our only weakness, dammit! Here comes a better peek at that latex dress…top and bottom!

Hello there! What's ya name?!

Of course, we’ve seen the top, so we’ve gotta see the bottom of that latex dress, right? No matter how tight, exposing and extremely sexy it is…we must force ourselves to look…

Now THAT is how you wear a latex dress. Ladies, wear it like this for your man (or woman)...bend over...and watch your partners legs, suddenly melt.

We’re not sure who this beauty is, but if you have any ideas, then please leave a comment below. We must say ‘thank you’ to our ‘Grouchy Young Men – Latex Stripper, though. She certainly made our night…the following day and then a few mornings and nights, after that…

So would you like to see the short clips? We thought you might. Only seconds long, but with one hell of a sexy punch, we present to you, theĀ  ‘Grouchy Young Men – Latex Stripper’ with edited clips of her brief appearances, in episode one of the comedy series…enjoy!:

Latex Stripper Clip 1
Download Clip 1

Latex Stripper Clip 2
Download Clip 2

Latex Stripper Clip 3
Download Clip 3

Remember, if you know this babes name (or website) please let us know, via the comments below.

3 Responses to “The Red Latex ‘Grouchy Young Men’ Stripper”

  1. Hermes says:

    See what you mean. That chick would get mine!

  2. mj says:

    Please tell me this babe has an escort site!!

  3. Grouchy says:

    YEAH I WATCHED THAT! SHE IS SOOOOO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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