Latex & Rubber Celeb – Christina Aguilera Promotes ‘Bi-On-Ic’

We previously posted and article on the steamy Head & Shoulders ad, featuring some seriously sexy nurses, dancing along to the soundtrack from Christina Aguilera’s ‘Candyman’. We also posted shots of Christina’s, red hot tour act, where the stunning beauty performed Candyman with a sizzling dance routine.

Christina Aguilera’s new album ‘Bi-On-Ic’, is due out June 8th and in true Aguilera fashion, the singing sensation has released some super sexy promo pics!

Here is Christina Aguilera in some stunning latex, for her single cover ‘Not Myself Tonight': (click both images for larger pics!)

christina aguilera black latex

Christina Aguilera looks amazing, dressed in a stunning latex dress, with kinky cuffs and a cuff buckle & chain belt. Click the image for a larger pic!

Hold on…there’s more! Christina Aguilera’s, going to treat us to an awesome rubber pencil skirt, display! We love her single and album promos, which is why we think Christina Aguilera, should release at least 10 albums a year!

christina aguilera latex skirt

Christina sure looks amazing in that rubber pencil skirt! Click on the image for a larger pic!

Album and single promotions, eh? Freakin’ awesome! Keep checking back as we’ll have more of Christina Aguilera’s, stunning latex and rubber promo shoots, soon.

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