Thigh Garters VS Ass Garters

The look of a woman in stockings and garters, is an incredible thing to admire. Whether you’re enjoying a generous display by your partner or enjoying an adult movie, stocking garters have an important role to play, for making the perfect stocking fetish scene.

So why are garters so hot? Is it the way they elegantly, but barley link themselves to the females stockings? Is it the way they hug the females buttocks, as she parades around in front of you, or is it how they complement her upper thighs, as she sits down cross legged, seducing you?

Lets be honest…it’s pretty much all of the above and then some, right? Garters are a truly gorgeous lingerie item to enjoy, whether you’re wearing them for your partner, or you’re being treated to their seductive qualities. Lets take a look at two of the most seductive and mesmerizing qualities of the garter and ask ourselves…Thigh Garters or Ass Garters?

Thigh Garters

Probably the most common form of garter. If you buy garters for your partner, a majority of them will result in the “thigh garter” look. This is when the actual garter straps, pass over the upper thighs/hips on their way to link to the garter belt, corset, bustier etc.

The look you’ll get from this sexy garter design, will be something like this: (all images in this article, can be enlarged by clicking on them)

thigh garter cross legged

Probably one of the most seductive posses a woman can pull off, with her sexy thigh garters. Click for a larger image - Photo from

The ‘cross legged’ pose, is an instant winner for any woman wanting to quickly seduce her man. Thankfully though, there are still plenty more ways a woman can “blow your mind”, with a couple of sexy straps. Lets take a look at thigh garters, when the lovely lady is spread out across the bed:

thigh garters laying down

Even when laying down, the thigh garter shines out and helps set the sexy mood. Her boobs pressed up against the bed, may help you too. Click for a larger image - Photo from

Thigh garters, squashed boobs and stunning heels, all help make the above image a stunner! Thigh garters certainly have the edge at the moment, but what about the most important test of them all? It’s time to see these thigh garters, when the lovely lady is bent over:

thigh garters bent over

We just love how she can grab one of her garters, while giving us a seductive pose!. Click for a larger image - Photo from

Now, this pose is hot in just about anything! Being able to grab her garter from her thigh is a plus, though. Now it’s time to check out some sexy ass garters!

Ass Garters

This form of garter, can actually be quite hard to find at times. If you’re trying to buy such a look for yourself or for your partner, it’s unfortunate that such a purchase may be a stroke of luck (as in their packaging, you honestly can’t tell the difference). If you’re after some amazing adult images to enjoy, it can still be quite hard to find, too. Good bless stocking TGP’s, eh?

Anyway, it’s the Ass Garters turn to amaze us. So lets turn the heat up and go through what makes the ass garter, so hot. This look is achieved when the garters straps, pass over and hug the woman’s buttocks. This is a seriously hot sight to see and gets the blood pumping, when the woman is bent over…but we’ll get to that position soon. Lets take a look at Ass Garters:

ass garters standing

Thanks to a super hot pose by Suzie Diamond, you can see how sexy the garters look, when pressed up against the females ass cheeks. Click for a larger image

Above image from Fetish Sex

Ass garters just look amazing and make all the difference in adult videos. If there is one particular position that shows off ass garters, it’s when the female is bent over. This takes naughty nights with your partner, to sizzling new levels! It’s also been responsible for some of the hottest “from behind” adult movies scenes, ever!

ass garters bent over

Yup, loosen your collar and pop your jeans. This is one incredible position for ass garters. The tight fit along the ass cheeks, makes all the difference! Click for a larger image

Above image from Fetish Sex

Ass garters + Babe bent over = tight pants! We’ve even got another photo of such a position…but even closer, just for you!

ass garters bent over up close

Ass garters, bent over with some sexy panty suduction! You just want to bite it! Click for a larger image

Thigh garters and ass garters are two incerdibly hot items of lingerie. Although these two are never put apart by lingerie stores (or even adult websites) they make a huge difference in a photo shoot or adult movie. Let us also provide you with something, beofre you ask (becuase we think of our readers). Here is a close up of Suzie Diamond ass, in that awesome ass garter photo, above:

suzie diamond ass garters

Nice and tight ass garters, with oiled but cheeks. One word...beautiful! Click for a larger image

Above image from Fetish Sex

We hope you enjoyed these stunning photos of ass and thigh garters. Next time your with your partner, why not try both garter styles out and see how you enjoy them?

Thigh Garters VS Ass Garters…which would you chose?

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