Latex Union Jack and Stars & Stripes Katy Perry – Shave your Bush for England!

The gorgeous Katy Perry, appeared on James Corden’s World Cup LIVE, wearing and incredibly sexy latex union jack and stars & stripes dress. The beauty appeared on the show, alongside Simon Cowell and gave her views on supporting both England and the US, during the World Cup.

katy perry latex union jack dress

Katy Perry makes an entrance and the guy above, can hardly believe his eyes!

As Katy made her entrance to the show, everyone’s eyes were fixed on her stunning outfit. It’s not everyday you see a pop beauty, dare to wear something as shockingly sexy as this, on a live show…and we were all grateful to her!

katy perry latex stars stripes dress

Simon Cowell has a crafty peek at Katy Perry's daring outfit. As red blooded males ourselves...we don't blame him!

As the World Cup show continued, James Corden brought the subject up on the England team, starting a “Don’t Shave for England” campaign. This encouraged fans to stop shaving their beards, as long as England were still in the World Cup. Katy Perry, was so impressed with the campaign, that she immediately stood up, pointed at the camera and yelled “ladies don’t shave your bush for England!”.

katy perry latex dress

Katy Perry loves the idea of the "Don't Shave for England Campaign"

Katy wants in on the campaign, but simply agreeing isn’t quite cutting it for Kerry, so she decides to make her contribution, much more clear:

katy perry shave bush

"Ladies! Don't shave your bush for England" yells Katy

Well there you are, a sexy eyeful for us Katy Perry and latex fans and a campaign demand, for all you ladies out there. Russell Brand sure is a lucky guy! We bet he’s not going to let that dress, make it’s way back to the stylist anytime soon…and we wouldn’t either!

Better Quality Images of Katy Perry in her Latex Union Jack and Stars & Stripes Dress

Click the below images for larger photos:

katy perry latex

katy perry latex 2

katy perry latex 3

As always, keep checking back for more latex, rubber, leather and costume wearing celebs!

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