Liliane Tiger – That Awesome Latex Photo Shoot

We all have our favorite adult performers, but there is nothing better than a female star who loves performing in what turns you on the most! Cast your minds back to Private’s PIRATE Magazine 95. If you had allowed your lucky eyes to wonder across it’s pages (or if you still own that magazine), you would have noticed one of the hottest latex scenes, ever captured on camera.

Liliane Tiger – The babe born to perform in latex

Even from the very first shot (before the actual sex even takes place) you just knew this was going to be an incredible scene. Liliane Tiger had super hot PVC leggings on, with a hot n’ tight latex top. This would have been enough to WOW most readers, but it was the incredibly sexy latex garter belt, which blew us all away!

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liliane tiger pirate latex dp

Liliane Tiger looks stunning! One of the hottest latex outfits, you'll see in any adult magazine shoot

We have the beautiful Liliane Tiger, a tight latex top, a gorgeous latex garter belt (attached to some super hot PVC leggings) and some stunning high heels. It’s already amazing…but the scene just gets better and better!

liliane tiger pirate latex dp 2

Liliane Tiger can't expect to wear that hot outfit and not attract attention, right?

I think it’s time we check out those hot n’ tight latex garters. A beautiful babe like Liliane and latex garters, just make an awesome starting point, for any adult scene.

liliane tiger pirate latex dp 3

Latex garter on a nice round butt. This is truly an amazing fetish scene, but the sex hasn't even started yet!

Once we get a hot eye-full of Liliane’s outfit, she kneels down and pleasures these lucky guys. A hot blow is just the warm-up to an explosive fetish scene, which offers some gorgeous and deep DP’s, standing DP’s and one of the hottest spit-roasts, you’ll ever see!

liliane tiger pirate latex cock milk

Liliane offers a hand to warm these guys up, before the hot action begins. C' if they would need it...look at her!

This is easily one of our greatest latex DP shoots, but would you believe that Private NEVER filmed this scene! Yup…you will not find this hot scene on any DVD, because this hot performance was never recorded on film. At lest the fetish masterpiece was captured on a camera and published in one of Private’s superb PIRATE magazines.

The scene doesn’t end there. Liliane goes down on her knees to blow these guys away, to then fully bend over (exposing that lovely latex garter ass) and receive an incredible spit-roast. The action then goes straight in at the deep-end (and we mean deep!) with a hot standing DP and then a superb traditional double penetration, on the floor. You’re even treated to some superb 2-on-1 sex action, as Liliane Tiger lays down to receive a huge rod, while she blows the other. At this point her top is off, but she has a hot latex wired bra on, so you can sit back and enjoy her tits bounce with the rhythm, as they sway back an fourth.

We still can’t believe this scene never made film, but if you want to check out the adult mag this fetish shoot was published in, (and we sure recommend that you do!) then check out PIRATE Magazine 95

We hoped that Liliane could return to finally film that latex masterpiece, along with SEXKICKS, (the photographers for that scene) Diane De Simone, (Liliane’s Stylist for that scene) and Fraulein Ehrhardt, (costume designer for that amazing latex outfit) but we hear that Liliane Tiger may have hung her fetish boots up! If you’re reading this Liliane…that was one amazing fetish scene!

5 Responses to “Liliane Tiger – That Awesome Latex Photo Shoot”

  1. G-black says:

    Oh shit! Like this

  2. hler says:

    This is one of my best threesome latex scenes. Liliane Tiger looks to die for in that latex number. Wish there was a movie of this!

  3. latexmad says:

    Those latex stockings Liliane Tiger wears in this scene, are just memorising!

  4. Jasay says:

    PRIVATE! We want more photoshoots and movies like this Liliane Tiger shoot! Her rubber outfit is amazing and latex/rubber DP’s are the best!

  5. dominatrixDez says:

    That photo shoot of Liliane Tiger was amazing! Someone must have taken video footage of it! WE WANT THE DVD!


  1. Liliane Tiger Fetish - Even though Liliane Tiger REALLY worked that latex for that AWESOME scene, I still want more! MORE SCENES LIKE THIS …

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