The Very Best Latex and Rubber Sex Scenes

Latex is one of those beautiful fetish-wear items, that can seriously heat up a sex session or sex scene. We’ve given you the best latex DP scenes (more to come on that) but what about the latex? What about a straight-forward one-on-one sex scene, with the female performer being dressed in kinky and daring latex? We’ll if the thought of such a scenario gets you in the mood, then you’ll be happy to hear that this very article will point you in the direction of the very best latex sex scenes!

Once again, these scenes are in no particular order and there is no form of countdown to the winning scene. All scenes in this list are considered among the “best of the best” so this list is a helping hand in guiding you towards adult movie perfection.

So lets get our latex list rolling. Sit back and relax in the thought of not needing to waste hours and hours surfing the net, racking up malware/spyware and every other computer related infection. Relax and let us guide you to the very best latex scenes, the adult industry currently has to offer:

Sex Therapy – Agness Grimaldi

Not a lot of people know this scene is in fact, a PRIVATE production. This is one of our all-time favorites as it blends in superb fetish-wear, with fetish-play and superb and fetish-friendly camera angles. Put simply, if you don’t like this scene…you don’t like latex or rubber sex!

agness grimaldi rubber dominatrix

Agness Grimaldi looks stunning in her latex and rubber-wear. If only she could ambush us like this!

The scene is as “Dominatrix” as you can get without bondage and whips. Agness Grimaldi, patiently waits in her victims bedroom (as we get a good look up and down her latex/rubber dress). Just as the unsuspecting guy walks in with just a towel on, our kinky dominatrix lunges at him, pushing him back onto the bed. Our dominatrix gets rid of the towel, to then give him a surprise spanking! This only lasts a very short period, before she turns him over and shoves his cock into her mouth. This could possibly be one of the best fetish blowjobs ever!

agness grimaldi rubber ass

Now THAT is amazing and is EXACTLY what latex & rubber fetishes, are all about!

The way the director (Pierre Woodmam) captures this dominating blowjob, is absolutely superb! Not only does her hot lipstick lips, wrap seductively around his cock (along with her hot black leather gloves) but her ass becomes one of the most beautiful and stunning things in fetish porn! Dressed in a customized latex and rubber skirt with a kinky corset and thigh high boots to match, our dominatrix gives us all an incredible view from behind, as her incredible rubber girdle, holds her stockings up with hot garters. Girdles are superb for fetish movies, as they give off a mini skirt style, while providing that fetish-tight look, that makes the perfect fetish scene. Try looking at the pic below, without wanting to watch this movie!

agness grimaldi rubber blow

Just TRY and ignore downloading this movie, after seeing this!

The way in which Agness Grimaldi gives her generous BJ, is also just as stunning. Tenaciously stuffing it all in her mouth, while smoothing his stomach and giving a hot n’ seductive look at the camera, is just incredible. Pierre Woodmam also shows off some imaginative directing skills, by not only having Agness Grimaldi’s gorgeous rubber/girdle/garter ass viewable in a mirror (while the camera focus on the BJ), but also cleverly filming the BJ action in a dressing table mirror (also allowing you to see a front-on view of her BJ, as well as her gorgeous ass). Superb directing!

agness grimaldi rubber ride

Agness Grimaldi takes herself for a hot rubber-sex ride!

Click to view a hardcore screen-cap of Agness Grimaldi, ridding in rubber! (Please be advised that this image is 100% hardcore)

The start of this scene is incredible enough, but it just keeps on delivering some great and intense angles. After enjoying the BJ skills and perfect leather/girdle/garter ass of our dominatrix, you’ll be treated to some kinky and adventurous sex on the bed. This includes a hot reverse-ride (great for thigh high boot lovers, too) as well as a truly great dogie-style anal scene, which is just emphasised to perfection more, with what our sexy dominatrix is wearing. A truly great scene with an imaginative and fetish loving director.

Click here to watch this full rubber dominatrix scene, from Sex Therapy

Anal Latex Whores 2 – Missy Monroe

Another fine example of how a director should capture the beauty of latex, is Missy Monroe’s scene from Anal Latex Whores 2. We’ve gone from a simple bed to an innocent couch now, as director – Jim Powers, shows us how to take a simple setting and turn it into a latex fetish masterpiece. If you love your women in butt-tight latex garters, you better remember the name of this film!

missy monroe latex

Missy Monroe looking gorgeous in her latex outfit

Lets take a better look at that hot latex outfit, that Missy Monroe is wearing:

missy monroe latex babe

There is no doubt in our minds, that Missy Monroe is one perfect fantasy latex babe

Missy Monroe’s tits look so perfect, (bursting out of their latex holsters) that we simply must show you them:

missy monroe latex tits

What a nice pair of latex tits! So perfect you could eat (lick) your dinner off em'

Missy Monroe gets our blood pumping with a hot latex garter belt and bra to match. She makes the perfect finish by adding fishnet stockings, red latex gloves and red heels, to her fetish look. There’s just something about a hot woman blowing in gloves (latex, leather or even silk) that take it to another level. Missy Monroe begins with a latex gloved BJ, (incredibly sloppy, hot and dirty) before Jim Powers takes the hot fetish action to the couch.

Missy Monroe latex bj

Missy Monroe gives one outstanding and sloppy, latex fetish blowjob!

Our best fetish moment comes right at the very beginning of the action. Missy rides her guy on the couch, for Jim Powers to perfectly find the optimal camera position, to give us Missy Monroe’s perfect latex ass, in all of it’s tight latex garter glory. This angle not only gives you a great close-up of penetration and latex garters, but also gives you the full fetish experience by keeping Missy Monroe’s gloves and top in full view. This scene really lives up to it’s fetish title and we absolutely appreciate directors who deliver such awesome work!

Click here to view a hardcore screen-cap of Missy Monroe, riding on the couch! (Please be advised that this image is 100% hardcore)


Click here to view a hardcore screen-cap of Missy Monroe, getting fucked hard with her legs wide in the air! (Please be advised that this image is 100% hardcore)


Click here to view a hardcore screen-cap close-up of Missy Monroe’s ass in garters, getting slammed, hard! (Please be advised that this image is 100% hardcore)

Jim Powers also delivers the latex goods in a superb couch position, where Missy has her red high heeled legs wide and in the air, as she gets pumped hard n’ fast, still with those hot latex garters in perfect view. The latex top may come off during the scene, but it you’re a tight-ass latex garter fan (like us) there are few scenes out there that beat this one!

Latex à la Carte – Maximae

Focusing on a latex masterpiece of 2-on1 adult film making, we take a look at Latex a La Carte. Two horny men and one beautiful latex dressed babe, but not a DP in sight. These scenes are perfect for latex lovers who don’t really care for the double plugged action, that many 2-on-1 scenes offer. Oh..and did we mention this scene is amongst our all-time favorite latex 2-on1 scenes?

maximae latex gloves

Maximae can't resist the urge, as she prepares for her slow n' hot blow!

Easily our most latex themed scene on our list, this fantastic latex fetish scenario kicks off with Maximae teasing a fully latex clothed guy, by licking up and down his cock, while still fully covered in latex. Maximae is wearing a gorgeous latex corset with PVC stockings and black boots.

maximae latex panty

Maximae shows us how a crotchless latex panty, should be worn

After giving out a fantastic BJ, we’re joined by another fully latex clothed guy. A slow and perfect double BJ now takes place and this really sums up the erotic speed of this entire fetish scene, as unlike so many others…it’s slow and hot so you can really enjoy the latex fetish. As Maximae bends over to expose her sexy crotchless latex panty, the hot and slow 2-on-1 sex begins. Sexy and slow spit-roasts, reverse riding and blowing, theses are all executed and filmed perfectly, while Maximae has her gorgeous round (and perfectly large nippled) tits on display.

Click here for a hardcore screen-cap of Maximae riding and blowing! (please be advised that this image is 100% hardcore)

There is just something about the slow and hot way the sex is carried out and filmed, that sets it apart from most. The long drawn-out groans of the guys, as Maximae slowly devours their clock, is outstanding. The way Maximae rides one guy while again, giving that perfect and slow BJ, just adds to the erotic fetish (while her latex panty is pushed aside, for hot, slow and deep penetration).

If you love latex 2-on-1 scenes and also appreciate a break from the traditional “Hard n’ Fast” sex that porn usually offers, you can’t go wrong with this scene…it’s a superb and well filmed piece of latex fetish.

Click here to watch the full latex scene, from Latex a la Carte

Latex MILF – Carrie Anne

Carrie Anne stars in one of our all-round best latex sex scenes! This stunning scene plays not only to latex sex lovers, but to those who fantasise about going hard n’ deep with that gorgeous MILF you know!

carrie anne latex milf

Carrie Anne is one absolutely stunning milf, in her latex-wear with high heels!

Dressed to seriously impress, in a latex cat-suit-like corset top, with black latex gloves, PVC red stockings and high heels, our MILF looks absolutely stunning! Jim Powers wows us from the very beginning of the latex fantasy, by having Carrie Ann slowly bend forward to give a perfect POV latex fantasy blowjob. We must say, this is quite possibly the best fetish POV blow we’ve seen, as nice n’ slow deep sucks, latex gloves and full view of her latex cleavage, will just blow you away!

Click for a hardcore screen-cap of Carrie Ann giving an awesome tit fuck! (please be advised that this image is 100% hardcore)

Jim Powers now gives us awesome above and below shots of Carrie Ann blowing, with a truly superb shot of her from behind, letting you feast your eyes on her amazing ass in latex garters with her PVC stocking legs (with stunning heels) spread nice and wide! But…this is before Carrie Ann un-zips and releases those nice n’ bouncy tits of hers! Yup, we also get to enjoy a stunning latex tit fuck as Jim Powers, treats us to POV shots and gorgeous ariel shots, to perfectly capture the size of Carrie Ann’s boobs.

Click for a hardcore screen-cap of Carrie Ann receiving it hard on the bed! (please be advised that this image is 100% hardcore)


Click for a hardcore image of Carrie Ann taking a hot latex fuck from behind! (please be advised that this image is 100% hardcore)

Carrie Ann is now taken for the sex session of her life, as she’s spread wide on the bed. There are many beautiful latex sex moments in this clip, but our highlights are when Carrie Ann is bent over (with her stomach and face – flat against the bed), for her guy to give her a hard pumping! Carrie Ann’s gorgeous PVC stockings are in perfect view throughout this, with her latex gloved hand, firmly gripping her own ass cheek! Jim Powers hasn’t even closed-in on the penetration and those hot garters, yet. We’re already blown-away!

carrie anne latex milf ride

There's no better ride, than a latex MILF ride!

Ariel shots give this position a sexy POV touch and when Carrie Ann rides this guy on the bed, it’s one of the most intense and sexy rides you’ll see, with her guy grabbing her huge tits and Jim Powers offering great angles from above, perfectly capturing her full latex look and bouncing tits. After such an intense and hot latex session, you’ll still be spoilt with a POV cumshot in Carrie Ann’s mouth and around her chin. Those hot latex gloves of hers yet again, heat thing up as she wraps them around that relieved cock and slaps it against her cheeks.

Easily one of our greatest latex scenes, with perfect angles capturing the fetish superbly. We didn’t want to jump to modern latex scenes in our “Very Best” articles just yet, but we couldn’t help it…we simply can’t recommend this scene enough!

Latex Nurses – Ashley Long

This British stunner has given us a scene we’ve been begging for, for a very long time! A hot babe in in skin tight latex, getting pounded hard, BUT…most importantly…who doesn’t have this costume removed during the scene!

ashley long latex nurse

Head-to-toe in latex, Ashley Long is one amazing fantasy nurse!

A perfect rubber costume with nurse hat, latex gloves and PVC stockings, is perfectly finished with some sexy high heels. We especially love those latex and rubber costumes that rise up to the mid-section of the ass, when the babe bends over…and that’s exactly what this costume does on the beautiful Ashley Long…and she does have one fit ass!

ashley long latex nurse lick

Before treating us to her sexy latex ass, Ashley Long enjoys a nice lick

While on the subject of a perfect ass, Ashley Long’s ass is captured to perfection as she bends over and gives her patient awesome head on his bed. A beautiful sight to see is a nurses head bobbing up and down, while one of her PVC stocking and high heeled legs are up on the bed. You really want to pause the action right here as you don’t want the camera to go away from Ashley Long’s gorgeous ass cheeks, wrapped in that hot latex!

ashley long latex ass

Now THAT is what latex costumes are all about!

Click for a hardcore screen-cap of Ashley Long giving an awesome blowjob! (Please be advised that this image is 100% hardcore)

The BJ is awesome in itself…hot, fast, deep and intense. Ashley sucks, licks and slurps that cock so good and hastily, you hardly see it! The sheer length of this BJ will please such fans and all this while Ashley has it wrapped in her hot white latex gloves!

We now move on while maintaining that intense lust of the BJ, by having our nurse ride hard n’ fast on her patience bed. Her latex gloved hand, lustfully grips the side of the bed frame, as you hear the hot squeak and creek of the bed. More intense positions follow with a hot reverse ride on the bed (placing those hot PVC stockings on-show) and our favorite…Ashley fully bent over while on her knees, taking some superb anal! There is nothing like a horny latex nurse, bending over and taking anal while her ass gets spanked and squeezed! Of course, this is finished with a gorgeous cumshot in the mouth…and there is always something hot about a nurse knelt down with her mouth open, begging for cum!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of “Must Watch” latex sex scenes. Check back as we’ll have more recommendations, soon.

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