DP Fanatics Review

Double Penetration is probably the most popular of all fetishes. It doesn’t matter if you have a bondage, latex, costume or boot fetish, double penetration somehow makes it’s way to the top part of any porn lovers list. Stunning babes stuffed in both holes and groaning with pure delight, is simply irresistible to us. Not only that, but DP can be blended with other fetishes as well. A hot double penetration in an array of fetish and sexy wear, simply puts into perspective how versatile the DP really is.

Please be advised that this post contains HARDCORE imagery – Please do not scroll down if you are easily offended

If you have the urge to watch a gorgeous babe take-on two well hung guys at once, then you’ll want to know exactly where to go. We’ve picked such a site that offers just this and even though it’s good enough to make it onto the Fetish Sex Blog review list, we still want to dive further into it’s lustful pleasures and find out just how good DP Fanatics, really is.

DP Fanatics Review

dp fanatics review

Stunning babes, kinky outfits and hot DP shots. DP Fanatics seems to know exactly how to entice us DP lovers

“Gorgeous sluts in the most explicit double penetrations you have ever seen!” is the message that greets you on the DP Fanatics homepage. If the kinky and explicit imagery on the top of the homepage didn’t grab you, scrolling down certainly will…

dp fanatics review brittany

So you want explicit DP's, right? Well BAM! There you go...with Brittany taking an awesome DP in a cowgirl costume!

Simply scrolling down the DP Fanatics homepage, shows you exactly what’s in-store for you…and this is the preview section! We haven’t even signed in yet!

Lets sign-in with our user-name and password and see just what DP Fanatics offers, in it’s all-important members section

The first thing you’ll notice about the members area, is that it’s completely different from the preview homepage. However, after taking a scroll down the members welcome page you’ll know exactly why, because the DP Fanatics team have put a lot of thought into making it quick and simple, in finding your favorite DP sex scenes!

dp fanatics review members news

Find the latest news on DP Fanatics newest models and scenes

DP Fanatics makes it easy to stay up-to-date with newly added scenes and pornstars. Whether you’re browsing the hottest scenes or newly added scenes, hovering your cursor over a scene image will pop up a smaller image box, giving you a slide-show preview of that scene.

dp fanatics review members scenes

Scroll down further and you'll find a list of the newest and hottest DP scenes! There are over 265 exclusive DP scenes (at the time of this review)

The newest and most hottest DP scenes, are listed and pictured to make it simple in finding that scene you’ve been after, or those new scenes you’ll never stop watching!

dp fanatics review members models

Scroll down a little more and you'll find a helpful list of all the DP Fanatic models...all 187 of them! (at the time of this review)

DP Fanatics also lets you browse scenes via performer. You want to see all of Aletta Ocean’s DP scenes? Click her image and you’ll have every hot and double stuffing one of them!

The model page also has superb search features that appear to the left of the page. Using this awesome advanced search system, you can not only narrow pornstars down to a genre of DP, but search these DP Fanatic beauties by age, eye and hair color, nipple piercings, tattoos, tit size and even pussy lip length and pussy shape! There are 24 different category types, each with their own sub categories. DP Fanatics have sure made it easy to find your perfect DP scene!

DP Fanatics Scenes

Lets get to the reason why you’re all reading this and the very reason why you’ll want to sign-up. After using the simple (but extremely powerful and advanced) navigation/search system to find your desired scene, you’ll be presented with the scenes info page:

dp fanatics review sandra latex

Sandra's amazing "Latex Fantasy" provides us with this hot example for the DP Fanatics Scene Info Page

Once on the Info Page of your desired DP scene, you can either download the complete scene in low, medium or high quality files (ranging from a dial-up friendly 20MB to a HD guru’s 750-800MB file) or stream them from the website. Streaming offers the same low, medium or high viewing qualities.

dp fanatics review sandra latex clips

Enjoy DP Fanatics double stuffed babes, via a full HD download to your computer or by an instant stream, if you can't wait!

Choose the full HD download (highly recommended) and you’ll experience DP Fanatics at it’s best. Here is a screen shot of one fully downloaded HD movie…in it’s normal start-up resolution:

Click the image below for the full sized screen shot

dp fanatics review hd dp

For a touch of variety we've used a another awesome DP scene. Click the image for the full size shot of how an HD movie looks...in it's normal form!

Yup…that’s it’s normal form. We even had to reduce the size a bit  in order for the image to fit your screen, but you can tell how large the start-up resolution is by the small gaps that remain around the full sized web page behind it! (the web page was even made to full-screen with the F11 key)

DP Fanatics also offers Hi-Rez photo sets for every one of it’s scenes! The kinky red latex DP scene with Sandra, has 154 Hi-Rez photos while the image set from Janny’s awesome DP (directly above) has 107 Hi-Rez photos. Would you like a preview of such awesome Hi-Rez goodness? Here you go:

sandra latex dp hi rez

A super-hot latex kinky Hi-Rez image, from Sandra's amazing DP scene!

All the images on DP Fanatics are available in HD resolutions, once you sign-up!

janny latex dp hi rez

Legs up in the air and taking two huge tools! Enjoy every DP Fanatics movie with Hi-Rez photo sets!

The Fetish Sex Blog on DP Fanatics

Double Penetration may be incredibly popular and in most adult DVD releases, but it has still always been difficult to find a pure and quality DP website. DP Fanatics doesn’t just offer this, but it offers the popular double penetration with every added and kinky fetish you can imagine. Smoking DP’s, Latex DP’s, Bondage DP’s, Office Babe DP’s and so much more are available for download.

As well as the sheer choice of DP fantasy, DP Fanatics has also gone all-out in it’s ambition to make site navigation and scene searches, as easy and as powerful as possible. We honestly don’t think we’ve ever seen such a reliable and simple scene/performer search system. The amount of options it has and scene/performer preferences you can find, are unbelievably useful and efficient.

An awesome search system with huge variations to the DP fetish and incredible Hi-Rez photo shoots to accompany every HD scene, make DP Fanatics the ideal choice for any DP lover. Double penetrations maybe one hot sexual position, but if you want the most gorgeous looking babes in porn, wearing what you want, doing what you want, we suggest you pay DP Fanatics a visit. We also suggest making some generous space on your computer…because you’ll be there for quite a while…

The Fetish Sex Blog gives DP Fanatics:

9.8 out of 10

SIGN-UP FOR: Truly amazing DP’s with the most gorgeous babes in the adult business – A huge selection of DP fetishes – A search system that offers specific scene and performer searches, such as pussy lip size and tit size – HD movie downloads, instant stream and stunning Hi-Rez photo shoots of every scene!

CONSIDER: Clearing some serious space on your hard drive and/or buying a box of blank DVD’s!

Check out this amazing double penetration fest yourself, by heading over to DP Fanatics

We’ll be bringing you more DP site reviews, very soon.

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  1. TinTin says:

    Sweet, been waiting for a DP Fanatics review for ages. Thanks dudes!

  2. ? says:

    Cool review of DP Fanatics. Sandra is off-the-hook in that DP scene!

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