BoneTown – Exclusive Developer Interview

After being blown-away with BoneTown, we simply had to speak to the group of geniuses behind the greatest adult game of all time. As you may very well know, there have been many efforts with 3D adult PC games, but none have come close to BoneTown’s gameplay, humor or pornographic realism.

D-dub were a very small team when the idea of BoneTown was on paper, so we wanted to find out what D-dub had to go through, in order to get this fantastic game on shelves. We spoke to Hod, C.E.O of D-Dub Software:

FSBlog: What was the ‘drive’, that created BoneTown? (and later, ‘d-dub’)

Hod: A lot of free thinking. We knew we had a good idea and that we were filling a niche that was bound to be filled eventually, but that no one had really had the balls yet to do. From there we realized that since we would be an Adults Only game we could do whatever we wanted, so we got to make all the rules. We wanted to make a game that was fun, first and foremost, and that gave adult gamers something made for them and not for kids.

bonetown threesome

BoneTown...certainly not for kids

FSBlog: When you realised how much controversy the development of BoneTown had generated, did that scare any of you? Did you think someone was going to pull the plug…or worse?

Hod: Oh yea. The world’s filled with a lot of whackos who have killed people for offending their morality and offending morality is exactly what we set out to do, so it was slightly worrisome. We tried to keep everything funny to show that we’re just joking around, but there is definitely
something in the game that is going to offend pretty much everyone out there. We followed the example of South Park in many regards, but we will never even touch Mohammad because a joke is never worth dying for.

FSBlog: BoneTown was a large project for such a small an independent games studio. Did you have to hire a QA team, or did you all test the game?

Hod: You have to hire people. The people who develop games are horrible testers. We know too much so we can’t have a subjective perspective on it.

FSBlog: Were there any adult movies that had any influence on BoneTown’s world, sex or characters?

Hod: I wouldn’t say any movie in particular, more that the entire industry itself influenced us. The whole development team was filled with guys who have watched the internet porn industry be created, from the days of trading pics on AOL to the Tube Sites of today. We all partook in it so
we had a good idea of what was good and what was bad and what should make it in the game.

bonetown homor

Laugh-out-loud humor, memorable characters (above), Ron Jeremy, Pee-Wee Herman and Natasha Nice's huge n' natural tits, all await you in Bonetown!

FSBlog: We recently posted an article about Belladonna and her interest in games. Belladonna expressed her interest in making adult movies, based on popular games and she even wishes to star in a few adult games, herself. Would you offer Belladonna a piece of the action in BoneTown 2
or any other project?

Hod: Of course. We’d love to work with more great performers like her. We see ourselves as not only as developers, but as the first publisher in the adult video game industry, so crossing games with adult stars more often would be a great thing.

FSBlog: Do you have any other pornstars (or any other celebs) interested in future adult games, from d-dub?

Hod: We’ve talked to a fair amount of people and lots of them are excited about possibly being involved with the future of BoneTown, but we don’t have any specifics lined up right now. We also enjoyed the excitement that our Tiger Woods Affair Tour game generated, so at the moment we are really interested in celebrity scandal and the parodies we can do with that.

bonetown tiger woods affair

Tiger Woods Affair Tour 2010, is another awesome and free BoneTown add-on!

FSBlog: We understand your dream is to have BoneTown downloadable on XBL and PSN, but what would you say if Sony and Microsoft managed to get an ‘AO’ label on it, were up for releasing the game…but only if all drug related gameplay was removed?

Hod: We’d take out the drugs if that was the only thing holding it back. We’d turn it into smoking cigarettes or whatever was ‘kosher.’ People would know what we were talking about and the game is about a lot more than that.

FSBlog: We absolutely loved BoneTown and were genuinely blown away, with how realistic the sex is. Will we ever see BoneTown 2 and if so, any
rough idea on how long we’ll have to wait for it?

Hod: We’d love to do BoneTown 2, but I can’t really tell you anything about how soon we might be able to do it.  We’d like to do it and we know thefans would love to see it, but getting back into development of a whole new game is really a matter of the logistics and finances more than the
desire to do it. Right now we’re just concentrating on getting BoneTown out there and we’ll see from there.

FSBlog: Could you please tell us of any other adult projects, that d-dub have planned for the PC or any other console?

Hod: We’re working on some new things, but the ones we’re doing right now are mostly on a smaller scale and supplemental to the original BoneTown game. It’s mostly flash and mobile type of stuff with the signature BoneTown humor and fun–hopefully you’ll see them out soon.

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We’ll bring you more on future D-Dub projects, as soon as we hear more.

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