Best DP’s – Miss Uniform and Vivian Schmitt

Check our latest top DP scenes, as we guide you to the very best double penetration movies ever!

Miss Uniform 3 – Sport Edition

Starring Lea Magic, this scene begins after a tennis warm-up session with her manager. Immediately after their training period, another guy enters the scene and spills the beans on how much he likes and admires her. Bedazzled by Lea’s gorgeous looks, the guy is high on excitement. Noticing this, Lea asks what’s on the guys mind, as he then leans over to her and whispers “Sex”. Lea Magic now has two studs horny and begging for a threesome!

lea magic miss uniform 3

What's on our minds? Well, we just want to double penetrate you till' you squeal...that's all

“She just lost her boyfriend” her manager tells the mystery guy. “Yes, so go easy on me” Lea replies. What better way to give a girl some TLC, than to let her give a gorgeous double BJ, offer to be spit-roasted and take a stunning double penetration!

You may have already noticed that Lea has an amazing rack on her! It’s easily one of the many aspects that make this awesome DP scene! While Lea gives great head, the guys don’t hold back on those puppies and fondle her bulging breasts until they begin to slightly pop-out.

lea magic threesome sex

Lea Magic has a stunning body that just gets more and more amazing, as the scene progresses!

You’ll now see Lea get bent over and slammed hard while giving head, take it on the chair as she rides a huge tool while sucking, and squatting down to show her pussy, as she gives yet another cheek-stretching double BJ! But again, what makes this super-hot is the way her tits burst out and hang over her bra. They bounce up and down with every pump and are constantly fondled by the guys. If you’re a big tit fan, you’ll absolutely love this scene!

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Lea Magic getting spit-roasted

Lea Magic riding and licking

Lea Magic hot double BJ

Watching Lea Magic’s tits bounce around during the above scenes, is hot enough. But when they finally get her down for some double-team action and both her holes are plugged, it’s absolutely amazing! This DP scene is super-hot, with Lea’s fine ass and huge tits popping-out, bouncing around and getting fondled and sucked with every double-pump!

Lea Magic getting double penetrated

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miss uniform 3

The Best of Vivian Schmitt 4

This scene blends some clubwear and latex fantasies, too. Vivian is one of the queens of DP and watching this awesome scene will tell you why. Forget a story-driven build-up, Vivian Schmitt likes to get right to it by kneeling down and sucking those hard cocks. Yup, with Vivian there is a great double BJ immedialty…and we love it!

vivian schmitt double bj

DING! Going down Miss Schmitt?

Right from the start Vivian has cocks right at her face. She blows them deep and fast and even teases the boys with a “cum on my tits” pose! From here, it’s just an explosion of pure lust which leads to an incredible DP scene! With many scenes you get the guys pretty much giving the babes hints on what position to take next. However, in this scene they just take Vivian wherever the lust tells them to…and she returns the favour. It’s smooth-flowing and incredibly intense!

vivian schmitt cock tits

She even teases the guys by begging for cum on her tits...right at the start! Now go easy on them, Vivian

After a red-hot double BJ we get right to the DP action. Yup, another thing we love about the scene…BJ and then right to the hot double action! Vivian Schmitt now gets scooped-up with a hot standing double penetration, as one of her sexy heels is raised in the air, so the guys can enter nice n’ deep! Once the standing-fun is out of the way, we get the classic DP on the seat with Vivian begging “Yeah..stick it in my ass!” before rolling her eyes back as the cock gets plunged-in deep. Absolutely fantastic to watch!

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Vivian Schmitt standing DP

Vivian Schmitt “Yeah! Stick it in my ass!”

Vivian Schmitt hard double penetration

Vivian Schmitt booted legs in the air and a cock in the mouth!

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best of vivian schmitt 4

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  1. woda52 says:

    Damn, Vivian Schmitt is so hot! I would LOVE to take part in double fucking her! Isn’t she on late night call progs now?

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