Latex and PVC Catsuits

The latex catsuit is another popular form of fetish lingerie. The ability to purchase one item that will completely cover the body, while still enabling upper body exposure, is the main reason for its popularity. The catsuit also offers a skin-tight fit, so the fetish-look that PVC stockings and gloves offer is also provided with the PVC catsuit.

Click image below for a much hotter view!

pvc catsuit

The gorgeous PVC catsuit is the ultimate full-body fetish!

Possibly the most loved aspect of the latex catsuit is the ability to expose the upper body. With a simple zip-up latex catsuit, the wearer can adjust cleavage exposure, even fully exposing their breasts if they wish. The ability to instantly adjust the cleavage-look, makes the catsuit a popular choice with many fetish-lovers.

Click image below to really see the cleavage enhancement!

latex catsuit

Simply adjusting the catsuits zipper can produce a stunning cleavage

Depending on the overall fit of the PVC catsuit, it can also enhance other features of the female body. The cleavage is the most obvious from a front-on view, but if the woman were to turn around, squat-down or even bend over in the tight-fitting catsuit, you’ll immediately see what else it can superbly define.

Click image below to see just how defined that butt, really is

latex catsuit sexy ass

A perfectly defined butt, made possible with a tight-fitting PVC catsuit

Cleavage, the perfect butt and a sexy overall tight-fit, aren’t the only reasons for the catsuits popularity. Mild-bondage is another reason why catsuits fly off retailer shelves. Why? Well, apart from the obvious reasons why people like bondage, (as long as all people involved are consenting adults) the catsuit also works with the bondage materials, adding to the emphasis of the woman’s curves. The latex catsuit may already offer a tight-fit, but once mild-bondage is thrown-into the mix, this can help further enhance those beautiful latex/leather/rubber curves!

bondage catsuit

Mild-bondage can work with the PVC catsuit to help enhance those sexy-curves

There are many forms of sexy catsuits out there with buckle, lace, popper or zip-up fastening. Go with what you feel comfortable in, but do try and experiment with as many designs as you can. Catsuits are one the most popular forms of fetish-wear for a reason. Have fun!

2 Responses to “Latex and PVC Catsuits”

  1. an says:

    want a catsuit for my wife!

  2. fedup says:

    those tits in that catsuit look amazin!

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