Latex and PVC Gloves

Just like PVC or Latex stockings, gloves are also an incredibly erotic enhancement. Whether they’re elbow length or make their way back to the forearm, latex gloves are a must for any fetish-lover.

You could actually use a much more simple method and use latex gloves and/or stockings, on there own. This enhances the nudity of the female body and gives off the same effect as a pair of boots would (being in nothing but boots). Of course, you couldn’t get that added latex fetish feel from regular boots, so latex gloves or stockings would take fetish sex to a new level!

Click the image below for a better look at those hot latex gloves!

kinky pvc gloves

Latex gloves are a superb fetish accessory, but are still incredibly hot on their own

As you can see, latex gloves on their own look stunning. But you can even steadily build on a fetish-look, by adding other small latex/PVC items until you get your ideal look. For example, you could add latex pants. Having fetish latex at the upper and lower points of the body, but allowing the breasts to be on full display, would be an absolutely stunning experience for your partner!

Click the image below for a better inspection of this stunning fetish-look

latex kinky gloves

Latex gloves and pants...gorgeous! There are so many variations before even thinking of corsets, teddies or costumes

Playing with the idea of small fetish items, can lead to the ultimate fetish-look. Adding more popular fetish items such as corsets, teddies and costumes, can also make some seriously stunning results. PVC gloves go with just about anything that’s latex or PVC (even leather), so experiment and create new looks to suit you and your partners sexual desires!

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