Latex Basques

Bestsellers in fetish-wear stores are often latex basques. These popular fetish items may cover a majority of the woman’s upper body, but it will emphasise her curves with erotic detail. Latex basques come in many forms and designs. Buckle or lace, cup-less or push-up cup, basques have a wide variety of sexy designs, all ready to enhance “your stuff” on the fetish-scene!

latex basques

The latex basque has many faces. Here, stunningly sophisticated and lady-like...but at the same time, devilishly sexy!

Latex Basques can change the entire image of the female, with just a few simple design tweaks. Add a few buckles and a matching skirt and suddenly you have the perfect combination for a dominatrix goddess!

Click the image below for a closer-look at this stunning dominatrix babe!

latex basque dominatrix

The dominatrix-look. She looks stunning, just standing there. You want her...but would she kick the crap out of you, if you asked?

The dominatrix is possibly the most common and popular look, achieved with the latex basque. Simply add a skirt, latex gloves, boots and even chains/buckles and you have the perfect dominating image. It looks stunning, men can’t resist it and it’s so easy to achieve if you know where to shop. Even if you’re not a fan of what the dominatrix practices, the look itself is still absolutely stunning to many. It’s a look that every couple should experience in the bedroom, at least once.

The latex basque can also have various accessories and attachments, which can also totally change the image. Take simple garters, for example. These not only make most lingerie items super-hot, but adding latex versions to a latex basque (or getting them custom-attached) can unleash one amazing fetish-look!

latex basque garters

Add garters and get ready to experience a whole new world of hot-fetish!

One thing will always be enhanced and look utterly gorgeous in a latex basque…the bust. Many latex basques have supportive cups to push-up or simply define it. One thing is for sure, no matter how it’s achieved the bust will always look fantastic in a latex basque!

latex basques bust

Defined, fetish and totally stunning. The latex basque works the bust to perfection!

Whether you’re going for a simple fetish-look or a dominatrix-look, enjoy shopping around online and combining the perfect latex-wear for the occasion. Try everything and let your fantasies unfold…you won’t regret it!

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