Private Top 40 DP’s Review

Check out your local porn shop or online retailer and you’ll always come across some form of Double penetration compilation, stashed in a sale section or a bargain bin. Box sets, 4hr double penetration compilations, you name it and it’s been released at some point. The problem is, most of these never seem to hit the mark and never seem to live up to their tempting titles.

We’re pleased to say that Private’s Top 40 DP’s isn’t one of these below-standard DP compilations. The DVD promises the best DP’s and that’s exactly what you get. If you always find yourself fast forwarding your DVD’s to the point where the babe gets double penetrated…Private have answered your prayers with this great DP compilation.

private top 40 dps dvd review

DP fans are in for 2 hours of the hottest double penetrations, ever filmed!

Many other DP compilations hardly offered what the film promised. Focusing on the build up to that double stuffing moment, these movies contained more regular sex than actual DP footage. However, Private’s Top 4o DP’s instantly hits you with the hot DP moments from 40 movies! One after the other, DP after DP, groaning with delight as the babes love two cocks, begging for their hair to be pulled while being double stuffed, with legs n’ heels high in the air and even while outdoors, this compilation doesn’t mess around with the “build up”…it gives you what you want and what you paid for, all the way through!

claudia rossi top 40 dps

Top 40 DP's offers the best DP's from the latest, award wining and classic Private releases!

We couldn’t even try to go through the movie one scene at a time…it’s would take pages upon pages of articles. Every one the DP scenes are spectacular to watch and that’s why they’ve made this compilation. The two main reason why the movie is such a success, is because every scene is purely based around the DP. As well as this, all forms of double penetration have been added to this awesome compilation. Chair DP’s, outdoor DP’s, fetish DP’s, latex DP’s, reverse DP’s, classic DP’s, Stocking DP’s foot fetish DP’s, Boot DP’s, high heel DP’s…we could go on and on, there are a superb variation of double penetrations to enjoy!

It was incredibly hard to select scenes to write about, as every one was intense, explicit and shoot to perfection (this is easily the hardest reviewing decision we’ve ever had to make). However, we need to share with you just how good this DP compilation DVD really is, so here are some of our best scenes:

Rebeca Linares – An amazing reverse DP

The is nothing hotter than a babe who enjoys a DP, but when she has her legs spread wide in the air and begs for harder penetration throughout, it just takes the DP scene to another level. Rebeca truly makes this scene and her groans and begging to be double fucked harder, will make it one of your reverse DP top-picks.

rebeca linares dp top 40 dps

Rebeca Linares opens this perfect DP compilation, with an intense reverse double penetration

Defrancesca Gallardo – A schoolgirl DP fantasy

A schoolgirl with a short skirt and heeled boots may get most of our blood pumping, but this couch DP is just amazing. Beginning with Defrancesca Gallardo riding a big cock, while her short skirt rides up above her ass and with her hot high-heeled boots on-show, the other guy plunges deep within her tight ass! The angle is fantastic and her butt has never looked so hot! Defrancesca’s groaning while getting double stuffed, is distinctive and incredibly hot! This great combination makes this scene one of the best costume DPs’ ever!

defrancesca gallardo dp top 40 dps

Defrancesca Gallardo's Schoolgirl DP, ticks many fetish boxes. Couch DP, Schoolgirl DP, Boot DP and Glasses DP are all provided in this awesome double penetration scene!

Sarah Twain – Latex Fetish DP

Prepare yourself for one of the hottest latex DP’s ever! You’ll join the scene with Sarah Twain riding and sucking in her black latex corset, thigh-high stockings, gloves and heels. The third guy comes in and squats over Sarah, to give us an amazing latex DP! Enjoy a close up of this awesome double penetration while her high heels bounce in-view of the action, as the position changes to a modern double penetration, giving a much better view of her stunning latex-wear! This fetish DP scene continues to heat-up, when Sarah Twain’s lifted high in the air for a hot, standing latex DP. A superb latex double penetration scene!

sarah twain dp top 40 dps

Sarah Twain performs one of the best latex DP's, you'll ever see!

Cory Everson – Big tit latex bra DP

Cory’s stunning figure, big boobs and kinky latex skirt and bra, help make this scene an essential for any DP fan. You’ll join the scene as Cory Everson is getting double pumped, nice n’ deep by a set of stairs. As they lustfully thrust into her, her head is pushed up against the stair wall as she grasps the ass of the guy above, yearning to be stuffed deeper! As this hot latex DP progresses, the camera zooms into Cory Everson’s latex tits, as they pop-out of her latex bra and bounce around freely, while you hear the hot sound of balls slapping against her ass!

cory everson dp top 40 dps

We can't get over how perfect Cory Everson's tits look in that latex bra! We could honestly watch them bounce all day!

Chloe Delaure – Outdoor lake DP

We join this scene outside by a lake as Chloe is already reverse-cowgirl riding a guy on a rock. The second guy completes the reverse DP, by plunging deep inside her pussy and the way Chloe Delaure thrusts herself into those cocks, just makes this scene an outdoor DP classic! As her breasts bounce around, the guy below can’t help but squeeze and suck them, while slapping her perfect ass. You’ll even be treated to a classic DP on the very same rock as Chloe makes an amazing groan, whilst the above guy inserts himself deep within her ass! The way in which Chloe Delaure grasps his shirt while being double penetrated, makes this an incredibly intense outdoor DP!

chloe delauredp top 40 dps

Choe Delaure, absolutely loves that cock that's just been thrust into her ass!

Lauren Phoenix – Rough n’ kinky PVC boot DP

The action is hot n’ hard from the start of this scene, as Lauren Phoenix has her legs spread-wide to enjoy a reverse DP on the couch. The real hot n’ kinky thing about this DP, is that Lauren is wearing stockings with thigh-high red PVC boots! The guy below can’t take his eyes off of Lauren’s gorgeous PVC booted legs, as they stuff her nice n’ deep. Those boots can’t go to waste, so we also see a modern DP on the very same couch! With her hair pulled, butt spanked and tits sucked, Lauren Phoenix is receiving an incredibly hot couch double penetration. Fans will also agree that her distinctive and demanding groans, just make this DP one of the very best!

Regina Ice – Hot reverse DP in gold high heels

A woman enjoying a hot reverse DP is kinky enough, but when that babe has her legs spread nice n’ wide wearing high heel shoes, it just ads to the erotic DP experience. Regina Ice is gorgeous, has a perfect body and a fantastic set of legs! Those hot pins just make this high heel DP fetish, all the more enjoyable! An office chair DP has never looked so good and with Regina’s aggressive and lustful squeals throughout, it’s never sounded so good!

regina ice dp top 40 dps

Regina Ice looks amazing in those sexy gold heels, spread nice n' wide for a hot reverse double penetration!

The Fetish Sex Blog on Private’s Top 40 DP’s

Never has a double penetration compilation, offered so much of what you want. Each scene jumps straight to the DP action and you can be assured that every scene really is the very best that Private have to offer. The babes, the costumes/fetishwear, the groans and locations, have all been masterfully selected for this DVD. Every form of DP and double penetration scenario, is covered. Private’s Top 40 DP’s is simply a double penetration masterpiece and something that EVERY DP FAN SHOULD OWN!

This is no cheap 4hr compilation, this is everything a DP compilation should be!

Fetish Sex Blog gives Private’s Top 40 DP’s

BUY IT FOR: The most gorgeous babes getting double penetrated – Scenes that get straight to the DP action – Every DP fetish and scenario covered – The best DP compilation DVD EVER!

CONSIDER: Making this DVD part of you permanent collection


Check out Private’s full list of Scenes, Full DVD’s and Magazines

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2 Responses to “Private Top 40 DP’s Review”

  1. lennon says:

    The double penetrations in this vid are superb! Most DP films have one or two good DP’s in them but this DVD was full of awesome ones! LOVED IT!

  2. al says:

    Had this delivered the other week. Best Private DP movie ever!

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