Rubber Corset Sets

The corset is one of the most popular forms of lingerie, simply because of it’s traditional and historical roots. Once used to emphasise femininity, posture and even status, the corset has moved on to become one of the most hottest forms of fetish-wear, ever. Take the simple corset design and make it latex or leather and you have a popular fetish-look. But what if you use rubber and create a design which merges the corset with a hot rubber skirt? Now you’re talking hot rubber corset sets!

rubber corset set design

A regular corset design is sexy...but this is just stunning!

The corset is stunning in itself, but creating it with rubber and combining it’s tight and figure-hugging properties with an attached skirt, is just mind-blowing. Of course, it doesn’t actually have to be attached but just give off that impression that it’s an all-in-one fetish outfit. The tight and bust-thrusting corset, just fits so well with but-hugging and thigh-enhancing skirt. Not too short to miss the all-in-one look, but not long enough to loose it’s skin-tight sex appeal, this combination should be experienced by every fetish-lover.

She sure looks stunning in that outfit, but do you wanna see what she’s actually up to? Then click the image below!

rubber corset set fetish

That rubber corset set, looks amazing...but what is she up to? Click to find out!

Although we’re discussing the combined look in general (and not just this particular design), we still can’t help but admire the genius in the bust design. The criss-cross rubber strap design, pulls the rubber cups closer to the breasts, giving a super-tight look for the bust. A perfect design that blends rubber sex appeal, with a mild bondage theme.

Click the image for a closer look at that awesome bust design!

rubber corset set bust

Just look at her...having a cheeky squeeze. Yup, rubber corsets will do that to you...

Now becoming a fetish must-have, rubber corset designs are appearing all over the fetish-scene. Many stores can easily custom make such rubber combinations, but you may just be lucky enough to find yourself and existing design. Get crawling online and be the main interest at that party…or make your partner feel like all their holidays have “cum” at once!

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  1. Anon says:

    I want my Mrs in that! Where the heck do I get a rubber corset set from, anyway?????

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