Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator Review

Male masturbators come in all shapes and sizes. Some look welcoming, some simply look dangerous, but one brand in particular have created a perfect cross between sex doll and masturbator. We give you the Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator…and we’re impressed!

extreme fuck me silly Mega Masturbator

We’ve never seen a masturbator look so real! You just want to spank that ass!

Pipedream have sure done an incredible job in creating the perfect life-sized and life-like masturbator. The skin tone is perfect, the pussy and asshole look too realistic to be true and the size and roundness of that perfect ass, just make you want to take your hand to it!

Let’s see this beauty up close and see how realistic it really is:

fuck me silly mega masturbator 2

WOW! Fuck it silly we WILL! That ass looks absolutely amazing!

We’re still amazed at how realistic the Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator, looks! This beauty has been made with superb attention to detail and lets be honest, when you’re using it…you want all the realism you can get! The measurements, skin tone and pussy and anal detail are the most convincing we’ve ever seen. It’s so realistic, using the term “Masturbator” is a total understatement! To us, this baby should be classed as a working girl!

Flip this baby around and a whole new look, position and porno sexual fantasy will await you:

fuck me silly mega masturbator

If your partner won’t let you, then fuck that ass like a pornstar. If she does (lucky you) then at least you can practice whenever you feel like it!

Hands up who fantasises about butt slammin’ balls-deep into a babes ass, positioned like the one above? OK…you can all put your hands down now. This unbelievably realistic masturbator, offers some seriously hot anal fantasies! Pussy or anal penetration, you can really enjoy bouncing against those cheeks, grasping, spanking and shooting deep inside or all over that ass!

Finally us guys can stop pestering our partners for anal sex. When she has a headache…get the Fuck Me Silly out. When she’s out or even on holiday…get the Fuck Me Silly out…and if you’re single, you’re lucky…you can use it whenever you like!

Buy the Extreme Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator

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13 Responses to “Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator Review”

  1. bangbruv says:

    Still one of the better pussy and ass toys out there. Yeah, there are some better Japanese ones but you still can’t go wrong with the original Fuck Me Silly

  2. BukLao says:

    Anyone know the name of the girl on the box for this? She is incredibly scorching hot…

  3. tim says:

    At first, she’ll hate you but once this toy trains you to go at it with her for ages…she’s love it!

    Not only that, but we’ve also had some ‘couples’ fun too. The Fuck Me Silly has done wonders for the bedroom! (and everywhere else!).

  4. MIKEC3 says:

    It’s still one of my favourite masturbators! The Fuck Me Silly sex toy can still be easily cleaned thoroughly with water rinsed straight through the pussy and ass holes. Just make sure you dab it properly with a towel (inside as much as you can, too).

  5. spank says:

    Once this thing is open you’ll fucking jaw will drop! It looks so round and so damn perfect. Then wait till you slide in…oh…my…shit! YOU WON’T WANT TO STOP (I’ve gone through 2 of these already!).

  6. RAYMORE says:

    Easily my fav Fuck Me Silly. Still can’t get over how hot it looks!

  7. teabag says:

    this toy is amazing even bounced back on your cock like a real woman would when u fuck it!glad i bought mine best sex toy ive ever had and the pussy isnt some tiny hole u struggle to fuck but just like a real pussy and it slips right in

  8. McFuckin says:

    Does the website these pics link to offer the same special discount as the Fuck Me Silly 2, when the item is out of stock (but still delivered in 7-10 days?

    Thanks a bunch!

  9. Deaude says:

    Just got it delivered today to the office…couldn’t wait to try it out…just finished breaking it in…feels very good…nice and tight…sure beats soap and my hand!!

  10. gav says:

    Must admit…it’s ace putting on that DVD (or any hardcore one you have) while slamming and spanking dat ass!

  11. mkike says:

    I couldnt believe how real this felt . So worht the money . My new escapade swith this ass is only cleaning it 2x a week. Its really nice to pound on the cummy pussy for days before cleaning .

  12. Jake says:

    I’d sure fuck that thing silly! Most never seem to get the pussy right, but that looks amazing!

  13. Dez says:

    couldn’t get over how much it looked like a babes ass! Worth every penny!

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