Agent 69 Love Doll

Love dolls (or sex dolls) are becoming more and more advanced as the years fly-by. Once these inflatable pleasure toys were nothing much to look at, but now serious money is being spent to turn these toys into the ultimate sexual fantasies.

One sex doll that caught our eye was the new Agent 69 Love Doll. The name itself is quite intriguing and we’re sure you’ll all agree that the packaging is by far, the most attractive and professional we’ve seen. But…this is all about what’s in that pretty box and if it lives up to the fancy packaging and arousing name…

agent 69 love doll

The Agent 69 Love Doll offers very attractive and arousing packaging. But can the sex doll live up to it's hype?

We must admit…this is a touch of design genius. The packaging just looks incredible and we love the gorgeous agent babe that surrounds it. A little touch of leather hurt no-one and she looks absolutely stunning in her lace-up leather top and sexy shades!

Moving to the sides of the packaging, you’ll begin to see just what this agent 69 sex doll can offer. You’ll get a glimpse of the pussy, ass, breasts and even the nail-painted hands and feet. The most important and welcoming aspect of modern sex doll packaging, is the exposed facial windows. Yup, sex doll manufacturers are now made to show the face of their sex doll to the customer before they purchase it. This is a major advantage in choosing your doll, as at least you have a good idea of what you’re buying.

agent 69 love doll face

The Agent 69 Love Doll offers a face with realistic detail and that actually resembles the beauty used on it's packaging

One of the best aspects of the agent 69 love doll, is the gorgeous face it offers. It looks incredibly life-like and actually resembles the gorgeous babe on the front of the box. The hair is long, hot and falls and flows realistically. The full lipstick lips are also amazing and you can simply imagine the fun you’ll have, being able to shoot-your-load over the face and lips. Something many of us can never convince our partners, to allow us to do.

Un-boxed and inflated, the agent 69 love doll is impressive. The tits look full and realistic and the nipples are just breath-takinlgy real. Nails are painted realistically with a sexy red finish to help complete this hot fantasy. Many sex dolls will always fail when it comes to the pussy and ass entrances, but the agent 69 sex doll is very well designed around this. For a start, they’re actually in the correct places (many dolls have them to far up, completely ruining the fantasy) and there is excellent attention to details with skin tones and hair that surround them.

Fanta-Flesh is very popular technology with modern sex dolls and love dolls. The reason is because of it’s realistic resemblance to a real pussy or anus. It feels very comfortable and pleasurable and when combined with the stunning detail of the face, breasts, hair and finished nails, it creates one superb sex doll that can help create many sexual fantasies.

The Agent 69 Love Doll passes many of our tests and is easily one of the best modern and realistic sex dolls on the market. Few live up to their packaging and marketing hype, but we’re glad to let you know that the Agent 69 Love Doll delivers on offering the things your partner may refuse. If you’re pushed to afford the ultra realism of the Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator or Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator 2, then you simply can’t go wrong with the Agent 69 Love Doll.

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5 Responses to “Agent 69 Love Doll”

  1. bryanSyan says:

    It’s a fantastic doll and the facial detail is superb for…well…facials! LOL

  2. Sunny says:

    This is a fantastic sex doll. The detail is amazing!

  3. george says:

    They’ve got the face nailed with the Agent 69. It’s one of the first sex dolls that you’ll actually get hot thrills from, slipping your manhood through her lipstick lips! The face detail is that good!

  4. sexdolls says:

    High price but worth it. Realistic and quality made.

  5. C says:

    I purchased the Agent 69 Love Doll a few weeks back and the face really is quite amazing. Good doll.


  1. lovedemdolls - Love the Agent 69 Doll, the face looks amazing and it's easily the most realistic doll I've ever seen. Nice …

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