Fetish Furniture – Supporting the Desire

Sex no longer means two people on a bed. Sex is more than just a loving encounter or reproductive necessity. To many…it’s a separate lifestyle of fun and excitement. We’re diving deeper into the fetish world with fetish desires and the necessities it begs for. Whips, chains and nipple clamps are just the beginning…it gets far more intense and adrenaline-pumping than that. Fetish is a lifestyle and you’ll need to know your fetish furniture for such a life of kinky thrills and spills.

fetish nipple clamp babe

As kinky as this may look, there's so much more to a modern fetish fantasy, than nipple clamping. She must have lost a lot of tops to the wind...

Fetish and BDSM mainly revolve around dominance. One may desire to be the dominant mistress or master, while another may wish to become the dominated slave. Whether your fetish revolves around commanding or obeying, this kinky fetish requires the appropriate apparatus, the correct fetish furnishings, the ideal gadgets of pleasure…or sinfully selected tools for punishment.

leather fetish cross babe

Leather and latex is just the start...behind her is the very heart of fetish

The simple and beginners approach would be to use a fetish bondage board (or even a basic fetish bench). The fetish bench enables the fetish slave to lay or sit in a number of positions. Fetish benches are incredibly popular due to how versatile they can be. They can be laid flat on the ground, stood up with legs, or even parted out like a ladder with fetish ladder attachments. These give a simple fetish bench, endless fetish position possibilities.

fetish bondage board

A fetish bench or fetish bondage board, can simply be laid flat or modified to cater for the ultimate fetishes!

Dominance can be carried out and enjoyed in a number of ways. One popular fetish fantasy has the slave in a puppy cage. The dominating mistress or master will act out a fantasy of training a sex slave who behaves like a pet. These kind of fetish fantasies will require more customised fetish furniture, such as fetish puppy cages.

fetish puppy cages

The puppy cage fetish - Obey your master and be part of a popular fetish fantasy!

Fetish cages and puppy cages come in many forms and designs. Many are based around a much smaller and wide pet cage design, while other fetish cages are more like dungeon prison cages, that were hung from ceilings but used on the ground for a more dramatic fetish effect.

fetish puppy cage

Fetish cages are genuinely built as sturdy and secure cages, but with added fetish extras!

A very popular fetish tool would be the St. Andrews fetish cross (or fetish cross). This is used for positions, tying-up, bondage and a combination of other fetish fantasies. Fetish crosses come in huge array of shapes and sizes and they are very much custom made to the fetish-lovers specifications.

fetish cross babe

A number of fetish toys and fantasies can be combined with the fetish cross

Fetish crosses are possibly one of the most custom-made and custom ordered fetish products on the market. Height, width, positioning, support, colour and many other design features, always need to be tweaked in order to meet that specific fetish-lovers need.

fetish cross

The fetish St. Andrews Cross is a very popular fetish furniture item

Fetish furniture is fascinating. There is simply a huge selection of fetish tools to choose from and once you take to custom-ordering your own, the fetish possibilities are endless. We’ll be bringing you much more on these fascinating fetish furniture items, very soon.

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