The DP Sex Toy – Experience DP Sex Without The Second Man!

Double Penetration sex is one of the most popular forms of sexual positions in modern adult movies. The classic position will see a hot babe sandwiched between two horny guys, with one guy laying flat (letting the babe ride him) while the other guy squats over and penetrates her ass. This is easily one the hottest things to witness in a porn film…but many guys would rather watch this then actually take part. Why? Well…because you would have to be dangerously close to another man…while being butt-naked. Yup…this is definitely one position best left to the paid pros.

So how does one experience the erotic and intense taboo of the Double Penetration?

dp sex

Good, hard DP sex is awesome to watch...but how can we enjoy such a scenario without becoming pornstars/escorts, ourselves?

If you’ve got a partner who is open-minded about anal sex, and you wish to experience an intense DP scenario without a second man, then you need to take a look at what we’ve found online. Sex furniture is great in itself, but when it’s modified to meet fetish fantasies…it becomes priceless!

dp sex toy

The ultimate DP sex toy! Now that's how you enjoy DP sex without the second man. It even comes with bondage restraints!

Yup, we’ve found a sex toy that not only offers a huge array of sex positions and fetish scenarios, but more importantly…emulates DP sex! Now you can enjoy hot and intense double penetration sex with your partner, without the need of a second guy! All you do is simply lay back on this awesome double penetration sex toy device and let your lover ride you. This fetish fantasy love lounger, then enables a dildo to be inserted comfortably into your partners ass. You can then bounce and slide to DP sex ecstasy!

double penetration sex toy

This awesome love lounger not only caters for your DP sex toy fantasy, but also offers many more fetish sex positions! The vibrating cushion can also be detached, seriously offering a lot of bang-for-your-buck!

This DP Sex Toy (that’s what we like to call it) also comes with a fetish mask and 3 different kinds of dildos! Your partner can enjoy these dildo’s regularly or by multi-speed vibration! Not only will you and your partner be enjoying simulated DP sex, but she’ll also have some added vibrating sensations! Of course…to make up for allowing you to experience the most awesome fetish fantasy of your life, you can repay it to her by allowing her solo time on this incredible lounger. We’ll very much doubt she’ll say no!

Check out this amazing DP Sex Toy

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2 Responses to “The DP Sex Toy – Experience DP Sex Without The Second Man!”

  1. Claire says:

    I’ve been looking for methods on how to have double penetration sex with one guy (coz my fella sure ain’t bringing in any of his mates! LOL). Post really helped. Thank you x

  2. Ian says:

    Cool! I kinda wanted to try DP but like they say…I don’t wanna touch or be near another naked guy. That DP sex toy looks amazing. Now I’ve just got to have a word with my GF…

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