Eva Angelina – Fleshlight Girls

You may have heard of a certain male masturbator that took the male sex toy industry, by storm! Yup, the Fleshlight was one of the first ultra-realistic male masturbators on the market that was convenient, discreet and extremely life-like.

Years of research had gone into how a Fleshlight could look, feel and react like an actual pussy, ass or mouth. After long periods of experimenting and testing, the Fleshlight was released to offer guys the perfect pussy that would never say no! (more on the story of the Fleshlight, in later posts)

After the huge success of the Fleshlight, the manufacturer decided to replicate Pornstar pussies, asses and mouths and combine this idea with ultra-realistic feeling that the Fleshlight offered. These products were known simply as Fleshlight Girls. We’re gonna take a look at one of these Fleshlight Girls now…Eva Angelina!

eva angelina fleshlight

Eva Angelina has released her own Fleshlight! We'll also be bringing you this photoshoot, soon!

Those awesome guys at Fleshlight have molded Eva Angelina’s actual pussy and created the perfect Eva Angelina Fleshlight! Now we can all enjoy the look and feel of one of the most gorgeous women in the adult business!

eva angelina fleshlight pussy

The Fleshlight is actually molded to Eva Angelina's pussy!

Eva Angelina has allowed the Fleshlight team to accurately mold and shape the Fleshlight to her pussy. Every detail has been captured and there’s even a small Eva Angelina signature! If the realistic feel and reflex of the Fleshlight wasn’t enough to convince you (it actually behaves like a real pussy as you pump in and out) then Eva Angelina fans have found something to truly enjoy! Well, that’s all of us then!

eva angelina pussy

The Eva Angelina Fleshlight is molded to perfection with every detail...and we mean EVERY detail!

We’ve got another example of the awesome detail that’s been captured in the Eva Angelina Fleshlight. With Eva bent over and fully exposed near her molded creation…well…just see for yourself:

eva angelina fleshlight ass

We never tire of seeing Eva in these positions. The detail on her very own Fleshlight, is absolutely amazing!

Keep checking back as we’ll be bringing you more on other pornstar Fleshlights, as well as some hot photoshoots of Eva Angelina (and boy, do we have some hot ones!).

Buy the Eva Angelina Fleshlight

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5 Responses to “Eva Angelina – Fleshlight Girls”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Where can I buy one?

  2. says:

    Hi Davon,

    Fleshlight Girls are not only available in perfectly replicated pussies, some of them are even available in the replicated mouths and asses of their pornstars! Being as one of our sponsors offers such a great choice of male sex toys (that’s why we work with them) we’d recommend heading to them to find out more:


    Email them and let them know what you’re after. They also offer good discounts deals when buying multiple Fleshlight Girls, as well as another generous discount when you buy any of their Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbators.

    Oh…and they ship world-wide!

    Hope that helps

  3. Davon says:

    Nice, I wanna pound her ass more than her pussy, anythin for anal lovers? Eva’s my favorite

  4. gav says:

    I really wanna pound Eva’s ass! You should be entered into a prize draw after buying an Eva Angelina fleshlight. The winner gets to pound her ass while she’s in the position of that last pic!

  5. Chad says:

    That last pic is amazing! They’ve done a great job on the Eva Angelina Fleshlight as you can see the detail!

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