Eva Angelina in Lipstick

Earlier we posted a hot article on the Eva Angelina Fleshlight. We’re not surprised that this beauty released her own version of the Fleshlight, but you guys were certainly blown-away with some of the pics we displayed in that article! In fact you liked them so much, you kept mailing us to make sure we posted the shoot! So here is that stunning Eva Angelina photoshoot:

Eva Angelina Lipstick and Painted Pastie Photoshoot

Don’t worry, all the Eva Angelina lipstick images below can be enlarged by simply clicking on them!

Let us start with a stunning photo of Eva Angelina’s made-up face in lipstick and eye shadow. She looks absolutely amazing!

eva angelina lipstick tits

Eva Angelina looks stunning with lipstick! She could leave a mark on us, anytime!

Eva Angelina now strikes a pose and displays those beautiful breasts. We love the cupless bra and the idea of painting-on pasties is fantastic!

eva angelina lipstick

Lipstick and nice big boobs over a cupless bra...hot!

Eva Angelina now gets straight to it by pulling her panties to one side and showing us why we all want her Fleshlight!

eva angelina pussy

A gorgeous close-up shot of Eva Angelina's pastie-painted boobs and pussy!

Now to really show us the goods! You just want to lick her while squeezing those tits and kissing Eva Angelina’s hot lipstick-lips!

eva angelina tits pussy

Always a good one to try at home with your partner. She can blow (or lick) you like this while you squeeze and play...

Ava Angelina looks stunning in those high heels. We love the way she grabs them while exposing herself. We’d love to grab those heels too, while making good use of her exposed position!

eva angelina high heels

High Heels, Awesome paint-pastie tits and blowjob-lips covered in hot lipstick...Perfect!

Just to finish off, Eva Angelina gives us a superb upward shot! This shot really emphasises her gorgeous curves and is a perfect finish to a perfect photoshoot.

eva angelina big tits lipstick

What a beautiful view and what a beautiful woman!

We’ll be bringing you more photo sets that were used in that Eva Angelina Fleshlight post, soon.

2 Responses to “Eva Angelina in Lipstick”

  1. jonisjackingoff says:

    Busted a nut to those pics

  2. JT says:

    I’ve been searching for ages for Eva Angelina in lipstick! Thanks dude!

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