Fetish Home Factory – Top Fetish Clothing Picks

While on our quest to bring our readers the very best fetishwear websites, we noticed some very stunning new arrivals from Fetish Home Factory. Leather fetish clothing, PVC fetish clothing and even some hot new BDSM fetish clothing, caught our fetish eagle-eyes.

Lets start our top-picks off with a sexy PVC lace-up top. This sexy little number can be fully customized to the exact size you want!

pvc lace up top

A very sexy PVC top that can have the exact size you desire. The model kinda reminds us of Ali Larter (Heroes and Resident Evil: Afterlife)

Up next is possibly one of the most stunning leather lace-up fetish dresses we’ve seen! This dress would be fantastic at emphasising those curves, whilst not exposing too much. A must-have in our sexy fetishwear book! Sizes can be customized to your order!

leather lace up dress

A perfect leather lace-up fetish dress to seriously show-off those boob and butt curves! We love it!

Fancy an underbust corset but want to keep that fetish-vibe? This underbust leather and buckle corset looks devilishly sexy and works with your natural assets to give a jaw-dropping fetish-look! Now you have to admit…dresses are one thing, but for Fetish Home Factory to offer fully size customized underbust corsets, is just fantastic!

leather underbust corset red

The sexy leather underbust buckle corset in red

Also available in a more traditionally fetish black:

leather underbust corset black

Exposed boobs and fetish buckles with the fetish-friendly black

Now for all you full-on BDSM fetish lovers! This BDSM two piece leather harness number, gives full exposure and kink, in all the right places! Now add fully customized sizing to it and you have one hell of a BDSM fetish number!

bdsm leather

Chains, buckles, studs and full exposure. Everything the BDSM fetish lover needs!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the sharing of our top fetish picks from the Fetish Home Factory. Remember that pretty much all of their fetish clothing items can be fully custom made to your specific size!

There’s a good reason why these guys make our top-picks!

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