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After giving our readers an uncensored and in-depth review, we also noticed some awesome extras that are now included in a membership. Members will already have access to Private’s huge collection of hardcore DVD’s, Magazines and movie photshoots, but now they’ll even receive bonus access to other leading adult websites…for just $1! bonus sites

Just some of the websites you'll receive full access to for just $1 with a membership!

Once you’re a member of, you’ll notice a “Bonus” tab that will appear on the top navigation bar. This will lead you to the bonus adult site page (pictured above) and will offer you a great array of special offers from joining top adult porn sites for $1, to free sign-ups with major dating, swinger and sex cam websites!

naughty america preview

Naughty America is just one of the hardcore adult websites you'll get full access to, with a membership. Hot!

Just some of the bonus offers you’ll receive with your membership:

Reality Kings – Reality Sex for just $1!

reality kings reality sex members receive access to Reality Kings, for just $1!

Reality Kings is one of the most popular adult reality porn sites on the planet! The hottest babes in the most erotic sexual scenarios! Reality porn doesn’t get much better than this!

Bang Bros – Reality Porn!

bang bros reality porn members can access the famous Bang Bros website, for just $1!

Bang Bros is the famous masterpiece of porn that brings you the very best in reality amateur porn! The cutest and hottest fresh faces, being fucked in just about every erotic scenario and position! Get surfing Bang Bros legendary vids for just $1!

NAKED – The World’s Best Sex Cam Site!

naked sex cams members will receive FREE registration to sex cams!

Naked is THE adult website for lovers of LIVE cam girls and cam sex! Speak, flirt and pleasure yourself with stunning babes that carry out all sexual scenarios and wear and do anything you desire! members will receive FREE registration!

Dare Dorm – Student Sex!

dare dorm student sex members get to watch real college sex vids AND submit their own for cash, for just a $1 sign-up!

Dare Dorn not only gives you access to real college sex movies, but it also enables you to submit your own college movies for cash! Become the next big pornstar and get paid for submitting your own college sex movies! Sign-up for just $1 with a membership!

That’s just a few picks of what offer within their Bonus section! is an incredible porn site from the leaders in adult entertainment. Their website alone, received¬† a well-deserved 10/10 from us (the link to the review is at the top of this article) so with all of the above Bonus content, has to be THE adult site to be a part of!

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