The Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator 3 – Review

The Extreme Mega Masturbator and the Mega Masturbator 2, already offer ultra realism and the most intense sex you’ll ever experience from a male sex toy. Pussy, ass and breasts have been created to perfection as they feel and behave like the real thing. In fact, the manufacturer has told us that many men are turning to these sex toys as sex-life aids, because they offer realistic practice which can actually help delay climax.

But what about the females legs? Many of us have leg fetishes and whether we love babes in boots, stockings, high heels or anything else, allot of our fantasies will revolve around a woman’s legs. The creators have thought about this and have created and released the perfect ass and pussy…attached to the most realistic legs and feet you’ll ever see on a sexy toy! We give you the Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator 3:

fuck me silly mega masturbator 3

The Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator 3, gives you all of the ultra realistic Fanta-Flesh pleasures of pussy and ass, but with perfect legs and feet!

Finally the market has been noticed for a leg sex toy and foot sex toy! The first thing you’ll notice is how incredibly realistic this looks. Just like the Extreme Maga Masturbator and Mega Masturbator 2, the ass, pussy and skin tone look unbelievably realistic. Even the pussy lips are detailed and toned superbly, adding to this male sex toys intense fantasy.

US Customers get FREE shipping on the Fuck Me Silly 3! Mega Masturbator

mega masturbator 3 legs

The Mega Masturbator 3, offers an unbelievably realistic pussy and ass. All of this superbly complements the outstanding and life-like legs

The legs look and feel fantastic but what really makes this sex toy special, is its flexibility. Great effort has been put into how we would want to enjoy such a fetish. If you want to penetrate that pussy while laying on top, slam those but cheeks away! If you want to carry out a masturbation fantasy with the perfect legs or feet, relax while you enjoy the leg or foot-job of your life! BUT…if you want to practice some doggy-style penetration or even deal-out some pornstar maneuvers…the Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator 3 can deliver it all!

Just take a look at this:

mega masturbator 3 positions

The Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator 3, offers the most flexible array of positions and scenarios that we've ever seen from a sex toy!

Just like the Mega Masturbator toys before it, a FREE Zero Tolerance hardcore DVD is thrown-in with the Mega Masturbator 3, along with FREE (and incredibly useful) lube and cleaner. Trust us…if you love the highly detailed look and have a love for legs and feet, you’ll be making good use of the lube and cleaner!

mega masturbator 3 feet

A truly incredible leg sex toy and foot sex toy, the Mega Masturbator 3 is simply gorgeous to look at...but awesome to fuck!

Comfortable and realistic anal and pussy penetration, a perfectly shaped and toned ass, luscious long legs and realistic and fuckable feet make this sex toy an absolute must. We really haven’t seen any other male sex toys like the Mega Masturbator series and with each release, the sex toys just keep getting better and better. With sex toys dedicated to a woman’s ass, tits and legs, The Mega Masturbator series really does have every fetish of the female body covered.

The Fuck Me Mega Masturbator 3 has done it yet again and with it’s flexibility and specific and popular fetish, it will instantly become a great seller.

Buy the Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator 3

US Customers get FREE shipping on the Fuck Me Silly 3! Mega Masturbator

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24 Responses to “The Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator 3 – Review”

  1. glazeherface says:

    Becoming harder to buy now but it’s one amazing Fuck Me Silly toy!

  2. novan says:

    Still a hot leg sex toy. Wonder if other brands will compete?

  3. eleanore says:

    Still the best leg sex toy out there (wish there were more though)

  4. arcor29 says:

    Not sure if I should buy the Fuck Me Silly 3 or the Ashi Koki Foot Sex Masturbator???

  5. TUGGIN2013 says:

    I really do love this toy. The fuck me silly 3 gives a great feel when laying over it. Just don’t take any notice of these videos online that try and teach you how to modify it. You’ll just end up wrecking it.

  6. Ryan says:


    This is certainly a nice item and probably serve its purpose well as primarily a fucking doll. But I would like something more realistic, as I have a terrific leg, foot and ass fetish.

    I actually found an outfit that sells a very realistic model of a woman’s lower body. It’s made of silicone, which is better than PVC or vinyl. When you see its photos, you won’t see a vagina or anus. So I can’t say if this model is THAT realistic.

    Still, it’s more realistic than the “Fuck Me Silly Mega,” especially since it’s “3D.” And if I were to buy the silicone body, as soon as it arrives, I’d dress it in pantyhose, heels and a skirt.

    You can see this item here:

    Is it possible that this silicone body could be offered for sale here?

    Thanks for reading.

  7. Magan says:

    Us women use vibrators so why can’t men pop their load in (or over) something too? I must admit, they’re so realistic now. This is by far the best leg sex toy I’ve seen!

  8. Max says:

    O.k….. I’ve been fucking it silly for a few weeks now and overall very impressed but I think I’m going to end up fucking it up. I seem to be fucking the flaps off this thing! As they seem to be moulded and attached separately, they are becoming more and more detached.

    Again, it looks great in pantyhose and stockings!! So good in fact that I would still reccomend it.

    I have also discovered that it is possible for “her” to go on top while I lay on my back with my legs in between “hers”.

    The only three downers are that cleanup is not quick and easy and the vagina needs to have thicker (more) fanta flesh around it so it is more durable. Also the exposed inner core foam substance is unsightly between the thighs when customising by separating the legs.

    Hope this information will help any prospective buyer.

  9. Max says:

    I just purchased the Fuck me silly 3 as I have a HUGE leg / nylon stocking / pantyhose fetish. This is a fantastic product but has a few issues if you need to customize it by separating the legs to enable to dress it up in pantyhose or stockings.

    1. It is joined in 3 places, the feet, the calf’s & between the thighs. Cutting between the feet & calf’s is o.k. but when the thighs are cut it exposes quite a large amount of the inner white foam core substance. This is quite unsightly and sometimes hinders the entry into the vagina as it is not slippery like the fanta flesh. This also hinders cleanup as the white foam soaks up water and could eventually go moldy.

    2. The flaps seem to be moulded separately to the main section and mine is already starting to separate after 3 uses.

    3. It is impossible to dry the inner chamber after flushing with water. If left wet inside it would go moldy as there is no ventillation. I have not left mine long enough for this to happen!!

    Looks GREAT with stockings on! This out ways all the negatives above and for this reason alone I would recommend it.

    Feels excellent and actually makes some realistic noises while fucking it silly!

    The legs can be spread once legs are separated so you can put your legs in between “hers”.

    Comes with no strings attached & won’t give you attitude!

  10. Anon says:

    Shit, they do the Fuck Me Silly 3 for £299! Was gonna do for the BASIX foot job thingy, but for that price I’ll take the legs as well!

  11. says:

    Hi blah,

    The underside on the Fuck Me Silly 3 is flat but this is to ensure a non-slip experience as you pump against the legs and into the ass and pussy.

    There is also the Mega Fuck Slut which is a complete torso and is a perfect blend of the Extreme Fuck Me Silly, Fuck Me Silly 2 and Fuck Me Silly 3. Check it out:

    Hope that helps?

  12. blah says:

    Does it even have a front side, a 3 dimensional feel to it

  13. says:

    Hi Charlie,

    We had a load of companies offering good money to have them as sponsors for such sex toys. However, many of them offered poor service and even counterfeit products! The only sponsor we felt comfortable with was one we had both good feedback and experience with ourselves (Linn’s Lingerie). It took us AGES to get a Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator 3 to review, but we DID get it and BEFORE anyone else could. Hang in there. We were told of issues with production of the FMSM3 but they will work to get it to you.

    We also picked them for their other versions (Extreme Fuck Me Silly and Mega Masturbator 2). They were also getting these to UK and US customers first when they first hit US production lines (way before the UK release). So don’t worry and just hang in there! They may be missing a ‘search bar’ on their site (we’ve told them this and they’re working on it) but they’re good guys.

    Oh, could you email us and let us know when you get it so we can update our readers?

    Thanks, Charlie

  14. Charlie says:

    It’s me again, u havnt heard from me in a while, that’s cos i did purchase the FMS3 :D
    However after 4 months of waiting, it STILL hasn’t arrived yet. It’s been bloody torture waiting, and trying to get information as to when it will come, the company i bought from has kept in contact with me however i receive an email from them maybe once every 2 weeks at most, and nothing is actually set in stone.
    Do you possibly know anything about when the item will finally be in stock?
    Thanks a lot :]

  15. says:

    Hey Charlie,

    Good choice and well worth the wait. When you do get it…just remember to get some sleep! Trust us! LOL

  16. Eufrobio says:

    Perfect if you don’t want to spend too much.

    If you have the enouch budget, you can buy the legs which are in my opinion, the most realistic legs ever.

  17. Charlie says:

    Ok, thanks a lot for the info
    Naah the 2nd one never really did it for me at all, im not much of a boobs man haha!
    But i KNOW i want the third, even if i have to wait… so to be safe il buy the third, and then if it doesnt give a good ass fuck like the 1st appears to do, il buy that one aswell. But im sure the third will satisfy more than enough!
    Thanks again

  18. says:

    Hey Charlie,

    It really all depends on what’s your stronger fetish. If legs are the only thing that would do it for you then obviously go for the Mega Masturbator 3, but if a woman’s detailed ass is all you need, then the Extreme Mega Masturbator (the 1st) is by far the best one for detail to the butt, anus and pussy. Don’t forget you can also turn the 1st around to give you better pussy entry and much more pornstar-style anal sex. It’s a beauty to practice your endurance for your partner as it’s so realistic!

    We’ve also heard that the 3rd is undergoing heavy delays in manufacture, so you may find it a bitch to get hold of at the mo (it’s a lot of money to spend on a pre-order).

    Taking the delay of the third into account, here are your options:

    – If you can’t resist the beautiful site of a woman’s ass bent-over and also love hot anal sex, go for the Extreme Mega Masturbator (the 1st)

    – If you love the realistic pussy but are not fussed about the anal sex…but love huge tits and want an ultra-realistic tit-fuck, then go for the Mega Masturbator 2

    Hope that helped you out

  19. Charlie says:

    Answer honestly! :)

  20. Charlie says:

    Ok, thats understandable
    One more thing, I was thinking about getting the original fuck me silly 1 aswell as this, cos that ass looks brilliant and has great reviews. But, if i get this fuck me silly 3, do you recommend getting the first aswell? Or is it more like: Fuck me silly 3 is the same as no. 1, just with the legs.
    Do you think its worth getting them both, or does the 3rd just do everything the 1st one does and more…

  21. says:

    Hey Charlie,

    We actually asked the manufacturers this question ourselves. The original Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator 3 concept included knees, but it lead to problems with keeping it still and steady throughout use. The bottom is now flat to ensure comfortable and secure use. Put simply…you can fuck it as hard as you like!

  22. Charlie says:

    Aah i see, thanks this helped
    Although wouldnt it have been even more brilliant if you could open the legs aswell…
    Mmm those openings do look very realistic!
    Also, what would i see if i flipped the legs over? Have the front of the knees been made? (It seems the knees can bend for more positions, which is great!) Can you use it like she is lying on her back?

  23. says:

    Hey Charlie,

    The Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator 3 is only attached at the knees and feet. This not only helps maintain the ultra-realistic look and shape of a babes legs, but also enables you to get an intense sensation when making use of the openings between the thighs, calves and feet.

    If you scroll further up this article you’ll see an image which displays just some of the awesome positions you can achieve with the Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator 3. The whole thing can be moved and shaped for a hot array of sexual positions. If your wife/gf won’t do such positions…this baby will!

    Hope that helps

  24. Charlie says:

    Hi, this ‘Fuck me silly 3′ looks brilliant, and its EXACTLY what i was personally looking for, as i have a large leg fetish!
    However, the burning question i have is: CAN YOU OPEN THE LEGS?! It doesnt appear so in the pictures which is a huge bummer… if you can confirm that you can move these legs around anyway you want, i will definitely buy! Thanks

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