Fetish Formula 1 – Fuck 1 Grand Prix Japan

TV shows and uploaded Internet videos will always tell you one thing about the Japanese – They have the balls to try anything and will go to any lengths to turn taboo fantasies into reality!

However, what we’ve found is no wacky ad or mildly frisky sexy game show. We’re on about fetish sex, based around a popular racing event! We’re talking about Japan’s answer to a taboo version of Formula 1. We’re talking Fuck 1 Grand Prix and it’s hot, amazing, unbelievable and like nothing you’ve ever seen!

fuck 1 grand prix logo

Fuck 1 Grand Prix Japan

Fuck 1 Grand Prix takes your regular (but much smaller) Formula 1 style of racing track but adds two exciting elements!

1) Instead of male racers, all racers are stunning Japanese models dressed in fetish latex wear (nice!).

2) They MUST be sexually penetrated throughout the entire race! Fuck Grand Prix cars can either utilise motorised sex toys (a pumping dildo) or carry an additional person (a horny male) who will continuously fuck the female driver throughout the entire duration of the race (that’s a lot of times tables in your head!).

fuck 1 grand prix cars

It’s said the Formula 1 cars will throw their drivers around with intense force. Well, the Fuck 1 Grand Prix cars deliver intense forces of their own!

Just like a formula 1 race you’ll hear the commentators talk about the great line-up of racers and cars you’ll see. You’ll be treated to a glimpse of the stunning Japanese models as well as a 3D view of how their Fuck 1 Grand Prix car will look and function.

fuck 1 grand prix japan cars

Just like Formula 1 you’ll have all the racers at their starting lines before the big race. Other sexy (but non-competing) models will walk up and down the starting area and technicians will ensure everything about the cars are in full working order.

fuck 1 grand prix japan start

It’s unbelievable watching models parade around with umbrellas while fetish-dressed babes await a fucking of a lifetime! Fuck 1 Grand Prix is AMAZING!

Some babes choose to sit on a pumping dildo, bend-over and have a dildo from behind, bounce up and down on a guys cock or even get fucked doggy-style on their moving car! This is simply taboo GENIUS!

fuck 1 grand prix latex babe

A horny latex babe chooses the doggy-style method of racing as she braces herself for a hard fuck around the Fuck 1 Grand Prix track

These fetish babes take a hot pounding all throughout the Fuck 1 Grand Prix. What makes it incredibly hot to watch is how the babes are fucked. Click below for some downloadable movies of Fuck 1 Grand Prix fucking action!

fuck 1 grand prix big tit fuck

Once that gun fires, every fetish-dressed babe with perfect breasts, is for herself! The machines start drilling into the models and the guys will start fucking them senseless until the finish line appears. Notice we didn’t say “until a pit-stop” because once these babes are called in for maintenance, the sex just gets better!

Maria Ozawa getting fucked in the Fuck 1 Grand Prix pit-stop:

fuck 1 grand prix pit stop

Just like Formula 1, cars will stall and develop technical problems. However, in Fuck 1 Grand Prix this doesn’t mean the fucking stops! Although the babes are temporarily out of the race until their cars are repaired, they still MUST continue getting fucked!

A yellow flag emerges (just like Formula 1) and instead of a Mercedes Benz…a hot nurse appears on the track in her own car! Is she there to aid? No. She just watches the hard fucking until the cars are repaired and the race can continue. We love it!

fuck 1 grand prix safety car

The safety car is called but the babes MUST continue getting fucked at ALL times! That’s Fuck 1 Grand Prix!

The winning fetish racer is coated with champagne. This was actually a perfect opportunity for a hot Bukkake. Maybe next year, right?

fuck 1 grand prix winner

The winner of the Fuck 1 Grand Prix is coated with…champagne. Yeah, we were thinking the same thing but maybe all the guys are dried-out!

It’s hard to believe this is an actual event in Japan, but how awesome is that! The events are yearly and can be purchased on DVD. As far as we know the DVD’s are censored but if any of our readers come across an uncensored version please let us know via the comments below.

Let us know what you think of the DVD as well as any ideas or other comments you have about this unbelievable, but utterly stunning racing event!

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  1. Susana says:

    I can’t believe they do this! Screwing is a major event! You’ve got to love Japan! :)

  2. chris hobelleitner says:

    Hy sorry mysexbay englisch Not Goodyear Butter i will buy the DVD love. The grand prix f1 thank u!!!

  3. Angel says:



  1. Jsex - I love the Japanese. Only they could come up with something as hot and awesome as F1 fuck GP!

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