Batfxxx and Katwoman

During our mission to inform our fellow costume loving readers, we came across an awesome porn movie that really delivers on the costume fetish. Batfxxx takes everything that was sexy about the batman films and rams it in your face in all its fetish glory! Batman has been replaced by the sexy Batwoman. The big breasted Robin now has no need to stay in Batwoman’s shadow as she’s a sexy garter wearing, big-titted heroin herself. But the star of this fetish show is of course…Catwoman. Any of you with a Catwoman costume fetish will absolutely love this adult movie!

batfxxx catwoman

Just how we love our ideal Catwoman. Sexy, seductive and with a huge pair of boobs with exposing cleavage!

Catwoman easily steals the show in Batfxxx. But don’t think that’s the only treat us costume fans will have. The costumes deliver on every female cast member! Take a look:

batfxxx robin

Batgirl now has sexy, bouncy, seductive competition from Robin this time around. We love the mini skirt and garter look!

Now for our main heroin. She has some serious competition so lets she what she hides in that utility cleavage:

batfxxx batgirl

The looks, the cleavage, the seductive garters and kinky black boots. The wardrobe in this movie just gets better and better!

The main cast don’t only raise the bar for a fetish costume adult film. The cast around these main characters also look jaw-dropping. Nurses, PVC nurses, gangster babes and dominating bitches all surround the the main cast and make this film a costume fetish marvel.

batfxxx costumes

Add the main casts costumes to these stunners and you have one hell of a costume fetish DVD!

We’ve yet to review this DVD but it’s one review we’re looking forward too! You’ve seen these stunning women pose and expose so now lets see them in action…getting fucked in those costumes nice and hard!

batfxxx robin fuck

Robin has the bust and garter trimmed ass to steal the show!

It seems everyone in this film knows how to get what they want with hot power of seduction. For us, the master of seduction would be catwoman an boy oh boy, does she put those powers into practise! We can’t wait to bring you the review as we’ve already seen some stunning positions but for now, take a look at these:

catwoman doggy style

Catwoman looks gorgeous as she's bent over and made to purr!

One thing we love are adult costume designers who think outside of the box. If you’ve got a costume fetish and love sex…you obviously want a costume you can actually fuck in! While this may seem straight forward to many of us, you’ll be amazed at how many directors attempt to film costume themed movies where the costume will have to be taken off the babe/s BEFORE the sex even starts! It should be a criminal offence!

Thankfully the costume design team done an ace job at creating some stunning and practical costumes for Batfxxx. Take a look at just how practical Catwoman’s costume is:

catwoman ride

Now THAT is a Catwoman costume. It looks jaw-dropping and allows you to act out your every fantasy. Purrrrrfect!

While we’re on the subject of practical costumes for the bedroom, we would like to let our readers know that we’ll soon be posting articles on some of the most stunning and practical costumes you can buy. Yes, we’ll give you advice on what to look for and where to buy if you’re after a costume for your partner and want more that just to look at them in it! We’ll even do our best to hunt down costumes that match some of the most sexiest costumes we’ve seen in adult movies!

Hmmm…lets see…practical costumes, costumes you can have sex in, fuckable costumes! Whatever you want to call them we’ll give you the advice on just how to get hold of them! Check back for such posts soon.


Batfxxx has been very popular to adult costume fetish fans. It has shifted many copies world-wide and we’re sure you’ll agree that the images above show why (look out for our verdict soon). Due this popularity, Bluebird Films (producer of Batfxxx) are currently filming the sequel ‘Katwoman’. It seems we weren’t the only ones that were blown-away by catwomans performance and look! An entire adult movie based around the big breasted catwoman…YES PLEASE BLUEBIRD! BRING IT ON!

Info and previews of Katwoman are scarce at the moment but we’ll bring you more on the movie soon. For now, take a look at these images and join us as we pester Bluebird Films for a Katwoman release date!

Click the first Katwoman preview image below for a Hi-Rez preview!

katwoman cast

The cast look true to their characters but have a perfect adult themed twist to their costumes. We can't wait for this release!

Lets take a look at Katwoman with her weapons out and bouncing around for the camera!

katwoman tits

The gorgeous looks, the tight and shiny kink and the boobs to match. Katwoman has got to be a must-see!

Although only a few characters of Katwoman have been released and announced, the few who have look to fit this adult fantasy, superbly.

katwoman adult movie

From what we've seen of the acting, characters and costumes this could easily be the best Batman related adult movie, yet!

We’ll be back with a review of Batfxxx as well as more on Katwoman , soon. Also keep checking back for our articles on finding the perfect costumes you can actually have sex with your partner in! It’s all coming to the Fetish Sex Blog so keep your eyes here and enjoy the blog!

[UPDATE] Check out our BATFXXX review

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  1. says:

    Hi Ambria,

    At the moment we don’t think such a costume exists. It seems to be one that was specially designed for the movie. However, shopping around and mix and matching can get you the perfect look. A good place to start is here:

    Fetish Corsets

    The good thing about those guys is that they not only deliver world wide, but if they don’t offer what you’re looking for, let them know and they’ll contact their suppliers and get it specially sent out to you (at no extra cost). We’ve had a lot of readers who have been helped by them.

    Worth a try!

  2. Ambria Wheatley says:

    I have been trying to find an outfit just like the one that Jokette wears in the katwoman xxx parody. Is there any way you would have any information as to where I can order one?

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