Get £5 Off Fleshlights And Get Them Delivered World-Wide!

We’ve teamed up with a top sexy lingerie and adult sex toy company to give our Fetish Sex Blog readers £5 off any Fleshlight product! Don’t worry if you don’t live in the UK as you can still get the discount and have your Fleshlights delivered World-Wide!

fleshlight babe garters

Hot eh? Now take your eyes away from that hypnotising ass and look at the great Fleshlight discount code below!

To get your £5 off all you need to do is visit this Fleshlight page and enter this code below at checkout:


Once you’ve entered the code in the checkout ‘VOUCHERS’ box, remember to click ‘RECALCULATE’ to get £5 deducted from the price! There are some awesome versions of Fleshlights available to choose from so let us quickly go over what Fleshlights you can use this generous discount on:

Fleshlight Girls

One of the most popular forms of Fleshlight sees legendary pornstars have their pussy, ass and lips moulded to great detail! Combine the realistic feeling to the detailed look and realistic behaviour of your favourite pornstars intimates and you have some extraordinary male sex toys!

teagan presley fleshlight

The sexy-legged stunner Teagan Presley, is among the popular pornstars who have lent their 'best bits' to the Fleshlight, for the pleasure of us horny males!

The Fleshlight Vibro

Take the standard Fleshlight with its incredibly realistic Lotus Superskin and then throw a tiny vibrating bullet into the mix. The result is a Fleshlight that not only offers realistic pussy, anal and oral penetration, but offers vibrating sensations to give you the most intense climax yet!

fleshlight vibro

Fleshlight + Vibrating Bullets + FREE Batteries = An incredible climax. Don't worry, the bullets are inserted at the outer-sides of the Fleshlight so you only feel the vibration!

The vibrating Fleshlight is a great step for us guys. Women have been enjoying vibro pleasure for years, so why the feck can’t we!

Now it’s time to introduce you to the most extreme Fleshlight fantasy yet! Have you ever watched Avatar and thought “Yeah I would”?. Have you ever played Mass Effect 1 and 2 and thought the Asari were the hottest damn things in Sci-Fi? The truth is that all us guys have at some point, because it’s a fantasy…and plus the Asari and Avatar babes look really fit!

The genius minds behind the Fleshlight understood such male fantasies and developed the Alien Fleshlight. The male sex toy you could easily call the Asari Fleshlight or Avatar Fleshlight!

The Alien Fleshlight

This baby emulates hot penetration with a stunning alien babe. We think the Asari from Mass Effect are the hottest sci-fi alien babes ever, but you may think differently. The point is that it’s up to your imagination. It can be any alien fantasy you want with whoever you want. The Alien Fleshlight is designed and created for you to experience such fantasies…and the combination of Lotus, Vortex and Stamina Training Fleshlight Superskins, ensure the most intense and unique climax of your life!

asari avatar fleshlight Avatar and Asari Fleshlight? We would! We're sure you would too!

Some damn hot Fleshlights eh? Let us remind you of that £5 OFF voucher code once again. Click the link to head to this great selection of Fleshlights and enter the following code at the checkout:


Again, don’t worry if you’re not from the UK! They ship these Fleshlights world-wide so your voucher will still work and save you money (international Fleshlight shipping fees will apply).

Q: What if I want to buy multiple Fleshlights? Is there any form of offer for that?

A: YUP! If you just can’t make your mind up (and we don’t blame you) then you’ll automatically and instantly receive £10 back once you place an order for 3 or more fleshlights! So you’re getting £5 off for just one or £10 off for 3!

Hey, scientists have proven that regular sex keeps you young and functional, so when your not doing it with your partner (or if they have a “Headache”) turn to the help of a trusty Fleshlight!

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