The Forplay Sexy French Maid Costume Mystery

Searching for “sexy costumes” or “sex uniforms” will usually bring up the same results. If you enjoy role play or simply love dress-up sex with your partner (who doesn’t) then you’ll share our frustration when searching high and low, in search of that unique and well designed sexy costume.

sexy maid costumes

It's easy finding sexy maid costumes online. Finding unique and sizzling designs is the challenge...

Take a sexy french maid costume. They’re easy to get hold of but we tend to find that the real unique and sexy ones (with the real “PHHWWAAAARRRR” factor”) are now no longer in production. One particular french maid sex costume that comes to mind, is a Forplay Sexy French Maid costume. Even when this sexy gem was in full production, this costume was an absolute bitch to get hold of. We even tried to email the company directly but never even got a reply. Now that very sexy french maids costume is gold dust. Not even the powers of ebay can magic it up and search engines only provide images to out-of-date pages.

Wanna see the sexy french maid costume we’re on about? Lets see if you recognise it:

sexy french maid forplay

You can only look at this marvelous sexy french maid creation. Seriously you can only've better chance of winning the lottery than buying this new!

As well as the mystery of whether or not this costume was ever actually put into production, there is also the mystery of alternative views. This seems to be the only photo ever released of this french maid masterpiece. No photo was ever taken from any other angle. The product shoot didn’t even include another pose…just what you see now. Don’t get us wrong though, that photo of the costume (and the model) are stunning, it’s just a shame this is the only view-point that was made available.

You may ask yourself how this is different to any other french costume available? To that we would simply answer “in every way!”. It seems this costume was obviously created with the bedroom in mind, with its close and figure enhancing design and wet-look material for us latex and rubber fetish lovers. Now costumes tend to point to the “fancy dress” route and always seem to sit on the fence between sex and parading around with a room full of horny strangers at a Halloween party.

Do you know of any stores that still sell this sexy maids costume? Could you even be a Fetish Sex Blog reader, willing to¬† send us photos to publish on this article? If the answer is yes then get posting via the comments section below. If you know where to get it, tell us! If you have images of yourself in this maids costume and can offer us and our readers more angles of this wet-look stunner, then post to us in the comments section and we’ll get in-touch!

2 Responses to “The Forplay Sexy French Maid Costume Mystery”

  1. kingde says:


  2. BadKitten says:

    Now that’s what I call a sexy french maids costume! Shame people are having trouble finding it new. I would love to treat my hubby to this. I love how it plays to a girls curves!

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