Katie K – The Bad Girl Of Britain

The porn industry is a business usually dominated by Hungarian, Czech Republican and American performers. Katie K breaks this mould and is a sizzling hot, long-pinned blond talent, from Blackpool – UK. You may have seen her talent across your favourite adult magazines (Razzle) or in several softcore (Television X) and hardcore adult movies, which bear the legendary “Harmony” logo (Foxy Tarts).

Katie K caught our attention when she posed for some gorgeous kinky shots. It’s clear that Katie K has the look and the body to pull-off any adult themed shoot.

katie k latex

Katie K has the perfect figure for that perfect rubber-look corset. Check out the Katie K official blog for more hot news and photos!

Some have it and some don’t. Katie K definitely has it! Check this other hot-shot of Katie K working that underbust rubber-look corset:

katie k latex corset

her stunning looks have helped make Katie K one of the UK's most in-demand adult performers

Katie K has promised more kinky latex, rubber and costume themed photo shoots and we can’t wait to see them! When asked about more kinky themed shoots, Katie replied, “I will be doing a lot more kinky things on my site as we’re building up the Mistress Katie content, as it’s proving to be very popular!”

We’ll hold you to that Katie! For now, take a look at these other photos of Katie doing her sexy thaaang and see just why we’re so eager to see this new “Mistress” section:

katie k tits

The bad girl of Britain owns a body that will give current legends a run for their money. So please don't ever go under-the-knife, Katie!

To offer stunning kinky photo sets and movies, you’ve gotta have that provocative, bad-girl aura about you when you need it. Katie K is great at this (hence her name being on Harmony’s casting list) and here’s a taste of what’s to come:

kate k underwear

HELLO BOYS! If this replaced Wonderbra's street ads, you'd never get to work on-time!

While you wait for Katie K’s new kinky section, why not take a look at her past work. It’s an impressive CV but more importantly….some damn hot reading and viewing!

katie k razzle magazine

Even just from looking at the front cover of Razzle, you can tell it's gonna be one hot romp with Katie K!

We’re surprised Katie K doesn’t blag about this little job much more (bless her) but Harmony are among our most favourite adult studio. Foxy tarts sees Katie K as a horny lipstick lesbian nurse, with just the right sex tools for the job!

harmony foxy tarts

Harmony are possibly our favourite adult movie studio and have actually produced (shhh it's a secret) one of our favorite fetish movies so far!

We’ll have to let you know that particular Harmony movie at some point, but expect a number of Harmony movie reviews, soon. Katie K’s involvement in Harmony’s Foxy Tarts, has reminded us that we don’t actually have any Harmony reviews live just yet! We promise to publish some soon (including Katie K’s Foxy Tarts).

katie k foxy tarts

Be sure to check out Katie k's hot lipstick lesbian sex scene, in Harmony's Foxy Tarts! We're working on the review!

Katie K currently has her official blog live where you can contact the beauty and find out more info on her current adult projects. Check out more on The Bad Girl of Britain and we’ll bring you more on her official website and kinky fetish shoots, soon!

3 Responses to “Katie K – The Bad Girl Of Britain”

  1. ?anon? says:

    Agreed. Katie K is stunning and I wanna see her in more Harmony DVD’s!

  2. Strey says:


  3. Anon says:

    I agree. Katie K is one of the the most naturally stunning babes of the UK porn industry. Please don’t go under the knife, Katy. You’re perfect! :o)

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