The Strippers of Duke Nukem Forever

For those of you who are unsure about Duke Nukem Forever, (due to recent and ridiculous reviews!) we thought we’d give our readers an in-depth look at one of the most anticipated aspects of the game…the strippers of Duke Nukem Forever!

Duke Nukem 3D was the first of it’s kind for an FPS. It had huge balls of steel that (like it’s main character) couldn’t give a shit about political correctness or the media. It had an adult rating for a reason and it was going to make damn good use of it!

duke nukem 3d bar babe

"Wanna dance?" Duke Nukem 3D explored the natural wonders that other FPS games couldn't or wouldn't dare to.

That babe wouldn’t talk or dance, right! No matter how much money you flashed at her! What a little tease! Thankfully the other babes (in the strip club) would give you a little shimmy with their tassel-clad boobs. Any less than a matching tassel, probably would have got the game banned entirely. Thankfully Duke Nukem Forever came out long after the likes of GTA, GTA’s “Hot Coffee Mod” and BoneTown so we were all looking forward to how the developers would create Duke’s new adult pleasure-land!

duke nukem forever titty city

The Duke Nukem Forever strippers appear in their own stage, complete with an adult item hunt and arcade section!

In Duke Nukem Forever, “Titty City” is the place to be! You want some fun? First, you have to find a vibrator, some popcorn and a condom (safety first). As you hunt around this fully developed strip club with peep-show rooms, champagne rooms, dressing rooms and bars, you’ll come across some cool arcade machines such as pool, slots, video poker and…air hockey! Oh, and look-out for a certain whack-a-mole style game that has caused an absolute uproar between major games critics (when combined with the 3DRealms re-imagining of why earths babes are being captured).

duke nukem forever strippers

The strippers of Duke Nukem Forever, take to the stage and shake their moneymakers!

You don’t have to hunt for those saucy items right-away. You can relax, take your time, play arcade games and watch the titty city strippers work their sexy curves. Of course, once you obtain all those items you may be in for a little treat…

duke nukem forever champagne room

Get all those items and it's the Titty City "Champagne Room" for you! Shake it baby! Grind that butt and work those boobs!

The strippers aren’t the only things that offer a cool in-game thrill. Look around and you may find the odd computer with a naughty screen-saver, or even a miss-placed porn magazine:

duke nukem forever juggs mag

That's definitely not OK magazine. But it's sure OK with us! Yoink!

Oh, we’ve heard (and we totally missed this during our first play-through) that once in Titty City, you may discover a keypad-locked door with no obvious password clue to unlock it. All we know is that once you’re in that room, a rather naughty DVD can be picked-up and placed within a DVD player for a very naughty surprise! Don’t worry, we’re gonna find out just what all the fuss is about and post our findings!

Oh and as for the game itself…we actually really enjoyed it! Yes it took ages, yes the engine is old and yes you’ll have to pause it or close it as soon as your gf (or anyone else) walks by but the guns, bosses and humour were a blast!

More on that VIP room DVD, later! But if you really can’t wait and you have the game…the Duke Nukem Forever Titty City VIP room code…is…4768. Enjoy!

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  1. Duke ROCKS! says:

    Thanks for the Titty City VIP room code! I totally forgot about that room so thanks again!

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